The 30 Best Minimalist Wallets For Men To Buy in 2021

Sep 28, 2021

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Regardless of what part of the world you hail from, currency is always something you’ll need to keep on hand in some form or another. It’s one of the most universal necessities. And, as a result, so are wallets — which probably explains why there are literally thousands of options available on the market at any given time. In the modern era, however, monetary systems have largely begun to shift away from physical currency and have started embracing digital versions — which started with the widespread usage of credit cards.

Nowadays, most people can get by with a wallet that holds just a few cards and some cash — perhaps even less. And so the methods we choose to carry our increasingly pared-down forms of currency have also begun to become more and more pared-down themselves. Practically gone are the days of thick, trifold wallets with their unnecessary bulk — and bifolds aren’t too far behind. Whether you’re no stranger to slimmed-down EDC or you’re looking to finally make the shift, you’ll find your next cash and card carrier on our list of the best minimalist wallets for men.

Gerber Barbill Wallet

Gerber’s Barbill Wallet is about as minimalist as it gets — unless you wanted to just use a cheap rubber band, that is — without actually sacrificing its ability to hold your cards and cash securely together. Its simple, skeletonized frame is built from solid stainless steel, and the cash strap is stretchy elastic suited to keeping as many as seven cards and bills in place. And while there’s about as little material here as possible, it still has an integrated bottle opener.

Card Capacity: 7
Material(s): Stainless Steel, Elastic

Purchase: $20

Flowfold RFID Blocking Minimalist Wallet

Made proudly in Maine and slapped with a lifetime guarantee, Flowfold’s Minimalist Wallet is aptly named, as it really only features a single, slim pocket into which you can stash your cards and cash. And that makes it ideal for those with an appreciation for bare-bones everyday carry — made better by the fact that it’s also extremely lightweight to the point that (empty) it can actually float atop water. Meanwhile, it can still hold up to 8 bills and cards, making it more than suitable for most people’s daily needs. Furthermore, some versions are made from recycled waterproof sail fabric, which is a nice sustainable bonus.

Card Capacity: 6-8
Material(s): X-Pac or Lite Skin Composite Fabric

Purchase: $20

Spine Wallet

If you could look up the definition of “ultra-minimalist wallet” in the dictionary, you might also see a photo of the Spine Wallet you see here. After all, this slim cash and card carrier is made up of just two parts: a metal plate (constructed from your choice of brass, copper, or titanium) and an elastic band to hold your cash and cards. Oh yeah, and that little cutout doubles as a thumb hole — to deploy your cards — and also a bottle opener — for cracking ope a cold beer or two. The brand even offers Damascus versions in titanium and copper, laser engraving (perfect for bachelor parties), and more.

Card Capacity: 6-10
Material(s): Brass, Copper, or Titanium

Purchase: $25+

Corkor Front Pocket Wallet

Crafted entirely from natural cork, the Corkor slim wallet you see here is completely vegan, sustainable, and might just be the lightest cash and card carrier around. It also benefits from two compartments — a front-accessible sleeve for your most-used card(s) and a center pocket for cash and other less-used cards (which also has a quick-access pull tab for easier deployment). It’s even available in five different, handsome colorways, so you can match it to the rest of your everyday carry gear without incident.

Card Capacity: 10
Material(s): Cork

Purchase: $26+

Armatus Vita Kydex EDC Wallet

For those with a taste for the military and tactical, the Armatus Vita might just be the slim wallet you’re looking for. As its name suggests, this minimalist cash and card carrier is constructed from mil-spec Kydex — making it ultralight, waterproof, and practically indestructible in day-to-day usage. Furthermore, it’s available in seven different colorways, fits eight cards and cash, has a secure snap-button closure, and was made right here in the USA. This wallet proves that minimalism and durability can actually go hand-in-hand.

Card Capacity: 8
Material(s): Kydex

Purchase: $28

Recycled Firefighter The Fire Hose Sergeant Wallet

Famous for building their minimalist wallets from genuine decommissioned fire hoses, Recycled Firefighter is a name that should come as no surprise to hear in the conversation about the best slim wallets around. And while they do actually offer bifolds and other pieces of gear, we’re partial to the Sergeant — which is sleek enough to fit in your front pocket and can still hold up to 8 cards (and cash in the included elastic strap). Furthermore, the brand was started by an actual firefighter and all these wallets are made in the USA.

Card Capacity: 4-8
Material(s): Recycled Fire Hose, Nylon

Purchase: $29

American Bench Craft Caliber Money Clip Wallet

Brilliantly meshing heritage-level styling and materials into a thoroughly modern slim wallet, American Bench Craft’s Caliber Money Clip Wallet is sure to be a hit with the traditionalists looking to make the leap into the world of minimalism. It’s available in two formats: black leather with silver hardware and oxblood leather with brass hardware. Either way, it’s made in the USA and can hold up to four cards and a wad of cash. Did we mention that it was made here in the USA? Because it was.

