The 20 Best Pieces Of Uncommon Everyday Carry Gear

Photo: Nomad

When it comes to the gear we haul with us on a daily basis, our EDC loadout is undoubtedly amongst the most important and the most personal. After all, each individual person’s experiences are distinct from everyone else’s and, as such, require different solutions to suit. And while there are a few staple pieces of everyday carry gear — knives, wallets, watches, keychains, etc. — those categories are not all-encompassing.

Sometimes, whether you’re a tech junkie or a bonafide bushcrafter, your everyday carry may require the addition of a piece of gear that doesn’t quite fit into any overarching category. But that doesn’t make it any less important. Still, it can be hard to find those more obscure pieces — which is exactly why we put together this collection of the twenty best pieces of uncommon everyday carry gear.

Field Notes Front Page Reporter Notebook

Pocket notebooks are not entirely uncommon, per se, but this isn’t your average pocket notebook, either. From Aaron Draplin’s exceptional Field Notes brand, this one is inspired and formatted like those used by field reporters around the world. It boasts 70 perforated lined pages in a pocket-friendly format, was made in the USA, and comes in a 2-pack.

Purchase: $13

Matador Mini Pocket Blanket

Sometimes, whether you’re in the city or the country, the weather can get a bit nippy unexpectedly. For those times, especially when you don’t have a jacket, there’s the Matador Mini Pocket Blanket. Small enough when packed to fit on your keychain, this piece of gear opens into a 44″ x 28″ Hyperlite Nylon blanket that’s warm, puncture- and water-resistant, and has weighted corners — in case you want to use it as a picnic blanket.

Purchase: $20

Elastic Precision PPK Rubber Band Gun

While it can be a pretty bad idea to carry around anything resembling a firearm as a part of your EDC, there’s no denying the fun that can be had with a rubber band gun in the proper circumstances. And this one — modeled after Bond’s favorite handgun, the Walther PPK — is as superb as they come. It’s crafted from solid maple, comes with 50 bands, can be loaded with 5 shots at a time, and shoots up to 20 feet.

Purchase: $20

TEC Accessories Inchworm Titanium Keyring Ruler

If you’re a designer, architect, or mathematician, you might want to keep a ruler handy. Most, however, are a bit unruly for pocket carry. The TEC Accessories Inchworm, by contrast, weighs just 6.5 grams and measures up at 3.375″ — small enough for keychain attachment. It’s also built from ultra-sturdy titanium, has imperial markings up to 3″, and more.

Purchase: $21

Nomad Lightning Key

In an increasingly digital world, many of us have been forced to add unwieldy power cables to our everyday carry kits. But if you own an iPhone and you want to save on some space, Nomad’s Lightning Key is the perfect replacement. It’s flexible, small, boasts scratch-resistant contacts, and is even Apple MFi certified for high-speed charging.

Purchase: $25

CCS Spy Gear Secret Compartment Quarter

It’s probably pretty rare that you’re going to be carrying around sensitive and/or secret information on an SD card. If you are, however, you could do much worse than stashing it in one of CCS Spy Gear’s Secret Compartment Quarters. Precision machined from actual coins, these little storage capsules are discreet, secure, and indistinguishable from standard currency with the naked eye.

Purchase: $25

Mini Stash Cash Can

Whether traveling for work or just in your day-to-day adventures, it’s always good to keep some cash on hand. If you’re forgetful, however, you might want to equip your keychain with a Mini Stash Cash Can. This tiny capsule can hold a single bill of any denomination, is made in the USA, boasts waterproofing, and can’t be opened without removing it from your keychain for security purposes.

Purchase: $25

MIS EDC Coin Case

Although cash is dying off in favor of cards and contactless payments, there are still those of us who know the value of spare change. Of course, you don’t want it just bouncing around in your pocket and most modern minimalist wallets don’t suit coinage. That’s where the USA-made MIS EDC Coin Case comes in with its handy snap-button closure, PU-coated 1000D Cordura nylon construction, and a trio of colorways.

Purchase: $28

TEC Accessories Retreev Mini Grappling Hook

If you’re the type to idolize characters like Batman and/or James Bond, then the TEC Accessories Retreev Mini Grappling Hook might be right up your alley. It’s definitely an oddity and might not have a ton of real-world uses, but it might be just the thing you need to save your keys from a pesky sewer drain. It also has a rare-earth magnet in the tip, has removable spikes, and is built from sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum.

