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The Best Motorcycle Locks to Help Prevent Bike Theft

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Motorcyclists hardly reference the wide world of safety measures when speaking of their favorite pastime, until the day they step outside of their home, workplace, or local hole-in-the-wall to find that their prized two-wheeler is nowhere to be found. For those of us who live in the city and lack private garages, storage areas, and parking lots, it’s a fact of life that our bicycles and motorcycles are relegated to a life on the streets. If you’ve spent even a day in the bustling and relentless concrete jungle, you know that unsavory characters are about as common as the typical, trustworthy individuals you see lining the streets, and more than a few of the former are planning a targeted assault on those unassuming riders who place precautionary safety on the backburner. And that’s why a good motorcycle lock is a sound investment.

While motorcycle theft has dropped significantly in the past decade, it’s still worth it to take a few minutes out of your busy day to ensure adequate protection. Heavy duty chain locks, alarms, disc locks, and grip locks will drastically reduce your chance of becoming a motorcycle theft statistic. These motorcycle security devices have reached the point where (although not completely foolproof) most thieves will be unable to surpass the additional reinforcement used in modern offerings. Below, we’ll outline some of the highest-rated motorcycle locking mechanisms around, as well as the motorcycle gear brands that have found themselves at the forefront of two-wheeled deterrence. The next time you ride your prized moto, whether it be during your daily commute, to grab groceries, or on an epic road trip, be sure to take your vehicle’s safety into account — it might seem like a nuisance, but trust us — it’s well worth the time. Let’s dive into our picks of the best motorcycle locks on the market.

The Best Motorcycle Locks

Lock Shopping 101

The Main Factors To Consider When Buying A Motorcycle Lock

The motorcycle lock segment is a fairly niche space compared to other motorcycle gear and accessories. As such, if you’ve never shopped in this sector, it can be a somewhat daunting process where it can be difficult even knowing where to begins one’s search, let alone what to look for when shopping. Well aware of this reality, we’ve broken down the most pivotal areas to consider when buying a lock for your motorcycle, scooter, or ebike.  

Lock Type: The jumping off point for your shopping experience should be determining what type of lock you want to use. While there are some idiosyncratic locks with unique designs, there are three main types that constitute the vast majority of models currently on the market. The first type is chain locks. Like locks used for bicycles, these consist of thick rugged chains with ends that lock together. These are incredibly strong, though they require you have something to chain the bike to. The second type are disc locks, which, as the name suggests, are locks that go on the front disc brake of a bike and preventing it from rolling. The third and final main type are brake lever locks, which lock the front brake level in place with said level fully pulled in, permanently applying the brake and preventing the bike from moving — not unlike a disc lock. 

Materials: One of the main elements that separates high-quality effective motorcycle locks from their cheaper counterparts is the materials used to make them. This includes everything from the external components, to the chain and/or sleeve, to the construction(s) used to craft the actual lock and core. Most often, these materials consist of ultra-high-grade steels, though it’s also common to see titanium utilized, as it’s really all about selecting a construction that can stand up to bolt cutters or an angle grinder for an extended period. 

Alarms: The main idea of a bike lock is to keep your motorcycle where you left it. And while this can be very effective, one great way to supplement your scoot’s security is to opt for a lock with a built-in alarm system that acts similarly to a car alarm; letting out a loud blaring sound if the bike is moved or jostled. When looking for a lock with an alarm system, you’ll also want to explore the type of alarm system, how loud it is, and if it can be remotely activated or deactivated. 

Smart Features: While locks with these amenities were practically non-existent only a decade ago, the motorcycle lock space has recently seen a growing number of models that come equipped with cutting-edge smart connectivity features. This includes everything from built-in GPS trackers to onboard gyroscopes that set off alarms and notify the bike’s owner via a push notification if the bike is moved or pushed. These features do admittedly come at a financial premium, though they undoubtedly afford more peace of mind. 

