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You Can Wear Motorola’s New Flexible Smartphone Concept on Your Wrist

Motorla Adaptive AI Smartphone 00 Hero
Photos: Motorola

Smartphones have been a tech industry staple for nearly two decades now, and it’s clear there are a handful of dominant companies in the space, like Apple and Samsung. Because of this, smartphone designs have been a bit stagnant recently, and coupled with the newfound nostalgia for old-school equipment like turntables and film cameras, consumers have been looking back on old smartphone designs with newfound appreciation. The Motorola Razr is arguably one of the most iconic cell phones of all time, and to capitalize on this nostalgia, Motorola released a modern version of the phone that featured a foldable touchscreen. And at this year’s Lenovo Tech World, Motorola unveiled a foldable, AI-powered smartphone concept that you can wear on your wrist. 

Motorla Adaptive AI Smartphone 1
Photo: Motorola

This bendable smartphone features a 6.9” FHD+ pOLED display – and it’s not just a foldable phone, but a phone that has more creases so it can bend in more ways. This gives you the option to use the phone itself as a stand, and even the ability to wrap it around your wrist like an oversized smartwatch. The phone also uses Motorola’s latest AI tech to adjust the screen to whatever position it’s in. 

Motorla Adaptive AI Smartphone 2
Photo: Motorola

Following the reveal of this smartphone, Motorola also announced four new AI concepts rolling out in the future. MotoAI is an LLM (language learning model – like ChatGPT) assistant that’ll run locally on devices, 2.0 Mobile Doc Scan uses AI to scan documents and improve image quality, AI Text Summarization can transcribe all your calls and texts, and Privacy Content Obfuscation will use AI to keep your data protected.

Motorla Adaptive AI Smartphone 03
Photo: Motorola

While this bendable smartphone is certainly unique, don’t hold your breath waiting for an official release, as Motorola hasn’t dropped any details regarding one, and foldable phone designs are still working out some kinks.