Top Carry: 50 Best EDC Items For Men

Jul 20, 2017

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You may have never heard of the term before, but you own EDC. Whether it be a favorite pen that you always keep handy, or an old pocket knife that has stuck around for years – any item you have on your wrist or throw in your pockets on a regular basis falls under the umbrella term, ‘everyday carry’.

Yet, while everyone has EDC, not everyone has good everyday carry. We know that we’ve been guilty of things like carrying velcro wallets, loose pieces of paper in lieu of notepads, and junky keychains. But we’ve seen the light and found stuff we’re proud to carry. Things like wallets that are both slim and functional, great knives built for daily use, and bright flashlights that would put your smartphone light to shame. If you’re looking to upgrade your own daily carry, or at the least get some ideas about what your next wallet should look like – take a scroll through our comprehensive list of the best EDC items for men.

Maxx&Unicorn Brass Money Clip ($38)
Trove Wallet ($43)
Ezra Arthur No. 2 Wallet ($65)
Madera Union Slim Wood Wallet ($75)
Pioneer Carry Division 10XD ($85)
Bellroy Note Sleeve ($89)
Ridge Wallet Carbon Fiber Wallet + Cash Strap ($105)


Keep Your Cash Close

A bit bored of your old, tired, and overstuffed wallet? There are a surprising number of alternatives for you out there. The above listed are just some of our favorites.

Bellroy, of course, has to be included. The Australian brand’s Note Sleeve wallet is made from a high quality, vegetable tanned leather and stays slim even when full of cash and cards. Not a big fan of leather? We have a few different options for you here. Pioneer’s Division wallet, for instance, is made from an incredibly strong 10XD material. It has a refined look with tactical capabilities. Want to go even more in the tactical direction? The Ridge wallet boasts a carbon fiber build that stands out along with keeping your cards and cash well organized. More alternatives, like a brass money clip, wood wallet, and leather sleeves are also included here for those looking for something totally unique.

Opinel No. 8 Trekking Knife ($18)
Deejo Rosewood Black 37G ($45)
Higonokami Friction Folding Brass Knife ($50)
Benchmade Mini Griptilian Knife ($93)
Spyderco ParaMilitary ($116)
James Brand The Chapter Knife ($275)


Be The Sharpest Guy In The Room

Contrary to what a whole lot of people think, the world of pocket knives is larger than Victorinox. Much, much, larger. Just take a look at our picks and you’ll get a bit of a taste about what is out there.

On the more tactical end of things sits the Spyderco ParaMilitary and Benchmade Mini Griptilian knife. These two workhorses are made with truly top quality materials by the most respected company’s out there. Want something a bit more casual? The Deejo Knife is ideal – designed to fit in your pocket with no bulk – making it perfect for daily carry. For those on the search for more design-oriented knives, James Brand’s Chapter Knife and Higonokami’s Friction Folder are ideal picks. The two are on opposite ends of the market price-wise, but both have a minimalist, and almost elegant design. And of course, for those who love the classics, we had to include the Opinel No. 8 Trekking knife.

Rotring 600 Black Barrel Mechanical Pencil ($19)
Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pen ($20)
Everyman Grafton Pen ($35)
Machine Era Original Brass Pen ($38)
Tactile Turn Brass Slider Pen ($59)
Karas Kustoms Retrakt Pen ($105)


Days Are For Scribbling Away

Of all the annoying things that can happen in a day, not having a pen on you when you need it is among the more frustrating. Sure, you can equip yourself with one of those throwaway gel or ballpoint writing utensils and get through the day fine. But part of their appeal is the problem – they’re throwaway. You could lose one and not care that much.

The pens we included here, on the other hand, are things to be cherished and even passed down. Whether you go for the more affordable Rotring mechanical pencil with its hexagonal grip and brass mechanism, or the fully copper American-made Retrakt pen – you’ll be sure to appreciate them much more than those plastic thing you carry around.

Field Notes Reporters Notebook ($13)
Word Notebooks Adventure Log ($13)
Field Notes Black Ice Pocket Notebook ($13)
Rite in the Rain ($13)
Ezra Arthur Leather Notebook ($32)

Writing Pads

Find A Home For Your To-Do Lists

If you miss the feeling of actually jotting down your thoughts on paper with a pen – then this section is for you. Even while most people are using their phones as the primary tool for taking notes, setting to-do lists, and even doodling – there are a wide variety of pocket notebooks for everyday carry out there.