Card Capacity: 1-4
Material(s): Leather, Steel, Brass

Purchase: $30

Trayvax Armored Summit Wallet

Trayvax makes some of the most sought-after, military-inspired, tactical minimalist wallets around. So when we tell you that the Summit is perhaps the brand’s best-selling offering, you should understand how significant that is. Hell, even without the numbers to back it up, this wallet’s specs are impressive. They include a melonite-finished steel armor plate, a seven-card and five-bill capacity, a 65-year warranty, a USA-made construction, and built-in RFID protection. Hell, this thing is even TSA-compliant and made in the USA.

Card Capacity: 7
Material(s): Melonite-Finished Steel & Nylon

Purchase: $35

Andar The Turner Card Wallet

Taking a more traditional approach regarding its construction, but still quite minimalist and slim in its format, the Andar Turner Card Wallet looks as handsome as your granddad’s old bifold but is sleek and thin enough to stash in your front pants pocket. The full-grain premium leather construction is also complemented by a 10-card capacity, quick-access pull tab, RFID-blocking technology, and ID viewing window. If you like classic leather wallets but you don’t appreciate their bulk, this is a solid alternative that won’t make you compromise.

Card Capacity: 10
Material(s): Leather

Purchase: $35

WP Standard The Picker’s Wallet

Ignoring the guitar pick slot, the WP Standard Picker’s Wallet might still make this list, as it boasts a heritage-level leather construction, tough nylon threads to hold it together, a trio of card pockets and a larger cash slot, and an ID viewing window. Of course, if you are a guitar player, the pick slot is a massive added bonus that will ensure you’re always ready to play at a moment’s notice — and that you won’t mysteriously lose said pick in the depths of your wallet’s cash pocket or by accidentally dropping it when retrieving said wallet.

Card Capacity: 3+
Material(s): Leather

Purchase: $38

TGT Wallet

Anyone who says there isn’t beauty in simplicity probably just hasn’t seen the slim wallets made by TGT. For the most part, these wallets are constructed the same: a lambskin leather pouch with an integrated elastic band. However, they are available in a wide variety of colors and there’s even a Deluxe version that has an additional front pocket for extra cards and/or cash. Better still, each wallet weighs less than an ounce — by a fairly wide margin — and is handmade in the USA. But one of the biggest value propositions therein is that this company offers its wallets in more than 15 different varieties (closer to 30 if you separate the standard and Deluxe options).

Card Capacity: 5-6
Material(s): Lambskin & Elastic

Purchase: $42+

MSTRMND Apex Wallet 3.0

That little “3.0” you see at the end of this wallet’s name should be very exciting to you, as it means MSTRMND has put this particular slim wallet through three different rounds of scrutiny to make it as good as the brand could manage. That should illustrate to you their care, dedication, and shows off that they listen to their customers. Based on the brand’s best-selling offering, this version boasts a seven-card capacity, built-in RFID-blocking tech, your choice of a vertical or horizontal orientation, and an ultra-sturdy lightweight anodized aluminum construction.

Card Capacity: 7
Material(s): Billet Aluminum

Purchase: $45

Tanner Goods Minimal Card Holder

Simple, beautiful elegance is what you’ll find in the Tanner Goods Minimal Card Holder. And you can have all of it, along with a heritage-level leather construction, without any unnecessary bulk. In fact, this minimalist wallet is actually the brand’s slimmest ever. It has a single credit card slot, a central pocket for more cards and cash, and the whole thing was made in the USA. It’ll serve you well for generations if you care for it properly, but you won’t have to worry about passing down any back problems to your kids and grandkids, as you might with a more traditional back-pocket bifold.

Card Capacity: 1+
Material(s): Leather

Purchase: $45

Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet

If you’re absolutely dedicated to the idea of getting your hands on a bifold, but you’d like it to be as slim and front pocket-friendly as possible, there’s still an option for you in the Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet. What distinguishes this wallet from more traditional bifolds is two specific things: the design was crafted specifically around the typical shape of pants’ front pockets and it was made as slim as the brand could manage with the materials they had chosen to utilize. Furthermore, if you appreciate semi-exotic materials, these wallets can also be made from either moose or bison leather, which adds to its overall story and value.

Card Capacity: 3-6
Material(s): Leather

Purchase: $45+

Ezra Arthur No. 1 Front Wallet

Ezra Arthur is well-known for their dedication to creating heritage carry goods with as little bulk and waste as possible, which pares perfectly into the brand’s most minimalist cash and card carrier, the No. 1 Front Wallet. Crafted from a single piece of top-grain leather and bound only with stitching (meaning there’s no glue or rubber), this USA-handcrafted slim wallet boasts just a single pocket roomy enough for a few cards and some cash. And that’s all there is to it. For extreme minimalism in a classic package, this wallet is top-notch.

