The 30 Best Winter Jackets & Coats For Men

Jan 14, 2019

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Over the past couple of years, there have been dramatic advances in the way that outerwear is made. Whether it’s been through the utilization of revolutionary fabrics, the innovation brought forth by specific brands, or the market’s unwavering commitment to heritage menswear, the outdoor elements are undoubtedly in their most valuable position ever.

That being said, it can be difficult to keep up-to-date on all the new gear that’s being released — especially when you’ve got a busy lifestyle. In order to bring you into the all-encompassing “know,” we’ve decided to throw together the quintessential list of the best winter jackets that have come across our desks in recent memory, as well as some that should have garnered some much-needed love. From topcoats to car coats, technical jackets to puffers, and everything in between, here’s our guide to the 30 best winter jackets and coats for men.

What To Look For

When looking for the perfect winter coat, jacket, or outerwear, it’s no longer efficient to judge a book by its cover. A slew of innovative and technical fabrics have been introduced to the industry — waterproofing, weatherproofing, insanely warm down-fill counts that are packed into exceedingly small garments, and all-around resistance-oriented offerings that are making shopping in the space harder than ever. Some of the best performing (and most prominent) developments in outerwear came with the inclusion of ripstop, Gore-Tex, DWR treatment, and a market-wide switch to polyester and nylon construction. That’s not to say that older architectures are antiquated, but with innovative new offerings being unveiled all the time, it’s smart to look for all the details we’ve listed in our choices below. Whip out a notebook and take some notes — we’re diving headfirst into an all-encompassing list of the best winter jackets, and below, we’ll talk about what makes each one special.

Photo: Hugo Boss Virgin Wool Topcoat

Top Coats

Top coats are a tried and true menswear must — utilized for generations by affluent individuals who want to look classy, but retain some sort of comfort and warmth. A top coat is defined by its thigh length drape and a classic silhouette that lends itself to more luxurious applications.

Although the difference between a topcoat and an overcoat can be difficult to determine, what separates them is actually one, very simple trait — the topcoat sports a lightweight construction when compared to its heavy-duty counterpart. Keep in mind that since a “topcoat” can be determined as any thigh-length garment that is worn over the top of other clothing, trench coats often fall into this realm — but as a piece of unique must-have menswear, they’ve earned the right to their own section a little further down the list.

River Island Military Coat

River Island’s double-breasted Military Coat features a notch collar design, belted waist, and a soft-touch fabric. A polyester and viscose main composition give the garment insanely warm properties, as well as a sleek silhouette that finds inspiration from its iconic military counterparts.

Purchase: $200

Hugo Boss Virgin Wool Topcoat

BOSS’ Virgin Wool Topcoat features a notch lapel with a comfortable virgin wool blend that’s sure to keep you warm during the winter months. The exceptional piece of mid-weight outerwear utilizes a partially lined interior with a back vent and welted pockets that help to cut down on bulk and weight.

Purchase: $645

Mission Workshop Styrman Merino Topcoat

The Styrman Merino Topcoat has a classic design with all the trappings of modern technical outerwear. A tailored outward appearance pairs Schoeller’s C-Change with durable YKK zippers and RiRi snaps — a perfect unison alongside the coat’s weather resistant, waterproof membrane.

Purchase: $845

Saint Laurent Double Breasted Fitted Coat

The Double Breasted Fitted Coat from Saint Laurent retains a classic design, utilizing iconic YSL lapels, front fastening, and a slim fitting virgin wool and cotton composition. If you’ve got the funds to invest in a timeless coat, look no further than Saint Laurent.

Purchase: $2,690

The Row Mickey Double Breasted Super 180s Wool Coat

Tailored using only the finest Super 180s wool, this double-breasted offering features front and broad peak lapels that can be folded up and utilized for extra coverage. A unique canvassed tailoring process helps to shape the coat to your body over time, producing one of the most comfortable fitting garments around.

Purchase: $4,250

Photo: Mr P. Virgin Wool And Camel Overcoat

Camel Coats

The camel coat is a traditional piece of menswear that was originally known as a polo coat, thanks to its staunch English heritage and typical use within polo layering. Although the original iteration of the coat was made entirely of camelhair, the newer offerings have transitioned toward a wool and camel hair blend for added durability and comfort.

The coat has been a staple in menswear for a surprising amount of time — often utilized throughout Europe during a period when the wools, silks, and leathers were hard to come by. Camel hair, however, was easily obtainable, and after years of integration into British outerwear, the jacket took off as a luxury favorite of Hollywood stars and royalty alike.

