The 15 Best Smart Appliances For Your Home in 2022

Photo: Bosch 800 Series Built-in Coffee Machine

Back in the 1960s, the idea of a smart home like the one seen on The Jetsons seemed like a far-off pipe dream. Having a home filled with robots that cleaned for you and ovens that could whip up your favorite recipes was pure science-fiction, but now those days are practically here. The best smart appliances of today aren’t quite as sophisticated as the ones seen on retro-futuristic cartoons, but they’ll still go a long way toward making you feel like you’re actually living in the 21st century while also making your life easier.

For our list of the best smart appliances, we’ve sought out the most stellar representatives from 15 separate household categories, giving you a thorough overall picture of what the smart appliance space looks like. From a smart pressure cooker all the way up to a seriously high-end coffee machine, no major appliance stone has been left unturned. And while these 15 smart appliances all differ in their specific purposes, they all possess a shared use of the latest tech, whether that’s WiFi connectivity, AI assistance, smart sensors, or some combination of all three. So take a look below at our guide to the 15 best smart appliances and start living like it’s the year 2021 already.

Instant Pot Smart WiFi

Even in its unconnected form, the uber-popular Instant Pot was already considered a must-have kitchen appliance by many. An 8-in-1 cooking device that functions as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, and steamer, among other things, Instant Pot is extremely versatile and supremely easy to use. But once you add the WiFi connectivity of this smart version, it almost becomes too good with the ability to cook, schedule, adjust, and monitor the progress of your meals on the go right from your smartphone.

Purchase: $150

Sharp SMC1449FS Microwave

Sharp really wanted their new smart microwave to do the one thing that microwaves should do well but at which they often fail: cook a perfect bowl of popcorn. To do so, the company teamed up with the folks at Orville Redenbacher to program this device to do just that with multiple popcorn settings tailored to different-sized bags. The popcorn functionality is definitely smart, but what really qualifies this nuker for the list is its Amazon Alexa integration. The microwave recognizes over 70 different voice commands — including multiple popcorn-related ones — giving you hands-free control over your microwave cookery.

Purchase: $170

Anova Precision Cooker

While the Instant Pot and microwave are great, neither of them are going to do you much good when you want to cook up a nice, juicy steak. To do that the same way your favorite restaurant does it, you’re going to need a sous vide cooker — an electronic device that cooks vacuum-sealed food in a water bath at a precise temperature for optimum results. With this connected one from Anova, you can set the temperature and timer of your device remotely from your phone, allowing you to cook the best steak you’ve ever had while chilling on the sofa watching Netflix.

Purchase: $199

Revolution Cooking 2-Slice High Speed Smart Toaster

Do you really need a smart toaster that costs $300? Just take one look at the beautiful touch screen on this bad boy and you’ll know in your heart that the answer is yes. This smart toaster is, unequivocally, the world’s greatest toaster. Using its sharp, image-based touchscreen, you select the item you’re toasting (bread, bagel, Pop-Tart, etc.), the cooking mode, and your preferred shade of toastiness. After that, the machine takes over, using its smart sensors to give you the perfect toast — and in record time, to boot.

Purchase: $300

Breville Smart Oven Air

Breville has an entire line of countertop “Smart Ovens,” but we prefer the Smart Oven Air, as it throws in a handy (and trendy) air fryer function — along with 12 other pre-set modes for making everything from pizza to roast turkey to beef jerky. It’s able to cook such a wide variety of foods thanks to its Element IQ and PID Temperature Control technologies that use sensors to smartly direct the oven’s six independent quartz heating elements precisely when and where they need to direct their heat.

Purchase: $400

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool HP04 purifying heater + fan

Pretty much every item that Dyson makes qualifies as “smart” in some way, shape, or form, but the brand’s air purifiers are especially bright as they use air multiplier technology to blow out powerful, purified air without the use of fans. It’s like magic. This model functions as a heater as well as a cooling fan and air purifier, and it’s also WiFi-connected, allowing you to control it in the Dyson Link app and with your voice via Siri or Alexa. You can also monitor air quality stats in the app, as the machine automatically detects, diagnoses, and reports airborne particles and gases in real-time.

Purchase: $550

Vitamix Ascent A3500 Blender

Good blenders can be frustratingly difficult to find, but with five distinct program settings and a commercial-grade 2.2 peak horsepower motor propelling its blades up to 240 mph, you won’t have to look beyond this beast. But, as you know, simply being a great blender wouldn’t warrant inclusion on this list. Thankfully, the A3500 also boasts WiFi connectivity, allowing the blender to automatically adjust its settings based on container size and the recipe you’ve selected in the Vitamix Perfect Blend app on your phone.

