Sony Wena Wrist Smart Watch Band

Especially with the horological crowd, smartwatches aren’t for everybody. But it’s not that they’re not useful — it’s just that they lose a lot of the artful craftsmanship found in more traditional timekeepers. If you want all the benefits of a smartwatch without the digital drawbacks, however, Sony has an excellent answer in their Wena Wrist smart watch bands.

Available in two styles, Active and Pro, these standalone bands actually house all the digital bits that offer features like activity tracking, notifications, and contactless payments — effectively turning any watch into a smart one. The Active, which comes with a silicon housing, also boasts onboard GPS and advanced activity tracking for those with fitness goals. And the Pro features a sleek and stylish format with a discreet OLED screen for notifications. Available for preorder now in the U.K., these Sony smart watch bands sell for $450 and $515, respectively.

Purchase: $450+

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