ESCAPE Luxury RV Cabin

Yes you read that right. While this looks like a beautiful one bedroom cottage, it’s actually a cleverly designed RV. Introducing ESCAPE.

Designed by architect Kelly Davis, the project was inspired by the iconic work of Frank Lloyd Wright – specifically the attention to detail. The 400 square foot home is quite small, but the space is laid out nicely, making the one bedroom cabin feel much larger than it actually is. Located in Canoe Bay, the tiny cabin is constructed from sustainably harvested timber and includes a ton of luxurious features ranging from granite countertops and stainless steel appliances to a built-in flatscreen TV and heated bathroom floors. There’s even a nice little screen porch to really take in those warm summer nights. ESCAPE ranges in price from about $90,000 to $125,000.

ESCAPE Luxury RV Cabin 2

ESCAPE Luxury RV Cabin 3

ESCAPE Luxury RV Cabin 4

ESCAPE Luxury RV Cabin 5

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