Smart Securers: 8 Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

Mar 18, 2019

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When you’re planning the perfect outdoor expedition, there’s always some sort of complication worth your consideration and planning — and if you’re a motorcyclist, one of your biggest concerns comes in the form of storage for your gear and tech. While everyday items like groceries, clothing, and other backpack-borne items are often inconspicuously hidden, it’s difficult to find the perfect setup for your smart devices. Sure, road trips (and even the daily commute) are the last places you need to be fiddling with your electronic peripherals, but having the perfect GPS, music, or app to guide you on your journey has become an absolute necessity in today’s world. For that, you need the perfect on-bike mounting system to keep everything within reach.

While there is a venerable smorgasbord of offerings on the market regarding affordable mounting systems, it’s difficult to discern which ones are worth your time and hard-earned money. Below, we’ve aggregated the eight best device housings for a worry-free, efficient solution to your everyday motorcycle needs. From articulating systems to durable, secure locking mechanisms, these high-tensile enclosures are the perfect companions for a shock-free ride — allowing you to focus on your destination without stressing the small stuff or sacrificing your safety on the road.

Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

Roam’s Universal Premium Mount stays true to its name, providing an adequate mounting solution that’s perfect for every different type of handlebar, from wide set 1-¼-inch bars all the way to the smallest ⅞-inch variant. The Roam utilizes two different points of contact while mounting and relies on a hard plastic grip with a silicone net to secure your smart-device on those long, arduous rides. Touted as one of the largest handlebar clamps in the industry, the Universal Premium mount is an affordable solution for those who want to spend less time worrying about peripherals and more time enjoying on the open road.

Purchase: $12

ILM Bike Motorcycle Phone Mount

ILM’s Motorcycle phone mount was designed for high-octane use, touting a powersport-approved silhouette and a durable aluminum device enclosure that can handle a wide variety of abuse. It can fit any cell phone smaller than 3.7-inches, horizontally, and provides an adjustable handlebar clamp that works well with ¾-inch to 1 ⅜-inch diameter bars. The ILM can also rotate 360 degrees, allowing riders to view their smart device at multiple angles for added convenience and safety on the ride.

Purchase: $20

RAM Mounts Universal X-Grip Cell

RAM Mounts’ Universal X-Grip Cell is the all-in-one answer to weatherized, road-ready peripherals for your custom motorcycle. It utilizes a rustproof, durable composite and stainless steel construction, a spring-loaded cradle that’s built to keep your device secured at high speeds, and rubber coated tips that help to stabilize the device while facing inclement road conditions. A fully articulating silhouette comes courtesy of RAM’s unique socket technology and helps riders to adjust the angle and placement of their device on-the-go. If these safety-oriented features don’t give you peace-of-mind, the universal grip also comes with a tether, allowing for even greater security when the road or off-road conditions become challenging.

Purchase: $30

iOttie Active Edge Bar Smartphone Mount

iOttie’s aesthetically pleasing Active Edge Bar Smartphone Mount is a well-designed accessory holder that uses adjustable arms to keep your device securely fastened to your high-speed moto. It’s built to hold devices anywhere from 2 ¼-inches to 3-inches wide, as well as 6 ½-inches in verticality. Cradle and retainer arms allow riders to mount their smart devices quickly and safely while covering three corners of the peripheral to ascertain a stable fit. As an added bonus, the Active Edge can also house devices that have cases, meaning you won’t have to remove your smartphone from its protective enclosure to use it on two-wheeled expeditions.

Purchase: $40

Nelson-Rigg CL-GPS-ST Black Strap Mount

Nelson-Rigg’s CL-GPS-ST Black Strap Mount is more of a modular system than anything, allowing riders to create an all-in-one station for all their electronic devices. It attaches via a magnetic mount that can house almost any popular GPS or electronic device and even features an additional translucent pocket that houses peripherals you might need aside from your typical smartphone/GPS combo. The clear pouches are built with touch screen devices in mind and utilize UV-treated Tri-Max ballistic nylon for an entirely technical approach toward security. To round out the unique modular unit, Nelson-Rigg has integrated a protective base that prevents marks or slips that can result in damage to the paint on your ride.

Purchase: $52

Tackform Metal Motorcycle Mount

Tackform’s Metal Motorcycle Mount might have a simplistic name and design principle, but when it comes to purposeful implementation, there are few who can compare. Utilizing a high-strength aluminum construction, Tackform’s minimalist mount handles the toughest terrain you can throw at it while providing an intuitive one-hand implementation/removal system that simplifies the input and removal of the device. An articulating system means that the phone can be placed in portrait or landscape mode, depending on the rider’s preference or the available mounting areas.

Purchase: $60

Mob Armor Switch Magnetic Phone Mount

Mob Armor’s Switch Magnetic Phone Mount is another minimalist offering that utilizes a number of high-quality components. It’s made from a durable 5052 aluminum alloy, can house a variety of today’s most popular devices, and utilizes a twist lock that secures your prized possessions in place. Different attachment brackets allow for different builds, while a closed-cell neoprene foam gives users the ultimate in protection from shock and vibration. On top of the mount’s secure construction, a neodymium magnet offers over 90 pounds of pull force, alongside a swivel system that allows for 360 degrees of rotation for easy visibility for any rider on any bike.

Purchase: $60

Scosche PSM11017 TerraClamp

Scosche’s PSM11017 TerraClamp is one of the highest rated phone mounts on the market, utilizing high-power neodymium magnets and a 360-degree adjustable system that allows for complete flexibility when placing your smart device. It fits any handlebar with a ¾-inch to 1 ¼-inch diameter, provides the perfect mounting system thanks to durable stainless steel hardware, a large (or small) metal device plate, depending on your preference, and a handsome design that’s as minimal as they come.

Purchase: $65

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