Vans’ ‘Trek’ Is The Ideal Go-Anywhere Do-Anything Slip-On Adventure Shoe

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In much the same way that a building’s structural integrity begins with a solid foundation, the success of any outdoor excursion starts with your choice of footwear — especially those in which water comes into play. Because let’s face it: between battling blisters and sifting out sand, there’s a lot you have to consider if you want to keep your feet feeling happy.

But with the launch of its all-new Trek Slip-On, Vans is aiming to make your adventure shoe struggles a thing of the past. That’s because this shoe is made from a single piece of injected rubber with a perforated checkerboard upper — a combination that’s durable in construction, drainable by design, and incredibly breathable as a result. And it doesn’t hurt at all that it retains the brand’s signature styling. What’s more, the Trek Slip-On is completely collapsible, making it the perfect packable travel shoe when your luggage’s carry capacity is in limited supply. But the best part is that thanks to its large-scale tread pattern, you always have an abundance of grip at your disposal. Available in ‘Grape Leaf’ green, black, and Navy, you can buy the Vans Trek Slip-On now for $55.

Purchase: $55