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The Best 7-Seater SUVs To Buy Off the Lot

Best 7 Seater SUVs 00 Hero
Photo: Lexus LX 600

There’s a myriad of advantages to driving a seven-seat sport utility vehicle, especially if your day-to-day life involves shlepping around kids or ample cargo on a regular basis. Offered in a wide variety of styles and with proton or petrol-fed powertrains, these vehicles provide the same number of seats as your average minivan, however, while boasting markedly more cargo space and much sleeker overall designs. What’s more, the more high-end models in this segment also tend to afford surprisingly high levels of performance, with powertrains and suspension setups that have traditionally been reserved for sports and supercars. 

Shopping for a seven-seat SUV, however, can be a little tricky, as it can be difficult to determine which SUV models are offered in this seven-passenger configuration — and which of those are worthy of your consideration when shopping. To streamline this process, we’ve thoroughly scoured the sport utility vehicle segment in order to shine a light on best seven-seater SUVs you can buy right now. In addition to counting down our pick for the latest and greatest models on the market, we’ll also be touching on half-a-dozen of the most pivotal factors to take into account when shopping. 

The Best 7-Seater SUVs

7-Seater Shopping

What To Look For When Buying A 7-Passenger Sport Utility Vehicle

Because of their immense size and length, seven-seater SUVs are fairly unique vehicles. As such, shopping for one can be a little intimidating — especially to the uninitiated. Well aware of this reality, we’ve broken the six main areas to consider when shopping for a seven-passenger SUV.

Engine & Power: As the heart of the vehicle, an SUV’s engine is of extreme importance, playing an enormous role in any model’s performance and overall driver experience. Because 7-seater SUVs tend to almost always be fairly large vehicles, they usually feature equally sizable motors. When shopping for a 7-seat SUV, you’ll want to focus on the engine’s displacement (i.e. size), number of cylinders, and an engine’s configuration/layout. It is worth noting that some model’s utilize smaller engines with less cylinders that make up power through the use of a forced induction system — such as a supercharger or turbocharger — or a hybrid drive unit. To help give a more objective sense of a vehicle’s power, manufacturers cite horsepower and torque figures.

Performance: When coupled with a 7-seater SUV’s weight, horsepower and torque figures play a major part in determining any given model’s acceleration and top speed. Additionally, factors like an SUV’s suspension and brakes should also be reviewed, as an SUV’s cornering and stopping power are owed to these two areas. Despite their rather behemoth size and footprint, many of today’s more premium 7-seater sport utility models offer remarkable levels of performance, with several entries on this list boasting sub-4-second 0-60mph times and top speeds exceeding 170mph

Cargo Space: Alongside being able to accommodate a driver plus half a dozen passengers, another major advantage of driving a 7-seater SUV is the fact that these vehicles — when not loaded up with people — are cable of hauling immense amounts of cargo, with some offerings in this category boasting more than 120 cubic-feet of cargo space, albeit with the rows of seats folded down. This not only affords these vehicles ample utility, but also makes them terrific for car camping, as well.

Size & Weight: No matter the make or model, every SUV offered in a 7-seat configuration will be on the larger side of the passenger vehicle spectrum. With that said, these SUVs can still vary in length by several feet — plus there are certain models offered in extended wheelbase variants that boast even larger overall lengths. This area is important, as an SUV’s wheelbase and overall length will play a pivotal role in the driving experience it delivers — as will its weight, which unsurprisingly tends to be on the heftier end, with the lightest model on our list tipping the scales at over two tons. 

Bells & Whistles: Like every other type of high-end modern car being sold, 7-seater SUVs now come loaded with an enormous amount of features and amenities, from massive infotainment displays to 360° camera systems to built-in WiFI hotspots to high fidelity sound systems. Additionally, most 7-seat SUVs also come outfitted with a wide range of tech and safety features like lane-keep assist and auto-emergency braking, though there are also models that boast Level 2 autonomous driving capabilities. 