AllSaints Tulsen Single Button Overcoat

AllSaints Tulsen Overcoat features a single button design, notched lapel, and a fully lined viscose and cotton interior. The wool and polyamide exterior allows for unmatched warmth, while besom pockets and a vented interior help you regulate your body temperature if the weather is a little bit back and forth.

Purchase: $565

Mr P. Virgin Wool And Camel Overcoat

The Mr P. Virgin Wool Overcoat is a single-breasted, Italian made masterpiece that marries virgin wool and camel hair for the ultimate in exceptional drape and fit. The unstructured profile of the overcoat lends itself to classic overcoat design, while notched lapels and a buggy-liner allow for tasteful layering, no matter the circumstance.

Purchase: $895

Photo: Burberry Men’s Chelsea Heritage Trench Coat

Trench Coats

The trench coat has an iconic heritage in military application, providing officers with a heavyweight, durable waterproof garment that utilizes cotton gabardine. These jackets come in various lengths, styles, and cuts — but one thing’s for certain, they’ll always remain a staple of fashion-minded men everywhere.

It was originally utilized as far back as World War I, where it was worn by British and French soldiers on the front lines — and while it’s a bit more antiquated today, the jacket has spent the last century transitioning into a more fashionable role, often referenced for its wide lapels, storm flaps, and belted cross-section.

Topman Single Breasted Trench Coat

Topman’s Single-Breasted Trench Coat adopts a classic fit with iconic styling and a trademark belt fastener that gives the garment a classy look. The 57% cotton and 43% polyester blend means you’ll enjoy above-average comfort — pairing nicely with the coat’s tasteful silhouette.

Purchase: $140

Burberry Men’s Chelsea Heritage Trench Coat

The Men’s Chelsea Heritage Trench Coat from Burberry is a dramatically reimagined slim-fitting article of clothing that features rounded shoulders, a signature weatherproof gabardine with a vintage check lining and undercollar, and a 100% cotton outer that keeps its wearer toasty warm.

Purchase: $1,990

Photo: Taylor Stitch Mendocino Peacoat

Pea coats

Pea coats are another timeless choice, utilizing a tasteful waist length drape and a recognizable rowed button layout. This style is perfect for minimal layering in the winter, as well as casual wear, formal wear, and everything in between. It’s a classic style that’s been firmly rooted in the history of menswear and it’s safe to say that the pea coat isn’t going out of style anytime soon.

The coat has found its niche in trademark use by military Naval forces and traditional sailors, alike. And while the coat can be worn by almost every age group, it’s often been touted as a “younger man’s style choice” by reputable sources in the industry. Regardless of the Pea coat’s pedigree, it’s undeniable that it’s a fashion-forward look that comfortably pairs purpose and style.

Schott NYC Slim Fit Peacoat

Schott NYC’s slim fitting Peacoat features a smooth wool blend that approaches the traditional silhouette from a minimalist perspective. Subtle welt pockets, a broad collar, and anchor-embossed buttons round out the fully-lined offering.

Purchase: $405

Altea Double Breasted Cashmere Peacoat

Altea’s timeless double-breasted peacoat features notched lapels, slashed pockets, and a luxurious navy cashmere construction. The buttons are crafted from 100% buffalo horn, while the interior liner utilizes a polyester and viscose mixture for exceptional drape and warmth.

Purchase: $1,195

Photo: Bonobos Technical Car Coat

Car Coats

Car coats are a niche jacket, often confused with pea coats (for those who believe they should be a little shorter) and topcoats (for those who believe they should be a tad longer). The truth is, a typical car coat is the perfect middle-ground between the two, extending past the waist but not quite mid-thigh. This tasteful choice in menswear is a handsome style-boost to any getup, and you’ll set yourself apart from the crowd by wearing an article of clothing that’s rare to see.

The garment was originally conceptualized for use by drivers and passengers, and thanks to the coat’s mid-length design, it was a consumer favorite among a more youthful audience throughout the 1960s. These days, the car coat is a prominent piece of menswear in popular culture, finding superior use in Hollywood and heritage sport applications.

Michael Kors Tech Car Coat

The Michael Kors Tech Car Coat is an essential piece for transitioning between seasons, featuring a water-repellent polyester fabric and tortoiseshell button fastenings to achieve an iconic look that’s perfect for layering or casual wear.

Purchase: $156

Bonobos Technical Car Coat

The Bonobos Technical Car Coat is a 100% polyester garment with a tastefully hidden zip and snap front, waterproof fabric, and single welt hand pockets to keep your fingers toasty warm during the cold commute. The fully seam-sealed piece of outerwear sports a half lined mesh interior for lightweight construction and a comfortable fit.

