This High-Tech 40MPH Hyper Scooter Has A Carbon Fiber & Aluminum Chassis

Over the last few years, stand-up electric scooters have experienced a tremendous influx in popularity, largely spurred on by their near-ubiquitous presence in major cities thanks to scooter-sharing companies like Bird and Lime. And while the vast majority of these last-mile transportation solutions largely possess the same basic design principles, the same can’t be said for the D-Fly Dragonfly – a new scooter/electric skateboard hybrid.

Touted as the world’s first “Hyper Scooter,” this surprisingly trick machine features a chassis comprised of carbon fiber, aluminum, and carbon fiber-reinforced paulownia wood. A unique single handle control bar with a rotary-controlled throttle has been paired with a double-wishbone suspension system that enables the machine to lean into corners. Just below the control handle is a 4.5” 4K display that links to the Dragonfly’s sound system and is compatible with the vehicle’s mobile app. Offered in three-wheeled and four-wheeled variants, the Dragonfly has a top speed of just shy of 40mph is made possible thanks to twin 1,800-watt motors. Packing swappable batteries, the Hyper Scooter’s range is a claimed 11 miles per charge, though that figure can go up to almost 30 miles when using the company’s optional long-range battery pack. Limited to only 500 units for the first production run, the Dragonfly Hyper Scooter is slated for a release sometime around the Summer of 2020, though preorders are being accepted now.

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