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The 12 Best iPad Cases to Buy

Photo: Nomad Goods Modern Leather Case

If you’re in the market to buy a tablet, it’s more than likely that your ideal option would be an iPad. As one of Apple’s core product lines, the game-changing device has assisted people from many walks of life. Accounting for just how much an iPad does for anyone from medical workers to university professors, it’s only right that we treat the tablet with the same amount of respect and, most of all, protection, that we do our iPhones. At the end of the day, this is a big-budget item, and to overlook its security is simply negligent — and that goes for whether you purchased an AppleCare plan or not.

Seeing as the iPad often gets touted around by its owners more often than not, maintaining it properly is even more important, which is why a solid case is arguably the most vital accessory for it — with all due respect to the Apple Pencil. Nevertheless, narrowing down the cream of the crop in such a repetitive product category can be difficult, which is why we did the hard work for you. After scouring the web, we found a dozen immaculate iPad cases for you to pick up and protect your pricey new tablet, so have a look below to find the one that suits your style and needs best.

Casemade Leather Case

Who would’ve thought anything made of quality leather could be so affordable? Casemade’s entry-level option is crafted from buttery Italian cowhide that will garner a handsome patina as time goes on. Its microfiber felt-lined interior is just as luxurious, assuring that it is sure to keep your iPad screen unscathed and scratch-free.

Purchase: $60

Native Union Stow Tablet Sleeve

Native Union’s ultra-slim Stow Tablet is crafted with quality in mind, delivering on a streamlined design that even comes equipped with a built-in loop to hold an Apple Pencil. With seamless accessibility thanks to its external pocket, this durable, canvas-coated accessory is ideal for someone looking for a sleek touch.

Purchase: $70

Moshi VersaCover

Moshi’s VersaCover is essentially a chameleon, albeit a shape-shifter rather than a color-changer. Nonetheless, this versatile, origami-like case is built to accommodate your needs, allowing you to fold it as you please depending on the position you’re sitting in because, at the end of the day, nothing is more important than maintaining good posture when using your iPad. With three different viewing options, including landscape and typing, you can lay comfortably in bed to watch a movie or sit at your desk to jot some notes without ever needing to contort your body.

Purchase: $70

Otterbox Defender

When it comes to mobile accessories of any kind, you can never go wrong with anything from Otterbox. The Colorado-based brand’s Defender boasts multi-layer drop protection thanks to its inner shell, outer cover, and built-in screen protector, so your tablet can take a 6-foot tumble and leave you with nothing to worry about. Plus, its charging port cover keeps the iPad’s interior clean, so there’s no need to worry about pesky specks of dust or debris crowding your USB-C.

Purchase: $90

Mous iPad Pro Case

As another mainstay in the accessory space, to label Mous’ design-centric spin on cases as “minimal” would be an understatement. The manufacturer’s iPad Pro Case boasts its proprietary AiroFoam tech to ensure world-class drop protection and shock absorption. At your added convenience, it even features four distinct standing angles, so you can stream all day without a care in the world.

Purchase: $100

Survivor All-Terrain Medical Case

If there’s any field of work that has benefited from the use of tablets, it’s most definitely the medical field. The convenience of having all that information accessible without countless pieces of paper has become commonplace across hospitals and medical facilities the world over. Luckily, Survivor has these caretakers covered, offering a rugged, anti-microbial case geared toward medical workers. Boasting 4 layers of shock-absorbing, FDA-compliant materials, the drop-protected All-Terrain Medical Case is also built to withstand alcohol-based medical products. It even comes equipped with a hand strap to keep things ergonomically appropriate.

Purchase: $110

Nomad Modern Leather Case

If you’ve been perusing this list or any others like it, you’ve probably been asking yourself when Nomad was going to make an appearance. The humble, SoCal-bred manufacturer is adept at crafting nothing short of perfect accessories to keep our gadgets secure, and its Modern Leather Case reigns as one of the most popular by a longshot. Rounded out with a protective TPE bumper and Apple Pencil compatibly for increased safety and convenience, this razor-thin case is about as classy as it gets.

Purchase: $120

Crazy Horse Craft Leather Case

If you’re aiming for something luxurious, then look no further. Crazy Horse Craft’s case is finely handmade from Italian vegetable tanned leather, then finished off with a 100% wool felt interior to keep your tablet from getting scratched in the most opulent way possible. As its color changes over time and the iPad gradually gets older, it may be a sign that it’s time to buy a new tablet for yourself — in that case, at least you’ll know which case to pick up for it.

Purchase: $130

Catalyst Waterproof Case

Whether you’re lounging by the pool to read the news or trudging back from work in the rain, getting your iPad wet can cause some serious damage. Luckily, Catalyst has got you covered with its aptly-named Waterproof Case. Pulling no gimmicks, this sturdy option comes equipped with a kickstand and boasts waterproof capabilities for depths up to 6.6 feet. As an added bonus, the case’s built-in screen protector won’t detract from the sterling resolution offered by your iPad’s crisp display.

Purchase: $130

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

Apple’s proprietary Smart Keyboard is sure to please people doing legitimate business on their tablets. It is compatible with any iPad Pro model and later-gen iPad Airs, so the latest and greatest examples from the Silicon Valley manufacturer are built to take advantage of the unique Smart Keyboard. Practically capable of transforming an iPad into a full-scale MacBook, this lightweight addition is beyond convenient.

Purchase: $179

Shinola Medium Journal/iPad Mini Cover

While you may be more familiar with the Detroit-based fashion brand’s timepieces, Shinola’s leather goods are some of the best around. This handsome, small-scale leather case is built to take on the iPad Mini and comes equipped with a medium-sized journal to take some handwritten notes, going to show that the written word is not dead after all — even when you’ve got a tablet. Plus, it has a handful of card slots to help keep things organized.

Purchase: $185

Paul Smith x Native Union Stripe Case

Somewhere over the rainbow, you’ll find the perfect iPad case, and this tangibly colorful one is debatably perfect as they come. We decided to bring Native Union back in for its chic joint effort with famed British designer Paul Smith. Crafted from a blend of bolstered, buffed leather and polyethylene, the standout piece from this accessory collaboration features a stylish quilted lining, staying true to each brands’ level of quality.

Purchase: $315

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