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12 Best Keychain Bottle Openers For EDC

One of the best things you can bring with you on any trip – short or long, big or small – is some cool refreshing beer. While it’s not by any stretch a necessity, it undeniably a great way to take a moment to wind down and appreciate your surroundings in good company. If you are going to go on an adventure with some bottle of beer – rather than, say, a growler – you’re going to need to remember to bring with you one very important thing: a bottle opener.

Or you could do yourself a favor and keep one on your keychain at all times. If you get the right one, it’ll be small enough that it won’t be a bother and then, when you need it most, you’ll always have a way to open those beers. If that sounds like a pretty killer prospect, then you’ll probably want to check out the following collection. After all, these are the best keychain bottle openers that money can buy.

Gerber Shard Keychain Tool

With the huge benefit of being TSA compliant, the Gerber Shard is built from stainless steel and coated with titanium nitride for added corrosion resistance. And although it certainly measures up as a killer bottle opener, it also has a few other hidden capabilities. In fact, it works as a screwdriver, pry bar, and wire stripper. And if you want to attach it to a hiking pack with paracord, the keychain hole is large enough for it.

Purchase: $4

Brass Keychain Bottle Opener

This extremely small bottle opener – which is made to order from naval brass – is a brilliantly CNC-machined keychain tool. It is so tiny that it can fit on everything but the most crowded key rings, but the bottle cap cutout is perfectly sized to grip and pry off the caps of any beer. If you prefer minuscule minimalist tools, but you still need something to crack open cold brews, this is the one for you.

Purchase: $9

Cobrabraid .308 Keychain Bottle Opener

In case you are wondering, yes, this bottle opener was made from the shell of an actual military-grade .308 round. It has simply been capped with a false bullet tip, machined with a bottle opener cutout – that fits any type of capped bottle – and attached to a keyring. At about 2 inches long and 1 inch in diameter, it’s a little on the larger side, but that’s the price you pay for having an actual bullet bottle opener. Worth it.

Purchase: $10

Recycled Skateboard Mini Bottle Opener

If this keychain tool looks a little bit odd to you, that’s probably because the folks at Scene3Designs had to be a little bit creative with their starting materials. As you might guess from its name, this bottle opener is actually made from recycled skateboard wood by hand here in the United States. And if you’re wondering what the big hole in the middle is for, it’s a clever finger slot so you can get the leverage you need to crack open your favorite beer.

Purchase: $15

CRKT Snailor Keychain Bottle Opener

Envisioned by Jesper Voxnaes, one of the greatest industrial/knife designers we’ve ever come across, this little keychain attachment is made from sandblasted 304 SS steel. And while you could thread your key ring through the eyelet on the ‘head,’ the larger finger hole at the base also servesas a spring-loaded gate so that you can attach it to a belt loop or your commuter bag.

Purchase: $15

Everyman Porter Key Knife

Disguised to look like just one of your keys, this dual-functioning keychain tool is a small and discreet way to carry around both a bottle opener and a small EDC blade on your keys at all time. It’s constructed from 3CR13 Stainless Steel, has a reinforced keyring, a sturdy dual layer bottle opener, and operates with a simple scissor motion to reveal the 1.2″ knife blade.

Purchase: $21

Pangea Designs Pickpocket Alpha

Apart from the obvious bottle-opening benefits, the Pickpocket Alpha from Pangea Designs has a couple of very cool extra features. For starters, it’s made of incredibly tough and lightweight titanium. That means it won’t weigh you down and – through normal use – will be practically indestructible and corrosion resistant. Secondly, it also doubles as a pocket key clip, so that you can keep your keychain floating in an easy-to-grab spot at the top of your pocket rather than in a clump at the bottom.

Purchase: $25

Handgrey Bauhaus MO.25

From Handgrey’s Bauhaus line – a series of industrial styled everyday carry tools which meld both form and function – this is one of the smallest keychain bottle openers we’ve ever seen. But don’t let its stature fool you; it’s incredibly effective and tough. That’s because it’s crafted from grade 5 squared titanium. And, just for reference, it’s only about the length of half a normal sized key. If you want a bottle opener keychain but you are limited on space, this is definitely the one for you.

Purchase: $25

TT-Capper Pocket Tool

Clever in its design, this keychain bottle opener does double duty as a pocket clip. That means, when you’re not popping the top on a fresh cerveza, you can keep your keys within grabbing distance at the top of your pocket instead of balled up somewhere within its depths. And since it is made of solid titanium, you can depend on it to stay strong and functional no matter what you throw at it. It also has the added bonus of functioning as a screwdriver or pry bar in a pinch.

Purchase: $28

Machine Era Key Square

Arguably the most uniquely designed keychain bottle opener on our list, the Key Square is a clean and well designed American made tool that can hold your full complement of keys and easily attach to or detach from your belt loop. Because of its clever format, it can do all that over and over again without the worry of breaking because it doesn’t have any moving parts. And, although it’s great when attached to a belt loop, it’s also small enough to comfortably fit in your pockets.

Purchase: $42

Scout Leather Co. Scout Hook

Beautifully crafted from solid brass, this keychain bottle opener was modeled after a traditional Japanese fishhook – hence the stylized design. Made in Scout Leather Company’s Mountain View, California workshop, this sturdy hook – which also functions as a pocket clip – features a stonewash finish, a small Scout Leather Company flag insignia engraving, and has a key ring hole at its base. No matter what your gear looks like, this is a stellar addition to your everyday carry.

Purchase: $60

Ti2 Designs TORQ Bottle Opener

Featuring beautifully designed lines and a sleek structure, this purpose-driven tool is constructed of solid grade 2 titanium and features your choice of a blasted and tumbled or hand-brushed finish. And while it doesn’t have any extra functions, it is still a wonderful addition to any EDC, especially for fans of beer.

Purchase: $85+

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