Purchase: $298

Photo: Taylor Stitch Tomales Coat

Duffle Coats

Duffle coats are a bulky, heavyweight variant of the topcoat, often utilizing durable materials and their trademark buttons and closures. These coats are often hooded and feature unique toggling that sets them apart from their button-oriented brethren.

Early versions of the duffle were believed to have been produced in Belgium, where the garment was named in regards to the use of duffle cloth. It transitioned from use among traditional farmers and peasants into a mid-century military-oriented offering, and from there, it found a home among a more fashionable audience thanks to a unique, eye-catching design.

Gloverall Morris Duffle Coat

The Gloverall is an iconic piece of menswear that touts heritage and vintage pedigree, utilizing a knee-length silhouette and button-adjusted hood that hides its enviable tartan check interior. A rich blend of Italian wool and double-faced cloth pairs with buffalo horn, soft leather loop fastenings, and a fixed shoulder cape to take on the coldest climates.

Purchase: $384

Taylor Stitch Tomales Coat

Taylor Stitch’s Tomales Coat is based on a timeless design from the 1800s, and it stays true to the original garment with an extravagant 24-ounce Melton wool body and polyester lining, Thinsulate insulation, and Loden leather accents on the cuff and inside welt pocket. Wooden toggles and cuff adjusters round out the all-American outerwear, which gets extra points for being handmade in San Francisco by Golden Bear.

Purchase: $800

Photo: Outerknown Puffer

Insulated Jackets & Parkas

Insulated jackets are the bread and butter of menswear, utilized in everything from athletic wear to casual wear, and everything in between. They’re one of the most popular subsets of jackets and have proven to be some of the most comfortable (and warm) pieces of menswear thanks to their down insulation. A number of technical offerings, as well as casual and formal attire, utilize this prominent construction — but sometimes, it’s hard to tell where the line is drawn between an insulated jacket/parka and other offerings that utilize something similar.

Whether they’re used in professional outdoor endeavors, everyday casual outings, or as a simple piece of outerwear, the insulated jacket has made its mark on popular culture. Renowned outdoor companies such as The North Face, Columbia, Taylor Stitch, and even athletic brands like Nike and Adidas have all thrown their designs in the ring when it comes to the introduction of innovative down jackets.

Outerknown Puffer

Outerknown’s Puffer jacket is an eco-friendly, sustainable offering that features ripstop fabric made from recycled polyester, responsibly sourced 700-fill duck down, and PFOA-free water-repellence that was crafted to challenge the elements.

Purchase: $225

Foehn Robson Down Hoody

The Foehn Robson Down Hoody is a 100% Nylon fabric garment with a responsibly sourced 800-fill down, two-way mechanical stretch fabric, and a DWR treatment to shed moisture. Side entry zippers, bungee hems, and laser cut venting add to the utilitarian jacket, making it a worthy adversary during any outdoor excursion.

Purchase: $260

The North Face Gotham Hooded Down Jacket

The Gotham Hooded Down utilizes a 550-fill down, waterproof shell that stops the coldest weather in its tracks. A DryVent shell and faux-fur ruff ensure adequate regulation of body heat, while zippered hand and media pockets promote portable smart device use in the worlds harshest locales.

Purchase: $300

Marmot Fordham Down Jacket

The Marmot Fordham is a vintage-inspired jacket that’s both waterproof and breathable, allowing wearers to face the cold and wet winter with peace of mind. A water-repellant 700-fill down insulation and interior knit cuffs seal out the winter weather, while a removable hood gives the option to swap styles whenever the weather dies down.

Purchase: $325

Arc’teryx Therme Parka

The Arc’teryx Therme is a strategically built piece of polyester outerwear that utilizes down and synthetic insulation in the spots that matter most. A windproof, waterproof, and weatherproof Gore-Tex shell houses a two-way front zipper and snap, while the jacket’s 750-fill down insulation and taped seams ensure adequate warmth.

Purchase: $700

Canada Goose Macmillan Parka

The Macmillan features a water and wind resistant polyester cotton shell that can stand up in even the most trying of environments. It’s filled to the brim with insulating down, and even has fleece-lined pockets, ribbed cuffs, and a two-way adjustable hood to seal in body heat.

Purchase: $850

Moncler Crepel Parka

The Moncler Crepel Parka is an innovative matte surfaced 100% polyamide garment with updates to the brand’s down quilted technical cotton architecture. A nylon collar and back join forces with polished coil zippers, lightweight soft shell cuffs, and a medium length silhouette that’s as stylish as it is purposeful.

