POC’s Myelin Bike Helmet Is Made from 50% Recycled Materials

A bicycle helmet isn’t the first thing you necessarily think of when considering a shift toward sustainable gear. However, Swedish brand POC has constructed a riding headpiece with the intention of helping the environment — without sacrificing safety in the process.

Made with 50% recycled materials, POC’s new Myelin helmet is given a glue-free construction to make it easier to break it down into all its separate parts once you decide to recycle it at the end of its life, and it’s made with as few distinct parts as possible to allow it to hold itself together until then. Likewise, its outer shell is made from fabric in order to limit the amount of plastic used in the process. With 14 vents throughout the helmet, the Myelin will also keep your head cool and prevent overheating.

Sporting a minimalist aesthetic, the Myelin helmet’s most dominant physical feature is the asphalt-colored fabric shell, which is accented by either lime green, purple, or black trim around the brim. The straps of each helmet match the trim as well. For a consistent fit each time without having to readjust when putting on or taking off the helmet, the straps have been given a simple snap adjuster with elastic sections inside for security and comfort.

If any other cycling company would have constructed a helmet made from recycled materials, one might have turned a side-eye, but POC is a brand known for safety and durability, and its commitment to advancements on both fronts makes it one you can trust with innovations such as this. The Myelin bicycle helmet is available now through POC’s website and retailers for $100.

Purchase: $100