Deus Rolls Out A Monocoque Bolt-On Tracker Moto Kit For The Yamaha XSR700

Based on the Tuning Fork Company’s MT-07 naked model, Yamaha’s XSR700 is a modern-retro that’s been specifically engineered to lend itself to customization. As a result, numerous custom motorcycle shops offer easy-to-install bolt-on bodywork kits and aftermarket parts for the XS650-inspired twin. The latest bodywork kit for the 689cc standard comes from Deus Ex Machina’s Sydney location, and has been dubbed the “Bombshell.”

Compatible with XSR700s from 2016 to present (and MT-07s from 2014 to present), the kit boasts unibody construction and is comprised of a tank (cover) feeding into a tracker-inspired tail section with integrated number boards. Offered in a fiberglass version or in a carbon fiber-spec, the kit’s entirely made by hand in Australia and includes CNC-machined aluminum mounting brackets and the choice of a vinyl or leather seat. Completely reversible at any time, the kit doesn’t include rear indicators or a taillight and requires the relocation of a few minor parts. The Sydney shop announced an official MSRP for the Bombshell kit, though requests for more information can be made at the link below. And, while Deus hasn’t listed output numbers, we expect the Bombshell to sell out fast, just like Deus’ prior Grievous Angel or XJR-X kits.

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