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The Best Tech Organizers & Pouches For EDC

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Technology in various configurations has been increasingly creeping into both our personal and professional lives. In fact, we’d be hard-pressed to say that we know anyone that doesn’t depend on some measure of it daily, even if that’s solely in the form of a smartphone. And most of us rely on even more than that — like earbuds or headphones, portable batteries, cables, hard drives, and more — which can make hauling it around as a part of our everyday carry somewhat of a hassle.

That hassle, however, can be mitigated quite well simply by utilizing a tech organizer — a bag or pouch crafted specifically to carry and keep in order all the technology and applicable accessories a person might need in a given day. Typically, these haulers are made to function as standalone pouches — meaning you can carry them alone — or they’re sized to fit into a larger backpack or duffel bag — serving to keep all your tech from floating around in a clustered heap. If this handy bit of carry sounds like something that might interest you, you’ll find the perfect one for your needs on the following list of the best tech organizers & pouches for everyday carry.

The Best Tech Organizers & Pouches

Tech Toting 101

What To Consider When Buying An EDC Tech Organizer

The everyday carry tech organizer segment is admittedly a fairly straight-forward product space, however, it’s still important to be privy to the half-dozen key areas one should focus on when shopping — the most important of which we’ve broken down below. 

Video Guide: The Best Tech Pouches

If you’re looking to see these organizers in action, be sure to check out our video guide to the best tech pouches.

Size: Though they tend to be similar in size to regular everyday carry gear organizers, tech EDC organizers and pouches can slightly vary in dimensions from model to model. We recommend starting by first reviewing the devices, cases, and other tech peripherals and accessories that you plan on carrying on a daily basis, as this should help to give you a decent sense of what sized pouch or organizer you’ll need. The size of the organizer or pouch will also determine where it can be stored within a larger carry solution like a backpack or messenger bag. 

Materials: As the element that comprises the majority of the product, the type of material used to craft a tech organizer or pouch’s shell plays an enormous role in how the item will perform — and its overall quality. Just like with most carry solutions, most tech organizers are crafted from rugged poly or nylon blends, though there are also models made form proprietary constructions such as Dyneema or CORDURA

Hardware & Trim: While primary construction is of the utmost importance, it’s still very much worth looking into the type of hardware used on a tech pouch or organizer. This includes reviewing elements such as a pouch’s buckles or zippers. What’s more, the type of trim used will also play a decently important role in a tech organizer’s overall quality — as well its build quality and craftsmanship. 

Organizational Amenities: Tech pouches don’t just merely offer storage space for cables, flashcards, and devices, but also organization, with most models boasting a slew of pockets, slips, and other organizational amenities to hep keep on your tech essentials neatly in order — and easily and readily accessible. 

Protection: One area in which tech organizers can also significantly vary is in the level of protection that they afford their contents. This is typically achieved the use of impact-absorbing foam and pads, though there are also models with exterior bumper systems. Even organizers that are devoid of padding will afford some level of drop protection — at least compared to the item being dropped on the ground by itself. 

Weatherproofing: On top of being able to protect your tech essentials from bumps and drops, you’ll also want to consider if you’ll need protection from the elements — a particularly crucial amenity for those living in regions that receive ample snow and rain. This is typically accomplished through the use of water-resistant or waterproof shell constructions — some of which are further fortified via special exterior coatings or treatments — as well as via waterproof zipper tracks or closures. 

Selection & Testing Process

How & Why We Got Hands-On With These Particular Tech Organizers

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As an entity that prides itself on living and breathing all things EDC, HICONSUMPTION keeps close tabs on the tech and carry solution spaces, giving us a good idea of who the major players are in this segment. After a brief survey at the office in which we determined the typical tech items carried by your average worker, we set out making our selections based on the models that provided accommodation for all of our required tech essentials. Additionally, we also factored-in the shell material(s) used to craft each tech organizer and pouch, as well as secondary materials such as liners, hardware, and padding. Obviously, organizational amenities were also a key factor that was used to help hone in on our selections, as was weather resistance and impact protection. After making our selections, we then spent the following months putting each and every everyday carry tech organizer to the test in order to get a better sense of real-world performance as well as how well each model would presumably/seemingly stand the test of time. 

