The 18 Best Money Clips For Everyday Carry

Photo: Shinola

Of all the possible everyday carry gear categories, the most ubiquitous and most necessary is without a doubt the wallet. After all, money makes the world go ’round — so the saying goes. Everyone, from the city-dwelling tech enthusiast to the isolationist woodsman, needs something in which to carry their cash and cards.

That being said, traditional wallets aren’t necessarily the best for everyone or every occasion. Even the slimmest minimalist options can be a bit unwieldy at times — like formal occasions during which you might be wearing a suit and, as a result, trying to avoid unsightly pocket bulges. Whether that’s the case or you’re just looking to minimize your carry as much as possible, we’ve got a solution on the following list of the 18 best money clips for men.

Izola Money Clip

Simple and elegant, Izola’s collection of money clips are all built from beautiful brass and will age gorgeously over time and usage. And while there are four options with clever engraved statements on them — like “Practice Conservation” — there’s also a fifth option for custom engraving if you’d prefer that option or are in need of a solid groomsmen gift.

Purchase: $22

Gerber GDC Money Clip

Just because you’re swapping your wallet for a money clip, that doesn’t mean you have to also sacrifice your ability to carry a blade, especially if you opt for Gerber’s G-10 and titanium-coated steel GDC. That’s because, along with functioning like a standard money clip, this piece of EDC gear also houses a hideaway 1.75″ fixed blade. It’s definitely on the more tactical side of the spectrum, but that’s going to be a big bonus for some.

Purchase: $29

Victorinox Swiss Army Money Clip

Victorinox’s suite of Swiss Army Knives is as comprehensive as it is iconic and classic. And if you’re the type to never go anywhere without your SAK, you’re in luck — the brand actually makes one that’s designed to work as a money clip. Yet it still boasts the same timeless appearance and a trio of handy tool inserts — including a blade, spring-loaded scissors, and a file.

Purchase: $29+

Dango Pocket Clip

Dango’s Pocket Clip is actually a bit of a double threat in more ways than one. For starters, it can function solo and holds up to 12 bills but can also be integrated into any of the brand’s M-Series wallets. But it also has some other built-in features, including a bottle opener, a keychain attachment point, and compatibility with Dango’s MT04 Multi-tool. It’s also made in the USA from CNC-machined aluminum and stainless steel.

Purchase: $30

Maxx & Unicorn Money Clip

Not everyone wants to pack a bunch of half-baked features into their EDC money clip. Rather, some folks prefer a single purpose-driven device that does its one job exceedingly well. For those people, we’d like to present the Maxx & Unicorn Money Clip. Made in the USA from your choice of raw or black oxide-finished brass, this hand-bent geometric clip boasts laser engraving, a tumbled finish, and can hold a wad of cash.

Purchase: $38

Ezra Arthur Cash Fold

We might be pushing the definition of “money clip” with this one, but hear us out — it definitely fits the bill (pun intended). Don’t let appearances fool you, though the Ezra Arthur Cash Fold looks like a more traditional wallet, it’s much smaller and slimmer — designed specifically to house a wad of bills and nothing else. It’s also built from Chromexcel Horween leather, can hold up to 30 bills, is made in the USA, and comes in a trio of handsome colors.

Purchase: $40

Craighill Square Money Clip

Crafted in Pennsylvania from squared type 260 brass, Craighill specifically built their Square Money Clip with the intention of it lasting through a lifetime of use. And while its sturdy construction and materials are definitely promising, it also happens to be a remarkably beautiful piece of everyday carry that can be added to just about any loadout — especially when you consider its trio of colorways.

Purchase: $48

Craighill Wave Money Clip

If you want something that’s got a bit more of a striking appearance and a uniqueness to it, Craighill also has you covered in that vein with their Wave Money Clip. Available in a duo of colors, this USA-made wallet alternative is crafted from squared 303 stainless steel, has a brushed finish, and was built to last.

Purchase: $48

Filson Deer Money Clip

You can always rely on Filson to create heritage-level gear imbued with the frontier spirit of the American West. After all, they did get their start supplying gear to intrepid explorers and gold rushers. And that doesn’t change when it comes to even their smallest accessories, like this Deer Money Clip. It’s handmade in the USA from solid brass, has a welded copper buck silhouette, and is limited-edition — meaning it won’t be available forever.

