Best Handheld GPS

Lost and Found: The 6 Best Handheld GPS

Putting a GPS on your wrist or into your car is fine if you’re strictly an urban or suburban adventurer who plans on roughing it in the wilds of south Brooklyn or taking a survival trek along Mulholland, but they won’t … Continue reading


Relonch Camera Case for Apple iPhone 1

Relonch Camera Case for Apple iPhone

The gap between capable cameras and smartphones continues to close quickly, and the Relonch Camera Case would like to be the nail in the coffin. Although we doubt that will be happening anytime soon, this iPhone case has piqued our interest. … Continue reading


DARPA Jetpacks by Arizona State University

DARPA Jetpacks by Arizona State University

Ya know who’s always been an underrated superhero? The Flash. Cool name, cool costume, and a simple but cool power. And because that power, the ability to run fast, is so simple, it’s well within the realm of possibilities to … Continue reading


Mass Fidelity Core Wireless Speaker 0

Mass Fidelity Core Wireless Speaker

We love portable speakers as much as the next guy, but let’s face it, they don’t always do the best job at filling a large room with sound. The folks at Mass Fidelity believe they have addressed this issue with … Continue reading


Ricoh WG-M1 Action Camera 1

Ricoh WG-M1 Action Camera

With plenty of ways to use an action cam, it only makes sense that there are a multitude of options when it comes to buying one. The WG-M1 is Ricoh’s newest addition to the WG-series of action cams, and its … Continue reading


Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 0

Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1

Forget the iPhone 6, LG G3, or Galaxy S5; if you’re looking for the best camera you can get in a smartphone, Panasonic just busted down your front door. The Lumix DMC-CM1 seems to be a camera first, then an … Continue reading


Leica M Edition 60 Camera 1

Leica M Edition 60 Camera

Leica, the maker of some of, if not the most beautiful cameras on Earth, has once again made a splash in the shooter market. Celebrating the 60th birthday of their classic M-Series, the brand unveils the Lecia M Edition 60 Camera. … Continue reading


Canon EOS 7D Mark II 1

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

So your girl just agreed to let you take some pictures of her. Yes, those kind of pictures. Of course, she insists on calling it “boudoir photography,” but whatever—you’re getting the goods. Don’t squander this opportunity on a smartphone camera … Continue reading


GoPole Scenelapse for GoPro Cameras 0

GoPole Scenelapse for GoPro Cameras

It’s been nearly a decade since GoPro first hit the scene, and since then the action camera has become a household device for anyone who loves adventure. Now you can use your trusty GoPro to take timelapse videos using the … Continue reading


Proview GoPro Phone Mount 1

Proview GoPro Phone Mount

Ready to get more out of your GoPro than just capturing your backyard trampoline antics with that homemade helmet cam? Here’s a new way to get more functionality out of both your rugged little camera and your iPhone 5/5s or … Continue reading