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The 8 Best Mechanic Tool Sets

Unlike toasters, blenders, lawnmowers, and garage door openers, there’s a special bond that exists between a man and his set of wheels. A car or motorcycle is a literal ticket to freedom, independence, and geographical autonomy. Be good to your vehicle and take care of it, and in turn, your vehicle will be good to you. If you grew up wrenching in a garage, spinning a spanner is likely second nature, though to the uninitiated, knowing where to start when assembling a mechanics tool kit can be a more-than-daunting task.

For this reason, we’ve compiled this diverse list of the best mechanics tool sets currently on the market. This eight-item collection includes everything from basic roadside tool rolls, to full-on, professional-grade kits comprised of vehicle lifts and diagnostic equipment. Whether you’re just learning how to change your oil, or you’re a seasoned hand, one of these recommended kits is guaranteed to get your home garage firing on all cylinders.

Gator Grip Universal Socket

The Gator Grip has existed for several decades and is a simple, yet cleverly-designed items that adds loads of convenience to DIY and auto/moto maintenance jobs. This universal socket wrench boasts more than 50 internal pins that can grab a hold of a variety of heads and can play the part of any socket sized between 7/16” up to 1 1/4” (or 11mm to 32mm for metric). The Gator Grip is even capable of grabbing onto stripped, rusted, or damaged heads. With 450ft-lbs of power, this 1/2” drive socket saves you the time and hassle of repeatedly switching from socket to socket or wrench to wrench.

Purchase: $27

Stockton Roadside Tool Kit

This surprisingly inclusive roll-up tool kit is made to be stashed under a seat or in the glove compartment where it can be kept at the ready for basic roadside-type repairs. All the most commonly-utilized metric and standard sizes are included, along with an adjustable wrench, a Torc wrench set, multiple pliers, Allen keys, and even a tool, and a handful of zip-ties, rope, and duct tape for those time when you just need to Macgyver a few repairs to get home. The compact nature of the roll-up kit also makes it a perfect kit to keep on your bike or car at all times.

Purchase: $40

Stanley 207-Piece Mechanics Tool Set, Black

This pick from Stanley comes with more than 200 pieces, including a handful of select sockets, Allen keys, wrenches, bits, and drivers. Sold in a three-drawer carrying case, this set comes with a full lifetime warranty. All of the tools are adorned in a high-polish nickel chrome (black) finish that not only makes these Stanley pieces that much more hardwearing but also adds a slick aesthetic touch. While this kit is by no means a complete mechanics set, it is a great start to a collection or a stellar addition to an existing arsenal of tools.

Purchase: $90

SUNCOO 799 Pieces Mechanics Tool Set

This 799-piece set of tools from SUNCOO has the vast majority of basic hand tools needed for routine wrenching. This means a slew of wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, bits, Allen keys, plus a few other non-automotive essentials like a saw, level, hot-glue gun, scissors, tape measure, and hammer. The entire collection of tools comes in a rolling aluminum tool travel case that hugely simplifies the transportation and organization of the nearly 800-piece set. What these particular tools lack in name-branding, they more than make up for in sheer quantity of tools included. Additional peripherals like gloves and zip-ties also make this an overall great setup to have around the house.

Purchase: $95

AC Delco Digital Torque Wrench

No mechanic’s load out of tools is complete without a torque wrench. While the majority of hardware can simply be given a firm tightening, a variety of fixtures require a specific amount of torque, which is where a torque wrench comes into play. This affordable, digital torque wrench from AC Delco that packs a digital screen with a buzzer and LED flash warning feature, ensuring precision. With between 4 and 99 ft-lbs of torque, this ACDelco item is up for the majority of automotive and motorcycle maintenance needs.

Purchase: $118

Craftsman 450-Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set

The Craftsman 450-piece mechanics tool set for several years has become the go-to standard for shade-tree mechanics and backyard wrenches. 16 wrenches, a tiro fo rackets, six adapters and extension bars, over 190 sockets, more than 180 bits, 40 hex keys, and a magnetic handle, plus a three-drawer mobile carrying case. This kit truly does boast almost everything ever required for regular upkeep. The well-curated selection of tools sets it apart, as does its surprisingly high-quality, especially considering the price.

Purchase: $220

Black Widow Professional Motorcycle Shop Kit

Aside from hand tools, this is everything needed to wrench on and transport motorcycles. This includes a 1,500lb-capacity lift table — which is more than sufficient for even the biggest and heaviest of baggers — and a caster wheeled bike-mover. For the wheels, there’s a balancing stand and a bead breaker. Also included is a rolling shop stool, trick charger, LED work light. This collection of items enables riders to forgo taking their two-wheeler(s) to their local shop and instead provides everything required to spin a spanner on your own turf and time.

Purchase: $1,430

Mac Tools 189 Piece Master Set #5

This wildly robust toolset from Mac includes almost everything one would need to start your own auto shop, with a myriad of diagnostic equipment, as well as the majority of the hand tools needed to remedy whatever issues are diagnosed. This includes diagnostic tools for the braking, cooling, ignition, and fuel injection systems. This kit also includes transmission tools and a bevy of specialist items such as five different oil filter cup wrenches. There’s also an LED work light, too. Dozens of rethreading taps are also included in both metric and non-metric sizes, plus a selection of pliers wrenches, and drivers.

Purchase: $4,184

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