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The Best Vintage-Style Speakers for Stylish Sound

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It should come as no surprise that brands that utilize refined audio equipment would go the extra mile and make their products channel old-fashioned design language, which is why we’ve rounded up the best vintage-style speakers on the market. Whether you’re looking to accentuate the rest of your home decor or purchase a sonic conversation starter, we’re here to help.

Best Vintage-Style Speakers

What are Vintage-STyle Speakers?

Be it Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, or unrivaled sound quality, there are lots of features to look for before picking up a new speaker. And while an unrivaled listening experience often sits atop the list of requirements, buying something that looks as good as it performs is always worth considering. It’s not to say that these fashionable speakers ever went out of style, but they are arguably more popular now than ever before. With countless brands looking to put their artisanal touch on the matter, some options manage to weigh out the competition by a landslide — that said, these are the ones we’ve decided to include in this guide.

What to Look For

Sound: On top of that old-school style, vintage speakers can offer classic sound as well (characterized by being warm and rich). Pay attention to stuff like clarity, bass response, and midrange presence to determine if the sound quality is right for you. Everything in this guide has high-quality audio, but as you may already know, more expensive speakers are usually more premium (and thus, sound better).

Size: Between bookshelf and floor speakers, there’s a variety of sizes and styles you can choose from. Before you grab a speaker (or a set), scope out a space in your home that has enough space to accommodate. If you want a desktop speaker, for example, make sure your desk is big enough.

Material: Material construction plays a big role in achieving that vintage style. Speakers that use wood have an undeniably classic look, but they also enhance the sound by reducing resonance and vibrations (giving you vintage sound as well).

Connectivity: Some vintage speakers may come with modern amenities like Bluetooth and/or WiFi connectivity, which lets you stream music, giving you more listening options.

Klipsch ProMedia Heritage 2.1 Desktop Speakers

  • Powerful sound for the size (and price)
  • Comes with a built-in mic
  • Mid-century look
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Interface can be finicky

Best Desktop Speaker: It only seems right to kick this list off with Klipsch considering that the brand abides by its original designs as few other manufacturers do. The USA-bred brand’s Heritage line is a direct homage to its founder’s original concepts, and the ProMedia 2.1 set of desktop speakers is one of the more recent additions to the series. This handsome trio features 1” soft dome tweeters, a 3” long-throw woofer, and, last but not least, an 8” subwoofer powered by a 100W amplifier. Whether you want to bring that sound to your computer, gaming setup, or turntable station, you can rest assured that its mid-century look will make it all the better.

Material: Wood vinyl, mesh
Connectivity: Wired, Bluetooth
Size:21.4 x 16.5 x 15.5 inches

Marshall Action III

  • Made with recycled and vegan material
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ability to listen to the radio
  • Works best as a Bluetooth speaker

Best Amp-Inspired Speaker: This brand-new release from Marshall is a great choice for anyone from guitarists looking to match their amp to wireless fanatics who live by streaming. The British manufacturer’s Acton III speaker is practically future-proof, as it’s capable of cooperating with any future Bluetooth updates, all the while being equipped to take on Bluetooth 5.2 from the moment you open the box. Aside from its room-filling sound, the chic speaker comes available in three colors, including cream and brown, both of which will be coming around this fall. However, you can pre-order the sleek black-colored rendition today.

Material: 70% recycled plastic and only vegan materials
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2 and the 3.5 mm input
Size: 10.24 x 5.91 x 6.69 inches

Audioengine HD3 Bluetooth Speaker System

  • Bluetooth aptX HD tech
  • Available in four different wood options
  • Compact design and look
  • Bass could be better

Best Bluetooth Speaker: Audioengine may not be a household name like Marshall, but its well-designed catalog is nothing to scoff at. This handsome speaker system is equipped with 15W amplifiers, a 0.75” silk dome tweeter, and a 2.75” Kevlar woofer ensuring quality sound quality for the price, in addition to seamless wireless connectivity utilizing Bluetooth with aptX HD tech. It’s available in walnut, black, cherry wood, and white finishes.

Material: Wood, mesh
Connectivity: aptX-HD Bluetooth, USB and dual analog AUX inputs, headphone amp, subwoofer output
Size: 11.81 x 8.86 x 11.61 inches

Focal Chora 806

  • Made in France
  • Really nice trebles
  • Classic yet modern design
  • N/A

Best Bookshelf Speaker: Here we have another well-designed choice courtesy of Focal, a well-received name amongst audiophiles. The French-made Chora 806 is packed with a 6.5” mid-woofer and aluminum-magnesium 1” tweeter that provides a refined soundstage that Focal owners have grown accustomed to. These are housed in a gorgeous light wood-constructed frame to give it that old-school look you’ll never get tired of.

