VIBA 3D-Prints A Thoroughly Modern R9T-Based Blacked-Out Bavarian Bobber

French design studio and custom moto outfit, VIBA was one of the first shops to experiment with additive manufacturing for its projects. The La Rochelle-based outfit made headlines last year when it unveiled a custom Honda Monkey series clad in bespoke 3D-printed, though VIBA has now pulled the cover off an even more ambitious build to utilize additive manufacturing with the BMW R nineT-based “Cara.”

Born out of a joint effort with fellow French outfit, Erpro 3D factory, the Cara sports a thoroughly modern take on the traditional bobber genre. Just above the blacked-out cylinder heads are a set of winglet-style pieces that have been 3D-printed from glass bead-reinforced polyamide. Out in front, an LED headlight is shrouded beneath a 3D-printed nacelle, sitting just ahead of a bespoke aluminum 3D-printed top triple with an integrated speedo. The bobbed Bavarian also gets a 3D-printed front fender and air intake, and an additive manufactured nickel-chromium alloy muffler. A stainless steel subframe, glass bead reinforced polyamide sub-seat tray, and a bi-injection silicone all constitute the new tunneled tail section — all three of which have been 3D-printed. Like with previous VIBA projects, the Cara will be produced in a limited, order-on-demand run of just 23 units.

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