Purchase: $58

Paul Smith Silver-Tone And Enamel Money Clip

Paul Smith is known for his signature vibrant color-blocking. And while most of his stuff is a bit over the top, this money clip is a good deal more subdued. Of course, while most of the EDC device boasts a silver finish, the edge still features that colorful and familiar color pattern Smith is known for. For those who want to add some subtle styling to their everyday carry, this money clip is superb.

Purchase: $63

Jacob Bromwell Lexington Money Clip

For those who are unaware, Jacob Bromwell makes a wealth of exceptional everyday carry gear and home goods entirely by hand in the United States. And the Lexington Money Clip is a superb example of just how great their goods are. Crafted from solid copper, this money clip will age beautifully over time and even comes with a lifetime guarantee. However, it’s also limited edition, so you’d better act quickly if you want one for yourself.

Purchase: $65

Silver Piston Buffalo Nickel Money Clip

Let’s face it: most money clips are about the same size, serve the same function, and have the same capabilities. Rather, in choosing one, you’re picking between the available styles more than anything else. And this one from Silver Piston is one of the most unique and interesting in that regard, as it boasts a genuine carved buffalo nickel soldered to it. It’s also made in the USA and comes with a unique oxidized finish.

Purchase: $80

Shinola Classic Money Clip

If your everyday carry gear has been carefully and purposefully selected for its refinement and minimalism, then Shinola’s Classic Money Clip may be the cash-carrying accessory for you. Beautifully crafted from solid brushed sterling silver, this money clip is all style and no fuss. And yet it still boasts little touches of flourish, like an engraving of the Shinola lightning bolt icon.

Purchase: $175

Balenciaga Palladium-Plated Money Clip

While we do sometimes have an aversion to high fashion brands, there are times when we must recognize that those feelings are not warranted or useful. For instance, in our search for exceptional money clips, we stumbled upon this one from Balenciaga — which is crafted from palladium-plated brass and made in Italy — both exceptional points that we believe have earned this money clip a spot on our list. Even the logo print is subtle enough so as to not be bombastic or over-the-top.

Purchase: $195

Dunhill Engraved Silver-Tone Money Clip

As previously mentioned, most money clips have much of the same features and capabilities. The Dunhill Engraved Silver-Tone Money Clip you see here is not an exception, but it does boast a feature not found elsewhere on our list. That, of course, can be found in the form of a latch that securely closes the clip to ensure your money is safe and secure when you don’t need to access it. It’s also made from beautiful silver-finished brass, which is sturdy and will last through years of use.

Purchase: $215

Montblanc Money Clip

For those with a deep appreciation for unique materials, you may find yourself drawn to the Montblanc Money Clip you see here. That’s because, while the bulk of the device is crafted from solid stainless steel and is plenty tough to survive through repeated usage, it also boasts a woven carbon fiber inlay for a bit of pop — perfectly meshing modern sensibilities and trustworthy functionality.

Purchase: $310

Berluti Leather And Siver-Tone Money Clip

Craftsman and everyday carry enthusiasts alike seem to have agreed that, in order to craft effective money clips, more traditional materials, like leather, have to be done away with. Berluti, on the other hand, thinks you can have your cake and eat it too with their money clip you see here. It’s comprised of a silver-tone keeper paired with an “iced” brown leather made to age beautifully over time. If you prefer traditional, heritage style but you still want to pare down your carry to a money clip, this is the one for you.

Purchase: $340

Kingsman Deakin & Francis Rose Gold Money Clip

When the first spy movie in the series came out, Mr Porter paired with Kingsman to release a collection of exclusive goods inspired by the styling found in the flick. Then, when the second movie came out, they did it again. This absolutely gorgeous upscaled rose gold money clip is one of the fruits of those collaborations. Crafted in collaboration with English jewelers Deakin & Francis, this cash-carrying EDC device is built from genuine rose gold-plated sterling silver and has a subtle Kingsman logo for a subtle flourish. It’s not cheap, but that’s a part of its charm — exclusivity.

Purchase: $375

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