Looking for a waterproof EDC writing pads? These 4 by 6-inch notebooks from Rite in the Rain are perfect. They won’t disintegrate after getting wet, and when used with the right pen, they won’t bleed or smudge either. For those looking to have their notes stand out a bit more – the Black Ice Pocket Book from Field Notes is a perfect option. The everyday carry notebooks come with a foil embossed front, and bright orange lining. For enterprising journalists – or those who just like the old style of reporter’s writing pads – the Field notes reporter notebook is perfect. And then, of course, there is the more refined leather-bound notebooks from the likes of Ezra Arthur. Made with a high grain Horween leather, it is at home in even the most formal situations.

Braun Quartz ($110)
Leather Timex Weekender Chronograph ($128)
Seiko 5 Blue Dial Stainless Steel ($154)
Jack Mason A102 Aviator Chronograph ($275)
Tsovet SVT-FW44 Watch ($325)
Omega Speedmaster Professional ($3,700)


Right On Time

A watch is an essential part of any guy’s everyday carry setup. Whether a chronograph, an old-school Seiko, or simply a contemporary Quartz watch – anything is better than being reliant on your phone to tell the time.

Of course, we had to include one of our favorite watches in this section of the list – Omega’s Speedmaster Professional. The moonwatch is an enduring classic, but admittedly an expensive one. For those looking for a more accessible but solid wristwatch, the Seiko 5 is a great pick. It is one of the few timepieces out there with a quality automatic movement that you can buy online for a competitive price point. But not everyone is tied to watch complications. Tsovet, Braun, and Jack Mason all make incredibly attractive pieces with high quality Quartz movements. And then, of course, we have Timex. The watch that can take a licking and keep on ticking is spruced up here with a fine Horween leather strap – giving the classic pick a more refined look.

Foursevens Atom AL ($40)
Mecarmy Illuminex-3 ($40)
SOG Dark Energy Flashlight ($43)
Tec Accessories Pixel Titanium Keychain Flashlight ($47)
Olight S1 Baton Flashlight ($50)
Prometheus Lights Beta-QRV2 Flashlight ($79)
Foursevens Bolt Mini ($90)


Shine A Little Light On Me

Keeping a flashlight on you at all times is not necessary. But it can be really useful. Forget to leave the front porch light on? Instead of awkwardly stabbing the door for 5 minutes, one of these pocket sized torches can help guide the way.

What is most striking about all of these flashlight is just how capable they are. Each one on this list packs a serious punch. Designed to fit in your pocket or on your keychain for everyday carry, they’re incredibly easy to bring along – and much more intuitive to use than the annoying, battery-draining smartphone flashlight.

Gerber Shard ($9)
Gerber Dime ($15)
Griffin Pocket Tool ($25)
Leatherman Wave Multitool ($90)
Cha-O-Ha EDC Card ($50)
Big Idea Design ($69)

Multi Tools

Easy Fixes Don't Exist

These easy to carry pieces of equipment can take on whatever tasks are thrown your way. The most classic, of course, is the Leatherman Wave. Made from 420HC stainless steel it is tough as can be and capable as hell. It has everything from cutting and slicing to pulling and pinching on lock. But not all multi-tools have to look like a Leatherman. Take the Gerber Shard for instance. The small piece of stainless steel can pry, tighten and loose screws, and liberate boxes all while fitting on your keychain. Looking for something even more discreet? You can slide this EDC Card into your wallet. Ideal for tightening or loosening bolts, it’s offers a quick and easy solution to any problem.

Prometheus Lights Kappa Quick Release ($25)
Defy Bags Key Chain ($29)
Craighill Closed Helix Keyring ($30)
Arktype PMK Paracord Keychain ($36)
Keysmart Key Holder ($39)
Orbitkey Premium Leather ($40)
Handgrey H1 Titanium Carabiner ($85)


Keep Keyed Up

The keychains we’ve included in this section of the list are not only functional, but they look great. Case in point, the Prometheus Kappa Quick Release. The brilliantly designed little piece of equipment makes detaching your keys from a keyring simple without compromising on security. Similarly design-oriented picks are the Craighill Helix keyring, and the and the Handgrey titanium carabiner. On the bulkier end of the spectrum are keychains from Defy and Arktype. They’re large, sturdy, and make losing your keys difficult. And for those who want something a little more slim – the Orbitkey and Keysmart are the best in-pocket solutions out there.

20 Blacked-Out EDC Essentials

So now that you’ve had a peak at some of the best EDC items for men – now it is time to look at some variations. One of our favorites? Blacked-out EDC Essentials.

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