The 50 Best Father’s Day Gifts

Jun 9, 2017

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Of all the things a son or daughter can do for their dad – getting a good Father’s Day gift seems to be one of the more difficult. We know the task has genuinely stumped us before. So as Father’s Day approaches here, we’ve decided to share a little bit about how we think about getting gifts not only for our fathers – but for friends and family.

Rather than just trying to think specifically about what one person wants, it can help to consider about what they’re into. This sounds really simple – but more often than not people get stumped when it comes to gift ideas because they don’t make this simple distinction. It helps to do this siloing of interests because it allows you to think more broadly – and then try and find the best in that category. For our list of Father’s Day gift ideas, we broke it all down into what we see as the more common categories of interest. Your Pops love great whiskey? Check out our mixologist section. More of a workaholic? Our office section has some great picks for making the 9-5 grind that much more enjoyable. Whatever kind of dad your father is – we’re sure you’ll be able to find a great gift right here.

Fitness Tracker: Garmin vivosmart HR+ ($139)
Gym Bag: Aer Gym Duffel ($165)
Sunglasses: District Vision Nagata ($250)
Training Shorts: Ten Thousand Interval Short ($58)
Workout Equipment: OmniBall ($80)

The Athlete

Dad still kicking your butt when you try and play pretty much any casual game of pick-up soccer, football, or baseball? Well these gifts certainly won’t help you win, but they’ll make your Pops happy. Whether he’s looking to track his fitness during the day, or maybe looking for some new threads for heading to the gym in – these picks will more than suffice. Our personal favorite here are the District Vision Nagata sunglasses. Ideal for the summertime runner.

Nerf Blaster: Nerf Rival Apollo ($90)
Fireworks Kit: FireFly ($200)
Drone: DJI Spark ($500)
RC Car: Sphero Ultimate Lightning Mcqueen ($300)
Playing Cards: Private Reserve ($10+)

The Big Kid

So just because your father is older than you doesn’t mean he won’t enjoy gifts that trend more towards the goofy or juvenile end of the spectrum. In his defense, there really are a lot of super fun toys out there now. For example, The phone app-controlled new Lightning McQueen RC car offers up a lot of casual backyard and living-room fun. Pops not really go in for RC cars? Maybe something a little more classic like a deck of cards is a better fit.

Pizza Stone: NerdChef Steel Stone ($100)
Cooking Spices: Carnivore Club Rub Set ($22)
Sous Vide Cooker: Anova ($110)
Cooler: Otter Box Rugged Venture ($250+)
Subscription Service: BurgaBox ($60)

The Chef

If you were asked to conjure up the most cliche father’s day image possible, you’d probably get a respectable looking guy in his late 40s or early 50s, put him in front of a grill (spatula in one hand, craft beer in the other) and set the whole scene in some impeccable green backyard. Of course, the thing about cliches is that they’re rooted in truth. Dads just like to grill. So we grabbed up some fun pieces of cooking equipment for you to share with him.

Henley: Taylor Stitch Mercerized Henley ($125)
Jeans: Buck Mason Black Slim Jean ($175)
Shoes: Seavees Maslon Desert Boot Standard ($98)
Soap: Rudy’s 1-2-3 Bundle ($40)
Watch: Leather Timex Weekender Chrono ($128)

The Dapper Man

One of the nice things about buying men’s basics (tees, jeans, chinos) is that you can continue to wear them as you grow older without looking like a goof. For instance – we’re confident a man of almost any age can easily throw on this simple pair of black jeans, chinos, and henley from Taylor Stitch. Not really feeling the whole clothing thing? You can still hook your Pops up with great grooming gear from a place like Rudy’s.