Cream Of The Crop

The Absolute Best EDC Tech Organizers & Pouches

Chrome Industries Tech Accessory Pouch

  • Attaches to backpack or messenger bag shoulder straps
  • Protected by lifetime warranty
  • Crafted around rugged 1,050D nylon shell
  • Fitted w/ 70D poly interior liner
  • Offers fantastic value
  • Limited size & organizational amenities
  • Offers very little weather resistance
  • Devoid of padding

Best Value Pick: If you’re after one of the most compact tech organizers on the market, you can’t go wrong with Chrome Industries’ Tech Accessory Pouch. Because it only measures a scant 5″ wide by 7.25″ high by 1.5″ deep, it couldn’t quite make it into our top five. However, because it comes from one of cycling’s preeminent baggage brands, we felt that it was deserving of an honorable mention. And besides, the Tech Pouch isn’t trying to be your primary point of carry. Rather, it’s intended to carry the bare necessities and nothing more.

Chrome Industries Tech Accessory Pouch 02

Sewn with a series of interior sleeves, stretchy loops, and an expandable mesh pocket, it features a tough 1,050 nylon shell and a 70d polyester liner. Accordingly, the Tech Pouch weighs in at less than 0.25lbs, making it an ideal ultralight option that can be affixed to backpacks thanks to a handy velcro attachment point.

Chrome Industries Tech Accessory Pouch 01

Shell Material: 1,050D Nylon
Volume: 0.5L
Padded: No

Thule Subterra PowerShuttle Plus

  • Is large enough to house over-eat headphones or small tablets
  • Features padded nylon shell
  • Equipped w/ exterior mesh pocket & grab handle
  • Cord pass-through allows devices to charge while inside pouch
  • Would benefit from more rugged shell material
  • Is unnecessarily large if/when not carrying headphones

Best Oversized Pick: Finishing off our top five is an option from a name that needs no introduction: Thule. An uncompromising catch-all carry solution, the Subterra Powershuttle Plus is positioned to haul pretty much any tech accessory you could ever need. Offering a generous four liters of storage, it comes with a spacious main compartment that can hold everything from cords and charging banks to a pair of full-size over-ear headphones.

Thule Subterra PowerShuttle Plus 02

And here’s the thing: because it features a handy cable pass-through, it’s super convenient to charge your devices while on the go. So, while it doesn’t offer quite as many dividers as some of our previous picks, it’s nevertheless an option with a few tricks of its own.

Thule Subterra PowerShuttle Plus 01

Shell Material: Nylon
Volume: 4.0L
Padded: Yes

Aer Cable Kit 2

  • Has weatherproof YKK AquaGuard zippers & Duraflex hardware
  • Stellar organizational features
  • Equipped w/ exterior slip pocket & grab handle
  • Interior features soft-woven liner
  • Is also offered in even more rugged X-Pac VX-42 shell version
  • While very robust & rugged, grab handle feels superfluous

Editor’s Pick: Aer has proven time and time again that, when it comes to modern carry solutions, they’re at the top of the heap in regards to craftsmanship, capability, and style. That carries over brilliantly to the aptly-named Cable Kit 2. As its name suggests, this stashable pouch — which works just as well on its own as a part of a larger EDC kit — has a wealth of organization accessible both inside and out for all your daily tech needs.

Aer Cable Kit 2 02

Along with mesh organizers and elastic bands, it also features an exterior built from Cordura ballistic nylon, a DWR-coated face for even more protection from abrasions and weather events, and it can hold up to 1.8 liters of whatever you want to stash inside it. For the price, this one is really difficult to beat.

Aer Cable Kit 2 01

Shell Material: 1,680D CORDURA & Carbonate PU-Coated 840D Nylon
Volume: 1.8L
Padded: Yes

Bellroy Tech Kit

  • Made from recycled woven fabric
  • Equipped w/ floating wall w/ elastic cable loops
  • Has magnetic slip pocket specifically for power banks
  • Utilizes full flat-opening layout/design
  • Also made in Carryology Essentials Edition w/ Baida nylon shell & YKK AquaGuard zippers
  • Would benefit from water-resistant zipper
  • Is devoid of padding

Best Eco-Friendly Pick: Bellroy has, since the brand’s inception, existed in that unique junction between elegant refinement and raw usefulness — and they’re always pushing the limits therein. So it should come as no surprise to discover that, when the time came for them to build a tech organizer, they’d absolutely nail it.

Bellroy Tech Kit 02

With its durable, structured exterior, it can keep everything you stash inside safe — and it will also stay orderly courtesy of the comprehensive internal organizational scheme. Especially for Apple fanatics, this is sure to be a big hit in the realm of EDC tech gear.