Purchase: $28

Dango Pocket Clip

Designed both to work with Dango’s M-Series wallets or as a standalone device, their Pocket Clip is equal parts micro-sized multi-tool and a cash-friendly money clip. It’s made in the USA from CNC-machined aluminum and a formed stainless steel clip, it boasts mil-spec brass bolts, it has a built-in bottle opener, and it has a handy keyhole for a ring. Most importantly, however, it can hold up to 12 bills at a time.

Purchase: $30

Nomad Lightning Carabiner

Keychain carabiners are not what we would call a well-kept secret. In fact, they’re pretty commonplace. But they’re also a remarkably handy way to keep your keys and keychain accessories on hand, organized, and out of the way. This Apple MFi certified one, however, has the added bonus of a hideaway integrated Lightning power cable, so you can use it to keep your iPhone charged up anywhere there’s a USB port.

Purchase: $35

MecArmy CMP-2 Keychain Compass

Whether you consider yourself a pathfinder or not, we’re strong believers in the idea that everyone should know how to use a compass. Technology, like your smartphone, might not ever be out of reach, but there’s always a chance it could fail you. And the MecArmy CMP-2 Keychain Compass is an excellent contingency plan in that case, with a solid metal construction, anti-magnetic bearing, IPX5 waterproof rating, and glow-in-the-dark markings.

Purchase: $40

Sunshine Products USA Toothpick Case

Especially if you’re in the dating pool, keeping some toothpicks handy is a great idea in the case that you get food caught between your chompers. And this discreet, handsome brass and copper case might just be the ideal vessel for transporting said toothpicks. It’s made in the USA, waterproof, holds up to 9 picks, and can even be repurposed to hold cash or pills.

Purchase: $45

TEC Accessories Ti-Pry Titanium Pry Bar

Most folding multi-tools — and even some one-piece options — have a prybar function built into them. The problem, however, is that they’re mostly an afterthought and not exactly durable. This one, however, was driven specifically by the purpose of prying. In fact, it’s made from incredibly strong titanium, which also happens to be corrosion-resistant. Plus, as an added bonus, it has a tungsten carbide glass breaker tip on the tail.

Purchase: $47

Dango Coin Capsule + Tether

From laundry to arcade bars, coin currency is still very much a part of our society — albeit a much smaller part nowadays. Still, if you’re the type who finds themselves needing it, even just on occasion, the Dango Coin Capsule is a solid buy. Complete with a paracord tether and rifle clip, this device can hold up to 42 coins of various denominations and it’s made in the USA.

Purchase: $49

Mininch Wrenchit Multi-Tool

Especially if you’re a handyman, bike commuter, or even a motorcyclist, a legitimate travel-friendly wrench system can be an invaluable tool for making quick repairs on the go. And they don’t get much better than this one from Mininch, which contains 10 interchangeable wrenches and 15 total functions in a pocket-friendly format. It even has a built-in bottle opener for when the work is finished.

Purchase: $55

Standard Issue 1942 WWII Class A Comb

Folding knives are a dime-a-dozen in the world of everyday carry. But if you’re a dapper man looking to stay fresh and looking your best, you might prefer to carry the Standard Issue 1942 WWII Class A Comb. Based on the actual specs of war-era folding combs, this USA-made grooming tool is built from stainless steel or brass and leather. It’s also perfect for stashing in your pocket and is a beautiful grooming-friendly addition to any EDC loadout.

Purchase: $60

BRNLY Slingpop Pocket Slingshot

Not everyone has enough mischief in their hearts to warrant carrying a slingshot. But if you’re of a similar mindset of Bart Simpson or Dennis the Menace, you might be interested in the BRNLY Slingpop. An elevated take on everyone’s favorite childhood toy, this bad boy is made in the USA from precision machined aluminum, it has a built-in bottle opener, and it comes with 50 5mm ball bearings.

Purchase: $140

Benchmade 381 Aller Fumee Folding Knife

Yes, Benchmade’s 381 Aller Fume√© is an EDC knife and functions just as you’d expect one to. However, it was also built with another, rather specific function in mind: it can cut your cigars. And that’s not something your typical everyday carry blade can manage well. This guillotine also boasts a CPM-S30V steel blade, Richlite handle scales, a pocket clip, and a pry bar/screwdriver.

Purchase: $160

Rexford RUT V4 Titanium Utility Tool

Most utility blades are built to be replaced — meaning they’re relatively cheap, don’t hold up well to punishment, and don’t offer much by way of good design. The Rexford RUT V4, by contrast, is a beautifully-designed powerhouse of a utility blade. It’s made in the USA from solid titanium, comes with a black Tajima V-Rex tempered steel utility blade, includes a lifetime warranty, and is perfect for pocket carry.

Purchase: $179

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