Vans x Marvel Avengers Collection

Vans just dropped a new collection of shoes and apparel, and both comic book lovers and sneakerheads are clamoring to get their hands on them. This epic collaboration between Vans and Marvel comics has produced some incredible sneakers designs based on Marvel’s heroes, and the result is simply marvelous.

From Captain America to Iron Man, the Hulk and Thor, most major heroes from the Marvel Universe are represented in leather-stitched glory on a pair of low top Vans Authentic sneaks. Deadpool has his own pair of blood-red high tops, as does Black Panther, the star of one of 2018’s most successful films. A pair of low tops commemorates the many heroines of Marvel comic book history. Spider-man and Hulk each get their own pair of slip ons. But unlike the Incredible Hulk – or, the highly destructive Avengers in general, for that matter – copping a pair of these sneakers won’t smash your budget. At $65 for one of the standard designs and $95 to custom assemble your own super sneakers, the Vans x Marvel sneakers are the shoe-blockbuster of the summer.

Purchase: 65+

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