Fit & Finish: Because of the high price of these models, we always recommend sweating the details when shopping for a luxury vehicle, as the attention to detail and fit and finish of a car or SUV often gives a decent sense of its overall build quality. What’s more, with most of these SUVs being of the top-shelf variety, they usually feature luxurious cabins that exhibit fine craftsmanship and premium materials and amenities. Like the bells and whistles on an SUV, a model’s fit and finish will play a role in its overall MSRP, making it another important area to review when shopping. 

Dodge Durango SRT 392

Dodge Durango SRT 392
Photo: Dodge

Best Sleeper Pick: The Dodge Durango SRT 392 is a bonafide sleeper of an SUV that looks like your average family hauler or grocery-getter while hiding quiet the trick up its sleeve in the form of a supercharged 6.4-liter HEMI V8 that sends power to all four wheels, allowing the American-made model to clock 0-60mph runs in just 4.7 seconds. Riding on 20” x 11” satin carbon wheels fitted with Brembo six-piston front calipers, the SRT 392-spec Durango also sports SRT paddle shifters, leather upholstery, and SRT and 392 badging. We also thoroughly appreciate that, like the rest of the SRT lineup, this SUV being offered with Dodge’s iconic double race stripes as an optional add-on. It’s ability to tow up to 8,700lbs makes it even more practical for day-to-day living. 

Engine: 6.4L V8
Power: 475HP & 470FT-LBs
Curb Weight: 5,457LBs
Length: 200.8”
Cargo Space: 85.1Cu-Ft
MSRP: $73,715

Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Jeep Grand Wagoneer L
Photo: Jeep

Best American Pick: The original Jeep Grand Wagoneer first rolled onto the scene in 1984 and shook up the SUV class by bestowing the typically spartan type of vehicle with off-the-charts levels of luxury — a defining trait that’s maintained by the recently-released modern iteration of the Grand Wagoneer. Brimming with top-shelf features and touches, the new Grand Wagoneer boasts a ultra-premium McIntosh MX1375 Reference Entertainment System, deeply-grained American walnut wood trim, suede-wrapped headlined and pillars, four-way power adjustable front seats trimmed in quilted Palermo leather, four-zone automatic climate control, seating for up to eight people, a rear seat monitoring camera system, rear comfort display plus rear seat entertainment displays, digital rearview mirrors, onboard wireless charging, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, customizable ambient lighting, and a power-folding third-row bench seat that, like the second row, offers best-in-class legroom. Powered by a 471-hp 6.4-liter V8 and mated to the Quadra-Drive II 4×4 system, the SUV also gets Quadra-Lift Air Suspension and the Selec-Terrain Traction Management System.

Engine: 6.4L V8 Or Twin-Turbo 3.0L Straight-Six
Power: 471HP & 455FT-LBs Or 510HP & 500FT-LBs
Curb Weight: 6,340LBs
Length: 214.7”
Cargo Space: 94.2Cu-Ft
MSRP: $91,190

Rivian R1S

Rivian R1S
Photo: Rivian

Best EV: Winner of numerous vehicle of the year awards, the Rivian R1S is a thoroughly cutting-edge fully-electric SUV that’s offered in a 7-seat configuration. While designed for practical use as a daily driver, the R1S separates itself from other models in this class by being wildly versatile, making for a stellar commuter car while maintaining some incredible off-roading chops thanks to an advanced all-wheel drive system, the ability to wade into depths of up to 3’, 14.9” of ground clearance, a dedicated off-road mode, 105 cubic inches of cargo space for housing gear and supplies, and approach, breaker, and departure angles of 35.6°, 29.6°, and 34.3°, respectively. Equipped with a range of between 260 and 390 miles and a 3-second 0-60mph time, the R1S also offers a 7,700lb tow rating, vegan leather upholstery, a panoramic sunroof, and a slew of tech including autonomous driving capabilities, LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 11 onboard cameras, and 5 radars. 