Supplementary Security: The main type of locks are useful and effective, though you can further supplement your motorcycle’s security with additional items. This includes anchors that are bolted to the ground and can then be used to lock your bike to. There are also protective shelters that bikes can be stored inside. It’s also never a bad idea to double up on security, opting for both a disc lock and a chain lock — a level of security that will have most thieves choose to look for an easier target. 

Stolen Scoot Realities

An Honest Look At Theft Prevention

While this may be disappointing to learn, even the most high-end, secure, and well-built motorcycle lock can eventually be defeated if a thief is patient enough and possesses the right tools and know-how. With that said, motorcycles that are protected with locks are stolen at markedly lower rates. This is ultimately because motorcycle security isn’t about creating an impenetrable security system for your bike, and is instead more about simply deterring thieves. By presenting a difficult obstacle that will slow them down, take them longer, and increase the likelihood they get caught, a lot of thieves will simply opt to move on to an easier target, opting to take the path of least resistance. So, while a lock won’t guarantee that your two-wheeled pride and joy won’t be stolen, it undeniably give your bike a substantially better chance of remaining in your possession. 

YOHOOLYO Disc Lock Alarm

  • Disc lock w/ built-in 110-dB alarm
  • Offers stellar value
  • Sold w/ reminder cable & carrying case
  • Offered in 4 color options
  • Inexpensive materials & low build quality result in inferior security compared to more high-end models

Best Affordable Lock: YOHOOLYO’s disc lock and alarm is one of the best options for security and unmatched outdoor protection. Utilizing an ear-piercing 110dB audible warning (should a thief target your ride) and a well-designed 7mm locking pin that allows for 360-degree disassembly, the disc lock is far more manageable than its competitors. A minimal design orientation and intuitive layout combine with YOHOOLYO’s waterproof, corrosion-resistant construction, and will notify you should any mischievous individuals tamper with your vehicle.

BigPantha Motorcycle Handlebar Lock

  • Simple but effective design
  • Made from aluminum
  • Fits vast majority of motorcycles, scooters, & ebikes
  • Sold w/ included nylon holster
  • Would benefit from more premium finish & materials

Best Lever Lock: The BigPantha motorcycle handlebar lock utilizes the traditional lever-locking mechanism found in most prominent offerings, offering a waterproof, heatproof, dustproof, and rustproof design that’s proven to work. The lock easily clamps over your handlebar and keeps your front brake depressed, keeping your bike in place and preventing movement. A lifetime guarantee and protection from the elements means that your investment is sure to last — although, if it saves your bike even once, we’d say that’s a pretty good deal.

Oxford HD Chain and Padlock

  • Equipped w/ 2x locking padlock w/ hardened steel shackle
  • Steel shackle can doubles as disc lock
  • Excellent security dollar-for-dollar
  • Doesn’t offer quite the same level of security as more expensive chain locks

Best Value Lock: Oxford’s HD chain and padlock setup might seem a little bit barbaric, but the 10mm square link crafted from hardened steel is sure to keep your motorcycle protected and secure. The double-locking padlock can also be used as a relatively efficient disc lock and features a key dust cover to keep your most important unlockables in good operating condition.

Bully Locks Grip Lock

  • Super simple yet highly effective design
  • Produced in multiple sizes
  • Multiple size options result in tighter fit providing better security
  • Easily stows away under seat or in pannier
  • Reinforced nylon housing would benefit from more hardwearing alloy upgrade

Most Compact Lock: Bully Locks’ grip lock works similarly to BigPantha’s handlebar variant, securing your cycle and preventing movement through positive handlebar/brake lever depression. It comes in multiple iterations depending on your motorcycle’s grip size, as well as variable brake lever lengths — ensuring you have a tailored fit, even if you have a custom motorcycle. High visibility and intuitive use make the Bully grip one of the most effective offerings in the industry — and thanks to its memorable handlebar/brake design, you don’t run the risk of damaging your bike thanks to forgotten disc locks. The Bully grip lock is made from hardened steel and features reinforced nylon housing for additional durability — providing the perfect security solution for everyday commuters.