Bellroy Tech Kit 01

Shell Material: Recycled Water-Resistant Woven Fabric
Volume: 2.0L
Padded: No

Native Union Stow Organizer

  • Decorated w/ genuine leather trim & textile accents
  • Is water repellant
  • Features soft quilted interior liner
  • Equipped w/ zippered compartment w/ hidden storage space
  • Warranty limited to only 2 years
  • Devoid of padding

Best All-Weather Pick: For those that are design-minded, having a tech organizer that looks the part might be more important than it would be otherwise. Thankfully, with the Native Union Stow Organizer, you don’t have to sacrifice substance in order to get good looks.

Native Union Stow Organizer 02

Available in a trio of smart colorways, this organizer has storage space for your cables, batteries, hard drive, stylus, mouse, and other various tech accessories — meaning you don’t have to worry about anything floating around and getting banged-up inside. There’s even a hidden storage compartment for more sensitive items, like a SIM or SD card.

Native Union Stow Organizer 01

Shell Material: Canvas, Polyester, & Nylon
Volume: 1.2L
Padded: No

Peak Design Tech Pouch

  • Crafted around Bluesign-approved solution-dyed recycled 400D nylon canvas shell
  • Outfitted w/ #8 UltraZip w/ abrasion-resistant UHMPE thread
  • Equipped w/ hi-viz poly interior liner & high-density foam
  • Backed by lifetime warranty
  • Has Hypalon-reinforced stress points & logo badge
  • Shell material collects dust easily

Best Overall Pick: For those whose primary concern in a tech kit is sheer organizational options, there might be no better contender than the Peak Design Tech Pouch. Sincerely, the interior might actually have too many pouches and pockets — if that were, in fact, possible.

Peak Design Tech Pouch 02

The good news therein is that you’ll likely find that you’re carrying far too much before you actually run out of places to stash it. And that bodes very well for an increasingly tech-focused world — especially for those that travel often. In classic Peak Design fashion, this tech organizer is all but unmatched.

Peak Design Tech Pouch 01

Shell Material: Recycled Weatherproof 400D Nylon Canvas
Volume: 2.0L
Padded: Yes

Supplementary Selections

Worthwhile EDC Tech Organizer & Pouch Picks

Cargo Works EDC Tech Kit V2

Typically speaking, most organizers are limited by their internal formats and are only able to hold as much as their capacity allows. Well, that’s not the case with the Cargo Works EDC Tech Kit. You see, while this bag has plenty of internal organization within its 1050D nylon exterior (which is exceedingly durable and water-resistant), it also boasts an external MOLLE grid — which means you can expand it through the addition of modular pouches. That means you can keep your batteries, cables, smartphone, etc. on the inside and, on the outside, you can attach a multi-tool, a folding knife in a sheath, and whatever else you might need at a moment’s notice.

Shell Material: 1,050D Nylon
Volume: 4.0L
Padded: No

Incase Nylon Accessory Organizer

As elegant as it is simple, Incase — one of our favorite backpack and bag manufacturers — has crafted a spectacular budget-friendly tech hauler in their aptly-named Nylon Accessory Organizer. About the same size and shape as a dopp kit, this pouch has internal storage for everything from your Airpods Pro down to your preferred stylus and everything in-between. It’s also all protected by a flight nylon exterior — the same material used in pilot’s jackets — which also happens to be naturally water-resistant.

Shell Material: Nylon-Poly Blend
Volume: 1.8L
Padded: Yes

Topo Designs Tech Case

The business model of Topo Designs is fairly simple: to build gear that helps get people out and exploring the world. And it looks like that ethos transfers over beautifully to the brand’s Tech Case Premium. Made with a dual compartment design — of which both compartments have their own internal organizational scheme — you can easily separate your tech from the rest of your EDC and, by proxy, have a better grasp on what goes where. It also has a full clamshell opening for better overall access, a grab handle for simple and straightforward hauling, and so much more.

Shell Material: DWR-Treated 450D Coated Recycled Nylon
Volume: 3.5L
Padded: Yes

Hardgraft Phone Pack

If money is of little-to-no concern for you and styling is of the utmost importance, you may want to skip all the other options and jump straight to Hardgraft’s ultra-premium Phone Pack. As the name suggests, this carry bag was made specifically for your tech-focused EDC and its accessories therein. It’s also made from some spectacular materials, including locally-sourced Italian leather, it has a full two-way zip for security and easy access, and the cross-body strap is adjustable for the perfect fit every time. The price is certainly going to scare some folks off, but the overall quality and craftsmanship are certainly enough to make it a pretty spectacular value.

Shell Material: Italian Leather
Volume: 1.5L
Padded: No

The Best EDC Pocket Organizers & Pouches

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Photo: ALPAKA Gear Hub Pouch

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