Purchase: $1,805

Todd Snyder Private White V.C Wool Parka

Made by hand by Private White V.C’s English tailors, the Todd Snyder collaboration wool parka is a handsome piece of outerwear that utilizes a seam-sealed shell that’s been bonded with Italian wool and a fully removable liner. Four-weather protection is ensured via the parka’s impeccable nylon construction, complete with horn buttons for a heritage feel.

Purchase: $1,300

Photo: Aether Nordic Jacket

Technical Jackets

Technical jackets are the most advanced of the bunch, utilizing a number of innovative and groundbreaking materials that catapult them into the spotlight as the most activity-oriented outerwear. From snowboarding to urban exploration, technical jackets cover all the bases for durable, rugged outerwear — all while retaining an aesthetically pleasing silhouette and comfortable fit.

Aside from their obvious differences, technical jackets are heavily inspired by their insulated, down-imbued cousins. Instead of the heavy or mid-weight materials often found in puffer jackets, companies have opted to introduce significantly lighter outer shells and interior components, ensuring that the utilitarian piece of outerwear serves you well on (and off) the mountain.

Helly Hansen Tromsoe Jacket

The Tromsoe Jacket is a true regulated temperature insulated technical jacket, complete with Helly Tech Protection Fabric, a windproof composition, and a waterproof DWR-treatment. It comes fully insulated with high loft synthetic insulation and strategically taped seams for the ultimate protection in any element.

Purchase: $275

Aether Nordic Jacket

Aether’s Nordic Jacket is the perfect exercise in technical application, utilizing an 800-fill power grey-goose down and wool hood, a waterproof, seam-sealed shell, and two-way stretch fabric. The outerwear is comprised of an 89% nylon, 11% polyurethane composition, with a three-way adjustable hood and weatherproof peripherals that are sure to provide the wearer with exceptional protection.

Purchase: $650

Arc’teryx Veilance Monitor Down Coat

The Arc’teryx Veilance Monitor Down Coat is a waterproof, Gore-Tex Pro endowed, thigh-length coat that provides the user with the ultimate protection against the elements. Ample storage via WaterTight closures and an adjustable insulated storm hood adorn the technical garment, which utilizes taped seams and a Down Composite Mapping that features an elaborate 850-fill down.

Purchase: $1,500

Photo: Filson Down Cruiser

Wax Jackets

Wax jackets are a classic piece of outerwear that men have utilized for generations, often featuring weatherproof waxed cotton that helps to battle the elements, while keeping the jacket protected from any outside interference. These jackets are often utilized in fashion-forward menswear, but lately, they’ve been transitioning more and more into the outerwear realm.

As with most notable pieces of outerwear, the wax jacket was popularized by British and Irish country life, where it was created to battle the harsh elements often associated with the areas. It was utilized as a true outdoorsman’s jacket, often used by hunters, shooters and fisherman. While the jacket retains its amazing resistance to anything the climate can muster, a long-known drawback of the garment is its lack of breathability — something which modern companies have tried to remedy through the use of new, innovative fabrics.

Barbour Corbridge Wax Jacket

The Barbour Corbridge Wax Jacket is a utility style offering with a hardy six-ounce Sylkoil waxed cotton and a 50-gram lightweight nylon wadding. The corduroy-lined funnel collar comes complete with a nylon hood, as well as adjustable toggles for the perfect fit. A two-inch polyamide quilt lining and intricate two-way zipper with storm-fly front keep the stylish piece practical and secure during any winter outing.

Purchase: $185

L.L.Bean Upcountry Waxed-Cotton Down Jacket

The L.L.Bean Upcountry Waxed-Cotton Down Jacket is an exceptionally rugged offering, utilizing waterproof and windproof construction to provide the ultimate in performance-oriented outerwear. A vintage patina exterior pairs nicely with the jacket’s DownTek 650-fill power down that repels 33% more moisture and dries 66% faster than any other down on the market. Comfortable corduroy lines the interior of the collar and pocket flaps, while rust-resistant brass hardware adorns the exterior of the handsome garment.

Purchase: $189

Filson Down Cruiser Jacket

The Filson Down Cruiser is filled to the brim with a 550-fill insulated goose down, providing the wearer with a soft, water-repellent fabric and abrasion resistance that can put some of the top technical fabric manufacturers to shame. Hidden rib-knit inner cuffs and the jacket’s full nylon liner allow for ease of use while layering — furthering the quality and durability that for which Filson has become known.

Purchase: $695

Belstaff Trail Jacket

Belstaff’s Trail Jacket was built to withstand the harshest wet and cold, utilizing six-ounce cotton that can stand up to any element. A detachable merino wool shearling collar and onion quilted liner accelerate the 100% cotton garment to the forefront of comfort and warmth, while an action back detail allows the wearer full range of motion for those mid-winter escapades.

Purchase: $950

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