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Luminox & Bear Grylls Made One Seriously Tough Travel Watch

Designed in part and approved by Bear Grylls himself.

Posted By Johnny Brayson


Scoured: The Best Gear On Amazon

Honoring NASA and the recent Perseverance Mars landing triumph.

Posted By Sean Tirman

Mar 4, 2021

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How To Find A Good Watch Repair Shop

Because your timepiece deserves great care and a steady hand.

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The 25 Best Denim Jeans For Men

Hard-wearing work pants that combine timeless style with longterm durability.

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The Complete Guide To Persol Sunglasses

Unpacking the history of the Italian brand and what makes it special.

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Everyday Carry: Farallon

Rugged pocket gear inspired by the craggy isles off the San Francisco coast.

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Sprinter Van vs. Teardrop Trailer: Which Is Better For Camping?

Would you rather drive your vacation home or tow it behind you?

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The 15 Best Affordable Work Desks

Build out your perfect office setup without spending an arm and a leg.

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The 15 Best Affordable Used Luxury Cars

Elite premium rides that can be had for surprisingly accessible prices.

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The 20 Best Sweaters For Men

Summer or winter, spring or fall, these versatile picks can do it all.

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The 8 Best Affordable Used Electric Cars

Today’s best selection of pre-owned electron and proton-powered daily drivers.

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The 10 Best Candles For Men

Serious non-novelty scents that'll refresh your living space.

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The 12 Best Small Displacement Motorcycles

The dozen finest small-bore motos offering ample thrills in the saddle.

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Everyday Carry: Night City

Leap into the future with this cyberpunk-inspired pocket loadout.

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Scoured: The Best EDC Gear On Gallantry

Monochrome carry that doesn't skimp on style or substance.

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The 15 Best Luxury Off-Road SUVs

Because high-end materials don't have to come at the expense of all-terrain ability.

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The Complete Guide To Apple Products

Everything you need to know about Macs, iPhones, AirPods, & more.

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The 15 Best Winter Running Shoes For Men

First-rate footwear that's ready for anything Jack Frost has to offer.

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On-Ear vs. Over-Ear Headphones: Which Is Right For You?

Which type of portable audio device fits your lifestyle and preferences.

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The 15 Best Portable Chargers & Power Banks

Keep all your tech & electronic EDC juiced-up no matter where you are.

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Everyday Carry: Bronze

Inspired by one of the materials that helped shape civilization.

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The 12 Best Camping Blankets

Make sure to bring one of these along on your next excursion.