The 5 Best Smart Ovens to Buy For Convenient Cooking

Photo: Breville Joule Oven

Are you tired of lighting on your traditional range oven to bake a small meal? If so, we can’t blame you, as we’ve grown just as weary of reheating day-old pizza in a dated microwave or being forced to toast a maximum of two slices of bread at a time. Sure, you may have other gadgets that make these things simple, but it’s much more convenient to have everything in one place. That would be the case in a perfect world, and while that’s not the world we live in, smart ovens are still around to make it possible.

Food of the Future

What makes an oven smart?

Aside from size, the primary difference between a standard range oven and one of these countertop appliances is its wide variety of cooking modes. Typically, these include an option designated for baking cookies, a traditional roasting mode, and the ever-so-popular air frying method. Possibly this leads to the second question: what is air frying? While the term may be deceiving, this process is practically a souped-up form of convection cooking. Its consistent, rapid-fire heat circulation simulates deep frying but diminishes the need to toss food into oil, resulting in a much healthier (and often safer) alternative.

While you might assume the term ‘smart’ implies that each of these high-end devices must connect to Wi-Fi, that is not the case. However, some options operate exceedingly well when coupling it with neighboring smartphone apps, allowing you to maximize your cooking experience to a point that it practically does the cooking for you. That said, we’ve narrowed down the best smart ovens available on the market, each of which is tailored toward buyers looking for specific options.

The Best smart ovens of 2022

Photo: Ninja

Ninja Foodi Smart XL Air Fryer

The Starter Option: Ninja’s Foodi is a great place to kick things off, as it’s large enough to fit anything from a 5-pound chicken to a pair of 12-inch pizzas — most importantly, it cooks them to perfection. The manufacturer’s Smart Cook System tech achieves the perfect doneness, shedding the need for meat thermometers and potential cross-contamination. Another noteworthy feature is its rapid-fire pre-heating time, as it’s ready to start cooking after 90 seconds go by.

Whether you’re a meal prepper or have a family to feed, the Foodi XL has everything it takes to cook up a week’s worth of food. Its interior measures over 14” wide, roughly 12.75” deep, and 11” high, allowing you to take advantage of its multiple racks to cook multiple things at once.


Ninja Foodi Smart XL Air Fryer

Suited for someone who cares about putting tons of food on the table and doing it fast.

  • Rapid-fire, 90-second preheat time
  • Easy clean-up
  • Less cooking modes compared to the other options
  • Gets pretty noisy

Photo: Breville

Breville Smart Oven air Fryer Pro

The Safest Bet: While Ninja’s option is a solid appliance, our philosophy is as follows: the more cooking modes, the merrier. And so, we tout Breville’s Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro as the best choice based on price and results. Similar to the Australian manufacturer’s other trusty products, there is little to no room for error here. As a result of its innovative Element iQ system, the oven’s air fry function creates the ideal heating environment that keeps the interior of your fries fluffy and the outside crispy – of course, this applies to far more than french fries.

From moist chicken wings to dehydrated vegetables, the stainless steel-coated gadget provides nothing short of the perfect result. In addition to the brand’s innovative Element tech, it boasts 1,800 watts of power and a dual-wall door that keeps the heat inside, making it an ideal option for keeping things cool during warmer months.


Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro

Does everything exceedingly well, just like anything else Breville makes.

  • Features 13 cooking modes
  • Spacious interior
  • High-quality materials
  • Cleaning can be a hassle

Photo: Breville


The Big Upgrade: The Joule Oven is the genius version of Breville’s standard (smart) air fryer, by all means. Powered by the same Element iQ system in the previous model, this premium appliance cooperates with the Joule Oven app to practically serve as a Food Network-certified piece of equipment. It boasts an expansive library of video recipes that make cooking remarkably easy. Whether learning to bake homemade croissants, slow cooking a turkey for holiday dinners, or proofing a loaf of bread overnight, the Joule app will assist you in all your cooking needs. Speaking of making things easy, the Joule Oven features Breville’s most innovative advancement yet: Autopilot.

This mode walks you through the recipe to ensure you get every step correctly before it does all the work on its own, as it automatically switches the modes mid-cooking to deliver an optimized result (based on the meal). Additionally, the Joule App allows you to keep track of cooking time, adjust cooking modes, and utilize Alexa and Google Home voice control for hands-free activation.


Breville Joule Oven

Fit for people who know how to cook and those that are eager to learn.

  • Offers everything the Smart Air Fryer Pro does, and then some
  • Seamless smartphone connectivity
  • Relatively new model could lead to troubleshooting issues

Photo: June

June oven Plus

The Sleekest Choice: When it comes to user-friendliness and smart-home readiness, the June Oven is practically the trendiest choice — yes, kitchen appliances can be trendy, especially when they look as good as this. Similar to the Breville Joule, June hopes to make cooking easier through a collection of over 500 guided video recipes suited for anything from a party of one to a family gathering. In addition, the highly-innovative option features 200 chef-developed cooking programs, as the device’s built-in camera can recognize over 100 types of food in less than 200 milliseconds.

Operationally, keep in mind that its 1,800 wattage level mirrors that of the previous Breville models, meaning a lot of what you’re paying for here is the touch screen interface, state-of-the-art food-sensing technology, and its streamlined, powder-coated design.


June Oven Plus

A great choice for design enthusiasts.

  • Looks great on any counter
  • Touch-screen control interface
  • Pricey
  • Doesn’t have an air-frying mode unless you select the Premium model

Photo: Brava

Brava OVEN

Cream of the Crop: Let’s address the elephant in the room — the Brava Oven is expensive. But, like in most instances, you get what you pay for, and this premium smart oven boasts all the necessary bells and whistles that might convince you to make the splurge. One of its most unique features is the ability to cook meals and side dishes using the same tray while undergoing two different forms of cooking.

For example, think of a traditional dinner like chicken and roasted potatoes. Considering the metal and glass Brava trays are measured in different zones, this recipe would imply that you place the chicken in Zone 1 while spreading the potatoes in Zone 2 and 3 (depending on how much you’re cooking). Ultimately, this innovative ability to cook two entirely separate things simultaneously deems Brava the ultimate all-in-one smart oven.


Brava Oven

The way to go if you’re tired of physically cooking.

  • All-in-one cooking machine
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Occasional troubleshooting issues
  • Leaves you nothing to do but prep recipes

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