Knife: James Brand County Knife ($150)
Backpack: Bramble Outdoor Daypack ($130)
Watch: Jack Mason A101 Aviator ($185)
Pen: Tactile Turn Copper Slider ($70)
Wallet: Ridge Titanium Wallet ($105)


What dad wouldn’t want a new addition to his everyday carry this Father’s Day? Our bet is that one of the most common and safe gifts you can get your dad for Father’s Day is a good wallet. And while that may feel like a predictable pick – it doesn’t have to be. There are a crazy amount of craftsman out there making truly all metal wallets from the team at Ridge. Pops already have a great wallet? A pocket knife, aviator watch, or solid pen can do the job just as well.

Wrench: Loggerhead Bionic Wrench ($23)
Multi-Tool: Cha-o-Ha EDC Card ($50)
Leatherman: Skeletool Multi-Tool ($60)
Boots: Danner Gritstone Boots ($220)
Wristband: Strong Hold Magnetic Band ($11)

The Handyman

If the first thing that your dad did when you all moved out was to start building his own woodworking shop in his garage – then this is the section you’ve been looking for. A pair of great work boots is always a good look – especially if your dad’s kicks are looking a little worse for wear. And then smaller items like a simple multi-tool card, a wrench, or a really handy magnetic wrist hold can all do the trick.

Cocktail Glass: Mazama Wares Marine Cocktail Glass ($35)
Lowball: Discommon Lowball 2 The Pinch ($280)
Shaker: Crate and Barrel Orb Copper Shaker ($25)
Book: Speakeasy: The Employee Only Guide To Cocktails ($15)
Whiskey: Bond and Lillard Bourbon ($50)

The Mixologist

If the easiest way to please your dad is with a really nice bottle of scotch or whiskey – then this may be the section for you. One of our favorite picks here is the Discommon Goods Lowball glass. This aluminum machined lowball brings a touch of high design your drink. Not as down to break the piggy-bank on that pick? Mazama Wares’ cocktail glass is striking in its own right – the thing practically taylor made built for enjoying summery cocktails.

Mug: Mazama Wares Large Mug ($42)
Desk Pad: Grovemade Wood Felt Desk Pad ($69)
Lamp: Schoolhouse Electric Supply Studio Desk Lamp ($250)
Valet Tray: Scout Leather mini Valet Tray ($35)
Speakers: Shinola Bookshelf Speakers ($1,500)

The Workaholic

The office is the domaine of many a dad, so why not set him up with the best desktop essentials you can get your hands on? Whether it be something as simple as a mug for sipping pour-over coffee while he hits the books, or a more lighthearted gift like Shinola’s bookshelf speakers – this type of gift can go a long way to making the 9-5 grind that much more enjoyable.

Cot: Therm-A-Rest UltraLite Cot ($220)
Knife: Opinel No. 8 Outdoor Survival Pocket Knife ($35)
Sleeping Bag: NEMO Riff 15 Sleeping Bag ($400)
Backpack: Heimplanet Motion Ellipse 25L ($160)
Tent: MSR Mutha Hubba 3 Person Tent ($470)

The Outdoorsman

The best thing about being from a family that loves to go camping all the time is that it can be really easy to get new gifts. Camping and backpacking is rough stuff, and it seems that every year something breaks. Maybe your dad is looking for something a little more comfortable to sleep on, or possibly a better backpack for his favorite day hikes. If picks like Heimplanet’s great tent or the updated classic Opinel outdoor knife don’t stand out to you – we hope our selections here will at least put you on the right track.

Smart Watch: Casio Protrek Smart Watch ($500)
Laptop: MacBook Pro ($1,300+)
Phone: The Light Phone ($150)
Earbuds: B&O Play ($150)
Camera: Olympus Tough TG-5 ($450)

The Technophile

Is your dad the type to tell you about the newest tech coming out of the valley? If so – don’t be afraid. You don’t have to be some industry insider in order to hook him up with some of the most essential gadgets out there. There are the obvious picks, of course, like the new Macbook Pro with lightbar, or a pair of Bang and Olufsen’s award winning H3 earbuds. You really can’t go wrong.

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