Material: Wood, mesh
Connectivity: Wired
Size: 59 x 39 x 53 cm

KLH Model Five 3-Way Acoustic Suspension Speaker

  • Mahogany wood
  • Very classic look
  • Old-school linen mesh on the front
  • N/A

Best Floor Speaker: KLH’s gorgeous Model Five speaker offers an incredibly balanced sound with a design that comes courtesy of its founder, Henry Kloss. Years later, of course, the classic look has managed to evolve, as it’s been applied to an incredibly powerful pair of modern-day speakers. The floor-standing speaker’s unique style makes the most of its 4” midrange driver, 10” high-excursion woofer, and 1” aluminum dome tweeter to provide an impeccable listening experience from top to bottom.

Material: Wood, mesh (linen)
Connectivity: Wired
Size: 12.01 x 13.74 x 25.98 inches

iFi Audio Aurora

  • Inspired by Japanese architecture
  • Made of bamboo
  • Comes pre-loaded with Spotify and Tidal
  • A bit more on the modern side

Best Japanese-Inspired Speaker: If you’re looking for premium sound and a unique look, then you’re in the right place. The iFi Aurora’s design draws inspiration from Japanese industrial architecture, particularly the Omotesandō and Harajuku districts. It is crafted from thin lines of bamboo and rounded out with an aluminum frame, giving it a mid-century industrial look. As far as sound is concerned, the speaker is boosted by the manufacturer’s proprietary PureEmotion and SoundSpace tech that fuses purity of tone with an immersive quality that simply surrounds you with whatever you’re listening to.

Material: Bamboo, aluminum
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, AirPlay
Size: 23.2 x 10.6 x 11″

Sonus Faber Omnia

  • Touch-sensitive wood panel
  • Great for streaming music
  • Italian design
  • Can distort at higher volumes

Best Versatile Speaker: This powerful all-in-one speaker looks as good as it sounds, and that says a whole lot. It houses an eye-popping variety of drivers, including a pair of 3-inch paper pulp-cone midrange drivers, which are neighbored by a pair of side-firing full-range drivers and a three-quarter-inch silk-dome tweeter to capture those crisp high frequencies. Standing 5” tall and measuring 25” wide, its top is finished off with a sleek touch-sensitive wooden panel that allows you to select your input and streaming service.

Material: Wood, aluminum
Connectivity: HDMI-ARC, and Bluetooth
Size: 5.12 x 25.59 x 11.02″

JBL L100 Classic

  • Retro foam grille
  • Comes in three distinct colors
  • JBL’s bestselling loudspeaker ever
  • No WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity

Best ‘70s-Style Speaker: When it comes to vintage, there are few speakers that can level up the literal original, and JBL’s iconic L100 is a model that has withstood the test of time and then some. The 1970s-era loudspeaker is highlighted by JBL’s inimitable classic style and a Quadrex foam grille that is available in black, orange, or blue. As far as sound is concerned, you get what you pay for, and you get a whole lot. The L100 boasts a 12” white cone woofer, 5” pulp cone midrange driver, and 1” titanium dome tweeter, resulting in an enveloping listen that will make you forget all other speakers.

Material: Wood, foam
Connectivity: Wired
Size: 25.06 x 15.34 x 14.625 inches

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Balance

Bang Olufsen Beosound Speaker
  • Offers WiFi, Bluetooth, and Wired connections
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Enhanced by B&O’s companion app
  • Pricey

Best Premium Speaker: As one of the more notable audio manufacturers from a sonic, design, and price perspective, Bang & Olufsen’s gorgeous catalog of high-end products has been ahead of the curve for nearly a full century. The German brand’s Beosound Balance serves as much as a testament to interior design as it does a speaker, and it’s not too shabby on the latter front, either. Standing 17” high and measuring just under 8” wide, our final option is packed with a pair of 200W amps for each woofer, 100W amps for each full-range driver, and a sole 50W amp for its tweeter, ensuring a dynamic soundstage that is virtually impossible to beat.

Material: Wood, textile, aluminum
Connectivity: Wired, WiFi, Bluetooth
Size: 7.9 x 7.9 x 11.4 inches

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