The 20 Best Meat Delivery Services To Use in 2022

Photo: KC Cattle Company

Traditionally, experiencing the finest gourmet steaks and beef cuts has required visiting a steakhouse, though over the years a growing number of outfits that supply some of the world’s finest restaurants have begun offering their gourmet meats via the mail. This, coupled with the immense rise of online commerce has resulted in a multitude of high-end protein purveyors, all of which deliver delectable cuts fresh to your front door.

But with so many online meat delivery options out there, distinguishing the true top-quality restaurant cuts from run-of-the-mill grocery-store steaks can feel like a tall order. So, to help you get your hands on today’s greatest mail-order chops and cuts, we’ve cooked up this definitive guide to the best meat delivery services. In addition to taking you through today’s 20 greatest meat merchants, we’ll also be exploring what exactly it is that makes for a great steak.

Flanks & Filet Mignons

What Separates Top-Quality Meat From The Rest

There are numerous factors that go into determining the quality of a steak. First is the animal itself, and which type of cut (part of the said animal) is used. How the animal was raised also makes a tremendous difference, as factors like the animal’s diet play an important role in overall taste. Some livestock earmarked to become premium steaks goes through special processes or treatments, like the pampered, beer-fed Kobe beef cows from Japan.

Once raised, slaughtered, and butchered, steaks can be processed and packaged, or given further treatment to enhance the meat, such as dry-aging — a technique in which steaks are hung in a humidity-controlled locker, allowing them to develop an exterior mold which is later cut off, giving the steaks a more tender texture and markedly richer flavor. This process is done by hand, and consequently, extremely difficult to perform on a large scale.

Allen Brothers

Founded in 1893, Allen Brothers is a Chicago-based company with a special focus on prime beef, though they also carry a wide selection of dry and wet-aged Wagyu beef, pork, lamb, veal, poultry, and a bevy of fish and seafood. Offering artisanal, hand-cut, steaks, Allen Brothers’ top-notch quality is thoroughly evidenced by the use of AB cuts at some of America’s premier steakhouses. As an added bonus, Allen Brothers also denotes where each of its American and Japanese cuts is sourced from.

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Blue Cedar Beef

A Blue Cedar Beef is a family-owned and operated ranch nestled in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Run by a husband and wife team, the small operation raises Black Angus beef cows that make for exceptionally marbled steaks, which are harvested at a USDA plant before being dry-aged for a full 21 days, and then cold-packed in vacuum-sealed bags, packed on top of dry ice and sent fresh to your door. What this company lacks in selection it more than makes up for in overall quality.

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Butcher Box

A subscription-style service for carnivorous aficionados, Butcher Box offers monthly shipments of grass-fed beef, organic poultry, and heritage breed pork — all ethically-sourced. A monthly protein supply, Butcher Box lets users pick from one of several curated boxes or create your own custom box — both of which contain between 8-11lbs of meat. Not only does this translate to enough for 20-28 meals worth, but with boxes starting at $129, that comes out to under $6 per meal for some of the finest cuts in the USA.

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Carnivore Club

Unlike most of the steak-focused entries on this list, Carnivore Club is a purveyor of gourmet meat snacks. Though the company also offers gift boxes, its real bread and butter are its subscription boxes that contain top-notch sausages, beef jerky, and all manner of thinly-sliced delicacies to line a charcuterie board. This outfit scours the globe for the finest artisan bites, resulting in a diverse variety of (4-6) new snacks each month.

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Chicago Steak Company

The Chicago Steak Company was founded way back in 1865, and despite 155 years having passed since the outfit’s inception, this Midwestern entry operates in very much the same way it did in its early days: delivering top quality, hand-cut meats produced using traditional, old-world techniques. And though they specialize in midwest-raised, hand-cut USDA prime beef, the company — which has America’s largest dry-aging room — carries a host of top-shelf pork, poultry, burgers, and American and Kobe beef.

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Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow is best described as the online equivalent of a local butcher shop, offering quality versions of poultry, pork, fish, and beef staples and essentials in a shopping-cart or subscription-style service model. Additionally, Crowd Cow has an impressive selection of ultra-premium Wagyu cuts, including some ridiculously-marbled filet mignons and ribeyes. The order minimum is also just $50, plus free shipping is offered for orders of at least $150.

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While D’Artagnan does carry numerous high-end steaks, what separates it from other meat delivery services is its vast selection of other gourmet proteins and eats. This includes a wide array of charcuterie board meats, an extensive list of duck, quail, pork, lamb, and game meats, as well as foie gras, caviar, mushrooms, truffles, and a handful of pantry staples — all of which are sent fresh via overnight delivery.