Card Capacity: 8
Material(s): Leather

Purchase: $50

Hitch and Timber Flat Jack

As you may be increasingly aware, there are actually quite a few slim wallets on the market made from heritage materials and done up in classic colorways and styles. So finding ways to stand out is actually a bit difficult to do, even if the wallet in question is fantastic. Lucky for the Hitch and Timber Flat Jack, it’s both fantastic and stands out. You see, along with its minimalist format, USA-made construction, and top-grain leather material, it also has a simple-yet-extremely-handy brass fastener that doubles as a lanyard attachment point — meaning you can tie some paracord to it for easier in-pocket retrieval, additional styling, and even as an emergency contingency tool.

Card Capacity: 8
Material(s): leather

Purchase: $53

Bellroy Card Sleeve

Anyone who is a fan of everyday carry should pretty much always have the name Bellroy at the tip of their tongue, as they make some of the absolute best gear ever made. Take, for instance, the Card Sleeve you see here. It’s masterfully crafted from environmentally-certified premium leather, has two easy-access card slots, features a large central slot with a handy pull tab for easy access, and it can hold as many as eight cards (and can be stretched to fit even more, depending on the card type). If you want a master class on what EDC minimalism should be, you’re looking at it.

Card Capacity: 2-8
Material(s): Leather

Purchase: $55

Red Wing Card Holder

Known around the world for their exceptional leather boots (and other footwear), Red Wing actually makes a fairly wide variety of other leather goods — including some everyday carry wallets and the like. As it turns out, they also happen to build one of the best slim wallets you can buy in their aptly-named Red Wing Card Holder. As simple as it is handsome, this minimalist wallet has a quartet of card slots, a central pocket for cash (or more cards), and it was made right here in the USA.

Card Capacity: 4+
Material(s): Leather

Purchase: $60

Pioneer Carry Molecule Cardholder Wallet

It took a decade for the folks at Pioneer Carry to develop their 10XD Ripstop fabric, but it was worth every moment, as this synthetic material feels like cloth to the touch (not unlike nylon) but actually has a tensile strength that’s a whopping ten times stronger than that of steel (yes, you read that right). And that is a part of what makes the Molecule Cardholder Wallet so exceptional. Of course, it helps that it’s ultralight, water-repellent, and was designed to conform to your personal carrying style over time. This is the kind of minimalist wallet you buy once — and then you never need to buy another wallet again.

Card Capacity: 4-6
Material(s): 10XD Ripstop

Purchase: $65

Bellroy Micro Sleeve

As mentioned, Bellroy makes some of the best EDC gear around — bar none. As such, they’ve also earned themselves two spots on our list, the second belonging to the Micro Sleeve you see here. This version — which is so lightweight and slim you might actually forget it’s in your pocket — can hold 2-4 quick-access cards, has a center pocket for more cards and/or bills, and it can fit (even fully-loaded) in just about any pocket no matter how crowded.

Card Capacity: 2-4
Material(s): Leather

Purchase: $65

Ekster Parliament Wallet

One of the most common issues amongst slim and minimalist wallets is that, once you’ve stuffed your cards and cash inside of them, it can be kind of a pain to try and retrieve them again. Well, the folks at Ekster have solved that problem by putting an ultra-handy ejection mechanism inside their Parliament wallets. Available with a built-in tracker (for an upcharge), this cash and card carrier can hold as many as 9 (or more) cards, is built from genuine high-quality sustainably-sourced leather, and has built-in RFID protection. That’s a lot of features in such a small, slim package.

Card Capacity: 9+
Material(s): Leather

Purchase: $71+

Tanner Goods Journeyman Cardholder Wallet

If you were to take a traditional bifold and pare it down to just a single, front pocket-friendly panel, it might look pretty much exactly like the Tanner Goods Journeyman Cardholder Wallet. This slim cash and card carrier is available in six exceedingly handsome colors, constructed from high-quality tooling leather, has four card slots and a roomy central pocket, and it can fit in your front pocket even when fully loaded with cash and cards.

Card Capacity: 4+
Material(s): Leather

Purchase: $75

The Ridge Wallet

It might be presumptuous to suggest that The Ridge Wallet is the one offering on our list that needs no introduction, but it’s also not that far off. After all, this is the slim wallet that pretty much revolutionized the minimalist cash and card carrier movement. And, as it turns out, they’re still amongst the best available on the market. There are a lot of possible reasons for this, including the unmistakable styling, 12-card capacity, dual format choices (money clip or cash strap), multiple material options (aluminum, titanium, etc.), integrated RFID blocking, and more. Whatever the case, The Ridge isn’t going to be ceding its throne anytime soon — and that’s a very good thing for those of us in the everyday carry community.

