15 Best EDC Instagram Accounts

Photo: Gallantry

October 6th, 2010 was a day that seemed to go by mostly without note. There were no major media events and no impactful holidays – either domestic or international. The only apparent occurrence was that Phillies’ pitcher Roy Halladay threw a no-hitter against the Cincinnati Reds, only the second ever during the post-season. It wouldn’t be until later that long-term significance would become apparent. It was, after all, on this day that Instagram (alternatively, IG) was launched.

Now, the social media giant – which allows people to share photos and videos in limited formats – boasts a monthly user count of over 300 million, making it larger than Twitter by a margin of over 15 million. The impact is clear. Nearly every major brand, media company, and organization has their own account, many of whom post a near constant stream of content. And it isn’t just companies. Instagram has opened up a world of networking options for individuals, as well – their hashtag system enabling people to connect with one another and form communities based on mutual interests.

The world of everyday carry is one such community. Now, anyone – or any organization – with a smart phone and some bare bones know-how can upload their own pocket dumps and visual stories of their individual carry adventures. And they can share it all with the rest of the world. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to put together a list of some of the most impactful, stylized, and impressive EDC Instagram accounts out there for you to enjoy.

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Though still relatively young, our sister brand Gallantry is swiftly carving out a respectable space in the world of EDC – a fact that has become all the more evident thanks to Instagram and its far-reaching network of everyday carry fanatics. The evolution of this brand is continually driven by a passion for extremely well-built, useful gear and a desire to exhibit it in a recognizably unique way. From classic hand and pocket dump to in-the-field displays, this account features all-original in-house photography that’s as focused on quality products as it is on striking presentation.


Notorious EDC Instagram

Notorious EDC

Run by professional photographer, Tom Medvedich, this account offers up a highly-stylized and impressively well-thought-out approach to pocket dumps – namely, in regards to color. Between the unique backgrounds and veritable arsenal of full-spectrum Swiss Army Knives, Notorious EDC stands alone as a bright light in a world so focused on drab desaturation. And the splashes of color are made all the better by the fact that all of his photos are original.


Bellroy Instagram


For a company whose primary focus is on wallets, Bellroy has a surprisingly exceptional adventure-focused Instagram. By presenting a wide variety of photos that show an exploration of the larger world, as well as clever product photography, they’ve managed to avoid one of the bigger pitfalls other companies seem to fall into – feeling too marketing-centric. Rather than simply showing their items amongst other items, they’ve infused their account with the same pioneer spirit that makes them a great organization.


Word notebooks Instagram

Word Notebooks

Word. Notebooks is a company who has a comprehensive collection of writing pads for all occasions. Which is all well and good on paper, but doesn’t say much in regards to visualization. Their IG circumvents that issue in perhaps the best way possible. Through a combination of original photos and notable re-posts (or re-grams), they’ve come up with a way to not only display their wide variety of offerings, but showing them in a number of real-world applications and amongst complimentary gear.


Everyday Carry Instagram

Everyday Carry

Unique for the fact that their Instagram is the closest thing to a visual representation of the EDC community, Everyday Carry’s IG gives the average carrier a more expansive way to display their gear for the rest of us to see. This space is shared, much in the same way as their main site, and works more like a network of interconnected consciousnesses and tastes, rather than those of a single individual. And that makes it mighty, because one of the greater joys in being a part of the space is being able to show off your stuff.


The Mad Heretic Instagram

The Mad Heretic

A man of few words, Damien – this IG’s show-runner – lets his stylized knife-centric photos and videography do his talking. And we are listening. Spend a little bit of time looking through his page and you’ll see why. Between the array of remarkable knives, singular editing style, and just a smattering of horror film sensibilities, this Instagram – featuring all-original photography – speaks to the darker side of the EDC world.



Triple Aught Design

Everyone could use a little more tactical carry in their lives. And Triple Aught Design does a fantastic job of showcasing some very cool military-centric gear in displays of real-world application. And there’s a smattering of humanity amongst their pictures that ties it all together in a sort of reminder that these items, as coldly calculated as they may appear to be, are in fact designed by humans for human use.


TiDesigns Instagram


Mike Bond is a pretty big name in the everyday carry community and, through even the most cursory glances at his Instagram page, it’s pretty easy to see why. The man responsible for the original Whar-Biner, as well as all its variations therein, has made his mark through helping design and bring to life a series of highly useful, brilliantly executed EDC items that will likely remain highly-lauded for years to come. His IG is one of the best places to see these items artfully displayed.


Nerdism EDC 00

Nerdism EDC

If you’re a stoic dude, your carry will likely reflect that. But, if you’re not, your EDC doesn’t have to be either. You’re always welcome – and encouraged – to infuse it with your own individual quirks, like Maarten of @Nerdism_edc does. This gear is respectable on its own, but most of these original photos also include some token from popular and/or geek culture from Dragon Ball Z to Star Wars – injecting these displays with a little more personality.


Knifetogrophy Instagram


Noah Nemley, who also runs @inktography, has nailed down the kind of photography and image editing that masterfully highlights the subjects he has put on display. In the case of Knifetography, the combination of backgrounds, color manipulation, and grasp of texture brings out the best of his gear without sacrificing the impact of the environments in which they are shown.


Carryology Instagram


Another departure from your average EDC pocket dump page, Carryology – whose brand focus is more on how to carry than on carry itself – strikes a solid balance between adventure photography and product demonstrations across a variety of landscapes, especially in regards to backpacks. The creativity and diversity of their both interior and exterior layouts and locales keeps this IG fresh and stops it from ever feeling stale.


Mostly Knives Instagram

Mostly Knives

Thanks in part to widespread misrepresentation, people seem to forget that knives are utilitarian first and foremost. In seven words, @mostlyknives has managed to express a sentiment that we staunchly agree with, “A knife is a tool…use it!” By showcasing knives amongst an array of other useful devices, this photographic account serves as a well-shot reminder of that often forgotten fact.


Firefighter Instagram

Recycled Firefighter

Its easy to put a product in front of a camera and snap a photo, but it is much more illuminating and enthralling to show off how that product is made. And RecycledFirefighter’s Instagram does just that. Combining a measure of solid product exhibition with a diverse mixture of behind-the-scenes photography, this account gives us an in-depth look at the character of this company and the processes by which their products are made.


Urban EDC Instagram

Urban EDC Supply

An exercise in clean and concise item photography, Urban EDC Supply has made their mark in the everyday carry world. Devoid of all unnecessary frills, these pictures harness the core of gear-focused carry presentation, giving each item – or item set – a clean spotlight of their own without the distraction of overly-complex backgrounds and/or settings.


Endlesspossibilities Instagram

Endless Possibles

To round out our list, we have another highly stylized, well managed, knife-centric Instagram account. @EndlessPossibles makes an effort not just to offer up some really solidly photographed and edited images, but to take his gear out into the world. And the effort does not go unnoticed. From an imposing collection of folding knives amongst raw concrete and metal to gritty hand dumps with vivid color pallets, there’s something viscerally enjoyable about these pictures.