Nike’s ISPA Inflate Jacket Pumps Up To Increase Heat Retention On-Demand

Nike has always been one for the innovation of its historic models, resulting in the adoption of the company’s “ISPA” ethos — a state of mind that inspires designers to improvise and seek answers beyond those that are immediately recognizable. The latest product in the brand’s adventurous catalog, which arrives as an inflatable jacket that accounts for minor variance in temperature, is another adequate representation of its respectable mission.

The Nike ISPA Inflate Jacket defies what it means to bear the mark of contemporary style, opting instead to improvise upon the outfit’s steadfast silhouettes and secure an identity that’s far more progressive than its counterparts. Calling upon, and inspired by, the antecedent Nike Airvantage — a jacket that utilized various built-in channels for adaptive comfort — the ISPA Inflate has been conceived as an evolutionary successor to helm the company’s mission toward versatility. An internal blue bladder serves as the silhouette’s centerpiece, allowing wearers to manually inflate specific areas of the garment to create pockets of warmth, and increase comfortability. Information is limited, but you can head over to Nike’s website to learn more about the jacket’s global release on March 13th.

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