Card Capacity: 12
Material(s): Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, or Titanium

Purchase: $85+

Dango T01 Tactical Multi-Tool Wallet

Dango is another name associated with hard-earned EDC excellence, much like Ridge. And while it’s quite difficult to pick out just which Dango wallet is the best of them, we’re confident in choosing the T01 Tactical Multi-Tool Wallet for a number of reasons. For starters, it looks tough-as-nails and has the construction to back it up — including a leather exterior, aluminum frame, and mil-spec bolts holding the whole thing together. But the real star of the show is definitely the removable single-piece multi-tool — which features 14+ built-in tools. Better still, with or without the multi-tool, users can fit up to 12 cards and cash, and, without the multi-tool, this impressive wallet is entirely TSA-compliant.

Card Capacity: 12
Material(s): Leather & Aluminum

Purchase: $89

Shinola Utility Card Case

When it comes to minimalist and slim wallets, simplicity is key. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style in order to achieve it, as evidenced by the Shinola Utility Card Case you see here. This magnificent cash and card carrier is constructed from cleverly-folded leather — much like a piece of functional origami — to create dual cash and card slots to help you stay organized without sacrificing security. Furthermore, the rich Italian leather used to make it was chosen specifically for its ability to become patinated over time — meaning each example will age beautifully in conjunction with its unique usage.

Card Capacity: 3+
Material(s): Leather

Purchase: $95

Common Projects Cardholder

If there’s any brand on here most well known for their minimalist aesthetic, it’s almost definitely Common Projects. Known best for their exceptional sneakers, they’ve also made their foray into the world of EDC gear with this minimalist wallet. It has a quartet of external card slots, a central pocket for bills and/or more cards, and it’s embossed — just like their shoes — with a simple, minimalist logo. We weren’t sure it was possible to incorporate both minimalism and eye-catching flash into a single, simple, slim wallet, but Common Projects have proven that it can be done.

Card Capacity: 4+
Material(s): Leather

Purchase: $115

Hardgraft Push Card Case

Hardgraft’s elegant design language and dedication to simple, high-quality materials have made their Push Card Case the perfect addition to our list of the best minimalist wallets. Made to hold five cards and some bills, it has a front quick-access pouch for your most-used cards and/or cash alongside a secondary central pocket, which pairs with the dual push slots at the bottom for easier access to whatever’s inside. Of all the minimalist wallets on our list, this is the one that proves there is still room for innovation, even when including a few of the base requirements for a “standard” wallet.

Card Capacity: 5
Material(s): Leather

Purchase: $130

Killspencer Cardholder 2.0

The second iteration of Killspencer’s Cardholder, the 2.0 version improves upon the original in a number of ways. This go-around, it has three storage slots — one on each side for cards and a third central slot for bills and/or more cards — and it was made in the USA from beautiful, premium, full-grain leather that’s been made specifically to show off its natural beauty — which will only get better the more you use it (AKA it will acquire a patina unique to your usage). It’s simple and straightforward, but that’s exactly what we like about it.

Card Capacity: 2+
Material(s): Leather

Purchase: $135

Arc’teryx Veilance Casing Card Wallet

An off-shoot of lauded Canadian outdoor brand Arc’teryx, Veilance has delivered one of the most impressive minimalist leather wallets ever made. And yes, it is actually made from real, premium leather, despite the fact that this ultra-slim bifold is practically as light and thin as a couple of pieces of paper. This seemingly-impossible feat was managed via a proprietary lamination process, which also means this wallet has no stitching of which to speak. Yet it can still hold up to eight cards inside of it. Yes, this is an expensive offering — but you’ll see the value the first time you use it, and that will continue each and every time you reach for it.

Card Capacity: 8
Material(s): Leather Laminate

Purchase: $175

Gray VANDIUM Minimalist Wallet

The top-of-the-line, no-holds-barred offering to close out our list, Gray’s series of VANDIUM minimalist wallets look like they were brought back in time from the future — which is a part of their charm, much like the Tesla Cybertruck they look similar to. Of course, looks aren’t everything and these wallets have a lot more to offer. For starters, they’re constructed from aluminum or titanium (for an upcharge) in your choice of nine different colorways in total. Furthermore, they have an impressive 15-card capacity and they’re fitted with internal carbon fiber plates to keep your cards and cash safe and secure (including protection against RFID signals). Lastly, they match perfectly with the rest of Gray’s catalog — including things like an Apple Watch case, cryptocurrency wallets, smartphone cases, and more.

Card Capacity: 15
Material(s): Aluminum or Titanium

Purchase: $349+

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