The 8 Best HDMI Cables

Televisions these days are so powerful that you can enjoy the theater experience right in your living room when you stream your favorite blockbuster movies. On top of watching movies from a media streamer or Blu-ray player, new high-definition TVs work with the latest game consoles to immerse you into different worlds. However, to keep things running smoothly, you’re going to need a quality HDMI cable.

If you head into an electronics store, HDMI cables are everywhere. They’re even in the checkout lines of grocery stores just in case you need to pick one up for a movie night. You may think that they’re all the same, but not all HDMI cables are created equal. By doing your research, you can sift through the different model numbers to find one that’s fit for your home entertainment system. But that’s going to take away some of your precious time, which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to gather the best HDMI cables available today. If you’re in the market to get a brand new OLED TV, game console, or media streamer, an HDMI cable is a must-have.

What To Look For

Finding The Right Specs

Although it may seem like you can grab an HDMI cable on sale and call it a day, it’s important to have criteria when you’re shopping for this trusty accessory. When you’re hunting down the right HDMI cable, you want to go for a versatile one. In choosing the appropriate HDMI cable, you have to consider several factors: speed, length of the cable, and installation rating.

When considering what HDMI cable to invest in, speed is at the forefront. This is the most important piece of criteria when choosing cable for your modern entertainment system. A high-speed cable with 18Gbps of bandwidth will typically be fast enough for most people. However, you should look to something more powerful, as the 8K televisions start rolling out. Then there’s the length of the cable, which needs to be long enough to satisfy your current set-up but should have some extra inches for changes in the future. However, you’ll want to steer clear of any HDMI cable longer than 25 feet, as performance is diluted at this length (unless they’re rated for outdoor use). Lastly, there’s the installation rating of the connector, which you’ll need to research depending on what the cable will be used for. For example, you’ll need an HDMI cable rated for in-wall installation, such as a CL2, for your safety.

Dynex 4K Ultra HD HDMI Cable

Supporting up to 4K Ultra HD and 2,250 megabyte-per-second transfer rate, this Dynex HDMI cable will provide you with the best picture possible. The 6-foot cable gives you enough room for your set up, giving you a lifelike display whether you’re playing the latest video game or popping in your favorite action movie. It also has a triple-layer shield to prevent interference during video and audio transfers for an uninterrupted viewing or playing experience.

Length: 6 feet
Supports: 4K Ultra HD

Purchase: $7

BlueRigger Braided 4K HDMI Cable

If your house has a furry dog or two, the BlueRigger Braided 4K HDMI Cable is just the connector you’re looking for. It has a nylon-braided construction for durability and a high-quality, corrosion-resistant build. It’s cable of an 18Gbps transfer speed and has a refresh rate of 600 MHz, allowing for clean pictures. The HDMI cable also has 24K gold-plated full metal jacket connectors, triple cable shielding, and 100% pure copper conductors.

Length: 6.6 feet
Supports: Ultra High Definition 4K

Purchase: $8

Tripp Lite P568-006 High Speed HDMI Cable

This high-quality double-shielded audio/video HDMI cable supports bandwidth up to 18Gbps for full 1080p resolution display. It’s High-Speed HDMI and HDCP compliant and supports Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4,000×2,000 video resolution. The Trip Lite HDMI cable also supports iPad2 Video Mirroring when you use it with an Apple Digital AV adapter, allowing you to play video games, surf the internet, watch movies, and give presentations. Not to mention, it has gold-plated connectors for ideal signal transfer.

Length: 6 feet
Supports: Ultra High Definition

Purchase: $8

Philips High-Speed HDMI Cable

With the Philips High-Speed HDMI cable, you can upgrade your gaming and HDTV experience instantly. This Full HD 1080p compatible cable will deliver an incredible picture with rich, vibrant colors, enhancing your home theater experience. It has built-in Ethernet and ARC (Audio Return Channel) support, allowing it to work perfectly with your internet devices. The 4-foot HDMI cable is also shielded to decrease electromagnetic interference, increasing data transfer speeds and ensuring lossless surround sound, so your movie immersion is never disrupted.

Length: 4 feet
Supports: Full HD 1080p

Purchase: $10

Monoprice DynamicView Ultra 8K HDMI Cable

Monoprice’s HDMI cable can support resolutions up to 8K at 60Hz and 48Gbps bandwidth, making it future-proof, especially with all the 8K televisions sprouting up in the horizon. The DynamicView HDMI cable will provide you with sharp, high-speed content at ideal brightness levels and contrast ranges optimized on a scene-by-scene basis for superior home cinema viewing. This HDMI cable will last you a long while, and it has an agreeable price tag.

Length: 3 feet
Supports: Ultra 4K and 8K

Purchase: $12

Belkin Ultra HD High Speed HDMI Cable

With this Belkin Ultra HD High-Speed HDMI Cable, you’ll benefit from the most immersive viewing experience on the market thanks to 4K HDR support, including Dolby Vision and HDR 10. The 2-meter cable is ideal for connecting to UHDTVs and is compatible with any HDMI device. And its two-layer shielding will minimize interference for a smooth viewing or playing experience.

Length: 6.6 feet
Supports: 4K HDR

Purchase: $35

Audioquest Carbon 4K/8K HDMI Cable

The Audioquest Carbon HDMI Cable eliminates string-interaction distortion and decreases jitter thanks to solid silver-plated conductors for an excellent performance. It also has Hard-Cell Foam Insulation to provide critical signal-pair geometry, reducing distortion greatly. To prevent captured Radio Frequency Interference, this HDMI cable has a carbon-based 3-layer Noise-Dissipation System with alternating layers of metal and carbon-loaded synthetics. And Audioquest’s HDMI cables are labeled to exceed 18Gbps, surpassing the requirement for a variety of HDMI data streams.

Length: 5 meters
Supports: Ultra High Definition 4K and 8K

Purchase: $200

Monoprice SlimRun AV HDR Outdoor HDMI Cable

The SlimRun AV HDR is an advanced active optical HDMI cable for your out-of-the-office needs. This outdoor-rated HDMI cable supports up to 18Gbps of total bandwidth at lengths up to 100 meters. It also supports HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 specifications with complete support of High Dynamic Range (HDR) video. And the cable is flexible, boasting a dynamic bending radius of only 10mm. The lightweight cable is UV-resistant for your outdoor entertainment needs, and it draws power from the sink device, so no external power adapters are needed.

Length: 100 meters
Supports: High Dynamic Range (HDR) Video

Purchase: $399

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