Purchase: $550

Frigidaire Gallery Inverter Quiet Temp Smart Room Air Conditioner

If you thought a remote-controlled air conditioner was the height of leisure, get ready to have your mind blown. This WiFi-connected in-window unit can be controlled with your smartphone or by using your voice through Alexa and Google Assistant, giving you more precise control over your room’s temperature. It’s also quieter than an electric toothbrush, uses inverter technology to cool consistently and efficiently, and offers optimum air circulation via an auto-swing louver.

Purchase: $579

iRobot Roomba i7+

The word Roomba is synonymous with robot vacuums, as iRobot’s line of autonomous floor cleaners pioneered the space. And the company is still continuing to innovate today with devices like the i7+. This trusty little robot vac uses vSLAM navigation to learn the layout of your home and build personal Smart Maps, allowing it to clean efficiently and effectively. It can even charge itself if its battery is running low while in the middle of vacuuming, pick up where it left off once charged, and then automatically empty itself when done. You can also customize your own maps — including designating “keep-out zones” — in the Roomba app and control the vacuum with Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls.

Purchase: $600

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerators

Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerators are way more than a place to store food — they’re literally envisioned as the center of your connected home. Thanks to its WiFi connection and massive, brilliant touchscreen, the Family Hub can control and communicate other smart devices in your home, stream TV from your favorite apps like Netflix, and even call an Uber. And since it’s a fridge, there are a ton of food-related features, too. You can shop for groceries directly from your fridge, look up recipes and form a grocery list with the fridge’s help, and view what you currently have in stock from your phone. The fridge even automatically scans and keeps track of everything you put in it, so you never have to.

Purchase: $1,889+

LG Single Unit Front Load LG WashTower with Center Control

Like fellow Korean electronics giant Samsung, LG makes some very high-end and high-tech home appliances. For their top-of-the-line washer/dryer combo, LG added AI that automatically detects fabric texture and load size to customize wash and dry modes. The washer can also communicate with the dryer to pre-set the ideal drying settings for whatever it happens washing, saving you from having to decipher those ridiculous care symbols on clothing labels. Finally, the entire unit is WiFi equipped for in-app control in case you’ve recently watched a Terminator movie and don’t trust the machines to make decisions on their own.

Purchase: $1,899+

Café Smart Induction Cooktop

All of Café’s appliances are designed to be beautiful, and this is no exception. Far more than a pretty face, though, this induction cooktop also utilizes a plethora of high-tech wizardry to turn you into a master chef. Its touch controls allow for more precision in cooking temperature, its automatic pan detection will shut off the heating surface when a pan is removed, and its Guided Cooking feature allows you to follow a video recipe in an app while the stove communicates with the optional smart pan to automatically adjust the time, temperature, and cooking pace in sync with the video.

Purchase: $2,298+

Miele G 7596 SCVi AutoDos Dishwasher

If your kitchen has Miele appliances, you’ve probably done pretty well for yourself. And that’s especially true with this smart dishwasher. You’re getting the same designer looks and bulletproof durability you’d expect from Miele, with the added bonus of WiFi connectivity that allows you to control the dishwasher from your phone when you’re away (because let’s face it, no one wants the dishwasher running while you’re home). This machine will even send you a notification when you need to order more detergent — which you can do directly from the Miele app — ensuring that you’ll never unexpectedly have to wash dishes in the sink again because your dishwasher ran out of soap.

Purchase: $2,499

GE Profile Smart Built-In Convection Single Wall Oven with In-Oven Camera

GE may have a reputation for being rather utilitarian and ubiquitous when it comes to home appliances, but their high-end Profile line can hang with the best of them. Take this built-in convection oven, for example. Its smart precision cooking modes eliminate the need for preheating, its 7” color touchscreen display makes oven programming a breeze, and its WiFi connection allows you to control it from the GE Appliances Kitchen app on your phone. And best of all, the oven has an interior camera that allows you to observe your meal on a live stream from the app without ever having to open the oven door and let out that precious heat. Gamechanger.

Purchase: $2,800+

Bosch 800 Series Built-in Coffee Machine

It should come as no surprise that the highest-priced item on this list isn’t a washer or an oven but a fancy coffee machine. After all, people do love their coffee. And they’ll really love it when it’s coming out of this sophisticated piece of machinery. The 800 Series from Bosch will make a cup of joe pretty much any way you want it, and it’ll do so precisely thanks to AromaPro technology that provides constant pressure and consistent temperature. To make your coffee, you can program the perfect cup from the intuitive touchscreen or from your phone via the Bosch app. And since the machine is fully automatic, it will clean, milk steam rinse, and descale itself all on its own while you enjoy your fresh brew.

Purchase: $3,300

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