Engine: Quad-Electric Motors
Power: 835HP & 908FT-LBs
Curb Weight: 5,732LBs
Length: 200.8”
Cargo Space: 105Cu-Ft
MSRP: $92,000

Lexus LX 600 Premium

Lexus LX 600
Photo: Lexus

Best Japanese Model: Though priced just below the six-figure mark, the Lexus LX 600 Premium offers levels of opulence and luxury that are on par with ultra-elite models costing several times what the Lexus does. Offered across five trim levels, the LX 600 boasts spa-levels of comfort thanks to elements such as open-pore wood trim, a spacious seating setup for up to seven, a head-up display, rear entertainment displays, memory foam-cushioned ten-way heated power front seats upholstered in diamond-stitch semi-aniline leather, massaging rear-seat captain’s chairs that recline up to 48 degrees and sport a power-retractable ottoman and a personal table, an available onboard cooler, and one-touch auto-arranging power-folding rear seats that lay flat. No slouch in the performance department, the Lexus also features full-time four-wheel drive with an electronic locking center differential, Multi-Terrain Select, Crawl Control with Turn Assist, 22” wheels, LX F Sport Handling with adaptive variable suspension, and a twin-turbocharged 3.4-liter V6 that’s good for generating almost 500 horsepower.

Engine: Twin-Turbocharged 3.4L V6
Power: 409HP & 479FT-LBs
Curb Weight: 5,665LBs
Length: 200.5”
Cargo Space: 71Cu-Ft
MSRP: $92,915

Land Rover Range Rover SE LWB Seven Seats

Range Rover SE LWB Seven Seats
Photo: Land Rover USA

Best Euro Model: Spanning 207” in total, the Land Rover Range Rover is undoubtedly one of the most popular luxury sport utility vehicles that money can buy, and thanks to the British marque offering the SUV in a Long Wheelbase variant that opens up room for a seven-passenger seating setup known as the Range Rover SE LWB Seven Seats. Mind you this is all while maintaining the standard wheelbase version’s wealth of features and amenities, as well as the SE-specs performance capabilities, with a 395-hp turbocharged six-cylinder engine allowing for a 5.5-second 0-60mph time and a 155-mph top speed. The SUV’s performance is also enhanced through the inclusion of all-wheel steering, electronic air suspension with dynamic response, and an electronic active differential with torque vectoring by braking. On the amenities side, the Range Rover SE LWB Seven Seats sports a panoramic roof, flush door handles, the brand’s signature LED headlights and DRLs, 21″ Style 5112 wheels, a Duo Tone headlining, a Pivi Pro with 13.1” Touchscreen paired with a Meridian Sound System, and 20-way heated electric front seats with power recline heated rear seats — all of which are upholstered in plush perforated Windsor leather.

Engine: Turbocharged 3.0L Inline-6
Power: 395HP & 406FT-LBs
Curb Weight: 5,600LBs
Length: 207”
Cargo Space: 92.9Cu-Ft
MSRP: $113,400



Best High-Performance Pick: Based on BMW’s flagship X7 SUV, the ALPINA XB7 may simply look like a full-size luxury SUV, however what appears to merely be a premium mass-produced model is, in fact, a wildly exclusive “Sports Activity Vehicle” that boasts an extraordinary combination of immense luxury and equally impressive performance capabilities. Affording first-class levels of comfort, the interior of the ALPINA has also been reworked to achieve an even plusher more luxurious cabin complete with bespoke upholstery and a host of custom ALPINA details. Cloaked in special paint options and riding on a modern 23” version of ALPINA’s trademark 20-spoke wheels, the XB7 is powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine that’s been massaged to squeeze out over 630hp and nearly 600ft-lbs of torque. This enables the XB7 to top out at 180mph will delivering 0-60mph runs in just 3.8-seconds — making it quicker than Porsche’s latest 911 Carrera. 