OnGuard 8021 Mastiff

  • Ultra-rugged overbuilt chain lock
  • Features titanium-reinforced construction
  • Fitted w proprietary OnGuard cylinder
  • Resistant to water & heat
  • Doesn’t have any type of alarm or smart features

Best Chain Lock: OnGuard’s 8021 Mastiff straddles the line between effective chain locks and disc locking mechanisms, effectively providing maximum cut resistance due to its titanium reinforced construction and the X2 double-bolt locking mechanism. A proprietary OnGuard cylinder protects the lock from exterior assault and offers premium resistance to water and heat. A reinforced sleeve covers both the cylinder and the crossbar of the accessory, providing additional security while a rotating dust cover serves to keep the main portion of the lock safe from harm.

Xena XX-14 Disc Lock With Alarm

  • Smart disc lock w/ alarm & Bluetooth connectivity
  • Has monoblock construction & double-locking system
  • Wireless & runs on CR2 Lithium battery
  • Equipped w/ blaring (removable) 120-dB alarm
  • Fitted w/ ice spray-proof body & key barrel
  • Expensive for a disc lock (albeit not for a smart lock)

Best Alarm-Equipped Lock: Xena’s XX-14 disc lock is touted as one of the highest-rated security measures in the industry and comes complete with an ear-piercing 120dB anti-theft alarm system that’s sure to deter any would-be thief from obtaining your cherished cycle. The alarm system is powered by a long-running CR2 Lithium battery, and alongside the deafening tone, it’s self-arming, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about setting it up if you’re in a hurry. A high nickel-content stainless steel monoblock construction provides a durable, long-lasting silhouette, while a 14mm double-lock mechanism and a carbide-reinforced locking pin made from high-density hardened steel work together to ensure adequate anti-theft precautions. For the more cunning thieves out there, Xena has also introduced an anti-freeze-spray and pick-proof key and barrel assembly to cover all the bases.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain Disc Lock

  • Insanely rugged chain disc lock
  • One of the strongest locks on the market
  • Comprised of beefy 14mm 6-sided 3t hardened manganese steel chain links
  • Sold w/ included maximum security New York Disc Lock w/ 15mm MAX-Performance steel shackle
  • Expensive price

Best Hybrid Lock: Kryptonite is a well-known name within the precautionary safety industry, producing a wide range of bicycle and motorcycle locks that are highly rated and reviewed. The New York Fahgettaboudit Chain disc lock is an amalgamation of the company’s most prominent technologies, combining 14mm six-sided chain links and a maximum security New York disc lock that’s been outfitted with a 15mm MAX-Performance steel shackle for the ultimate in cut-proof protection. The links of the chain are created using 3t hardened manganese steel, a durable, effective metal that’s been tested for efficient use. The New York’s double deadbolt locking mechanism is hardened for extra protection, while a sliding dust cover, high-security disc-style cylinder, and reinforced anti-drill protection system combine to create a state-of-the-art security system for your two-wheeled ride.

ABUS Granit Extreme Plus 59 Chain Lock

  • Features highest security rating ever achieved by ABUS
  • Main components made from special hardened steel
  • Boasts rugged 12mm chain
  • Uses ABUS’ X-Plus cylinder & locking system
  • Sold w/ multiple keys including LED torch key
  • Expensive price
  • Fairly heavy to haul on-bike at over 10lbs

Most Secure Lock: ABUS’ Granit Extreme Plus 59 chain lock is another testament to hard-wearing security measures, featuring a strong 12mm chain that’s covered with a fabric sleeve to deter motorcycle damage, all while ensuring adequate protection. The hardened chain links are tailored to resist heavy mechanical attacks — and coupled with an anti-pull technology that makes it extremely difficult for motorcycle thieves to pry the links loose, the Granit Extreme provides motorcycle riders with a variable tool that keeps motorcycle thieves at bay. The chain and lock body are all constructed with special hardened steel, and alongside the Granit’s ABUS X-Plus anti-picking cylinder, this must-have hardware aims to provide peace of mind when transport security is your number one priority.

The Best Motorcycle Gadgets

Photo: Sena 10C Pro Bluetooth Headset & Camera

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