LIV Genesis X1-A Watch

Jan 28, 2016

Category: Gear

LIV is a Brooklyn watchmaker that first made its debut last year on Kickstarter, looking for funding for the LIV Genesis X1. Now, the company has taken to Kickstarter again to fund a different version of the watch, the limited edition LIV Genesis X1-A.

In just 34 minutes of hitting the site, the watch was fully funded for the $40,000 it was looking for. It’s a gorgeous timepiece with a sporty, classic look. It’s powered by an automatic Sellita SW200 movement, and each watch is built by hand in Switzerland. Its face is covered with sapphire crystal, so it’s highly scratch resistant and it’ll look like new for many years to come. It’s available in stainless steel, black or grey, and each comes with a choice of leather, canvas, silicone or Nato strap. Best of all, you can find it for under $500 at a price point of $459. [Purchase]

LIV Genesis X1-A 2

LIV Genesis X1-A 3

LIV Genesis X1-A 4

LIV Genesis X1-A 5

LIV Genesis X1-A 6

LIV Genesis X1-A 7

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