Engine: Twin-Turbocharged 4.4L V8
Power: 631HP & 590FT-LBs
Curb Weight: 5,986LBs
Length: 203.9”
Cargo Space: 90.4Cu-Ft
MSRP: $149,400

Cadillac Escalade-V

Cadillac Escalade V
Photo: Cadillac

Best Overall Pick: Since its introduction around the turn of the millennium, the Cadillac Escalade has stood as noting short of an icon of a luxury American-made SUV. More than 20 years after its initial release, and the Wreath and Crest company has now rolled out a shockingly high-performance V-spec version of the behemoth SUV that retains its iconic appearance. Under the hood, the Escalade-V packs a hand-assembled 6.2-liter V8 engine that’s been fitted with a 2.65-liter R2650 TVS supercharger that allows it to make 682hp and 653ft-lbs of torque — enabling it to clock a 4.4-second 0-60mph time. Six-piston Brembo brakes, model-exclusive 22” aluminum wheels, a quad exhaust outlet setup, V-Series-specific front and rear fascias, and Magnetic Ride Control 4.0 with Air Ride Adaptive Suspension all come as standard, as well. Upholstered in supple  semi-aniline leather and decked out in Platinum and Zebra Wood trim, the ultra-plush interior of the Escalade V boasts heated, cooled, and massaging seats, an audiophile-grade, 36-speaker AKG Studio audio system, a 38” curved OLED display, available SuperCruise hands-free driving assistance, and an augmented reality system that projects a live image of what’s in front of the vehicle on the cockpit’s 14.2” central display cluster.

Engine: Supercharged 6.2L V8
Power: 682HP & 653FT-LBs
Curb Weight: 6,217LBs
Length: 211.9”
Cargo Space: 121Cu-Ft
MSRP: $152,295

Bentley Bentayga EWB V8

Bentley Bentayga
Photo: Bentley

Best Luxury Model: First introduced in 2015, the Bentley Bentayga is a ridiculously top-shelf luxury SUV that legitimately offers an unparalleled amalgamation of comfort, craftsmanship, and raw exhilaration. Every minute detail of this model has been painstakingly considered and the vehicle was created using some of the finest materials on the planet. The Bentayga Extended Wheelbase V8 is powered by a 542-hp twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 that propels it to a top speed of 180mph and affords it the ability to reach 60mph from a completer standstill in just 4.4 seconds — though Bentley also offers its SUV with an available 335-hp 3.0-liter V6 hybrid powertrain or a massive 626-hp twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter W12

Engine: Twin-Turbocharged 4.0L V8
Power: 542HP & 568FT-LBs
Curb Weight: 5,542LBs
Length: 208.9”
Cargo Space: 62.6Cu-Ft
MSRP: $236,850

Honorable Mention:



Best Super SUV: For those interested in acquiring the most luxurious, high-performance 7-seater SUV possible with no concern for pricing, there’s no better option than the mighty BRABUS 800. Based on the already very capable Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 4MATIC +, the BRABUS 800 is a spare-no-expense 7-seat SUV conversion carried out by a world-renowned German tuner and marque. Meticulously pieced together by hand, the vehicle features a slew of upgrades over its donor including a fully redesigned, bespoke interior, a full carbon fiber aero and body kit, 24” forged wheels, a valve-controlled sports exhaust system culminating in a quad BRABUS carbon tailpipe setup, and a 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 that’s been tuned to generate a whopping 800hp and 737ft-lbs of torque — figures that translate to a 0-60mph time of just 3.8-seconds and a top speed of 175-mph.

Engine: Twin-Turbocharged 4.0L V8
Power: 800HP & 737FT-LBs
Curb Weight: 5,732LBs
Length: 206.4”
Cargo Space: 84.7Cu-Ft
MSRP: $400,000+

The Best Crossover SUVs to Buy Off the Lot

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