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Though it was founded in the early 1920s, DeBragga’s top-shelf meats were exclusively available to high-end restaurants until 2007 when they opened orders of their world-class cuts up to the general public. Shipping from its east coast facility for a flat rate, DeBragga sources its steaks — and a bevy of other pork, lamb, veal, and hunting game —from all over the world, providing an extremely wide selection of all-top-quality meat. DeBragga also carries a few steak-enhancing products like black lava sea salt and truffle butter.

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Fossil Farms

Fossil Farms is another unique company with an utterly massive selection of more than 200 proteins, including but not limited to alligator, kangaroo, emu, yak, antelope, wild boar, elk, venison, bison, ostrich, camel, pheasant, guinea hen, quail, squab, duck, goose, lamb, rabbit, and Berkshire pork. Also boasting a host of premium steaks and cuts, Fossil exclusively sources sustainably-raised and responsibly-harvested, steroid, hormone, and antibiotic-free animals from independently-owned ranches and farms. No matter what you order, expect a unique (and tasty) grilling experience.

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Holy Grail Steak Co.

The Holy Grail Steak Company is an aptly-named outfit that legitimately offers some of the very finest (and most expensive) steaks and cuts that money can buy. This translates to mouthwatering, world-class Kobe wagyu A5 (13-15oz) ribeyes and strips, and (8oz) filet mignons that cost a whopping $350 apiece. Unsurprisingly, the Holy Grail Steak Co. also has some of, if not the very best American cuts currently available, which includes what we’d argue is some of the best burger meat on earth: The Holy Grail Burger (0.5lb wagyu patties).

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KC Cattle Company

The KC Cattle Company is a veteran-owned brand that trades in some of the best beef from America and Japan, including a bevy of premium steaks and roasts. And, on top of carrying wagyu filet mignon, short ribs, top sirloin, Denver, skirt, flank, chuck eye, flat iron, ribeye, KC strip, hanger steaks, the K.C. Cattle Co. also sells ground beef, brisket, hot dogs, and summer sausage made from wagyu beef. The company also offers a selection of free recipes to use with its heavily-marbled offerings.

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The Kansas City Steak Company

Though the Kansas City Steak Company is another purveyor of high-end American beef, it sets itself apart from the competition in a number of ways. First is its website’s easy-to-navigate interface; second is its wide selection of combo offerings; third is its heavily-utilized, public user review system that allows you to see what other customers thought of their purchase (spoiler alter: almost everything they sell is highly-reviewed). This outfit also carries a wide array of BBQ-focused items, as well as seafood, and some supplementary sides to transform a la carte meats into bonafide meals.

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Lobel’s Of New York

For more than 160 years, Lobel’s has been supplying New York City’s upper-crust with ultra-premium steaks and beef cuts. Not only does this iconic, multi-generational, family-owned-and-operated butcher shop carry pork, lamb, veal, wagyu, and USDA prime beef, but it also dry-ages some of its meat for up to six weeks — twice as long as some of the country’s most elite steakhouses. It also wasn’t until the turn of the millennium that Lobel’s started offering its meats via mail-order — a service that now includes the shop’s Meat of the Month club.

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Moink Box

Run with a special focus on the humane, fair, and ethical treatment of both animals and farmers, Moink Box is a Missouri-based service that connects meat lovers with products sourced from one of four family-owned, independent farms in the Show-Me State. Trading in grass-fed and finished beef and lamb, wild-caught salmon, and pasture-raised poultry and pork, the company offers curated and customizable subscription boxes, all ranging in size and protein types. It’s basically the subscription box model combined with the farm-to-table model, only said table is in the comfort of your own home.

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Oberle Meats

Quite possibly the best-kept secret in all of the meat delivery service game, Oberle Meats got its start in the 1870s making a delicacy known as German bologna, now called “Oberle Sausage.” Currently operated by fifth and sixth-generation members of the Oberle family, this St. Genevieve-based outfit offers Krakow, hickory sticks, smoked pork tenderloin, and their signature offering: Oberle Sausage — the latter of which pairs tremendously-well with Oberle’s garlic cheese. Best of all: Oberle’s wares, despite being fresh and perishable, keep remarkably well for long periods, making them an ideal (and delicious) snack when traveling or when out on the trail.

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Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks is a household name and one of the earliest meat delivery services to offer its catalog online. In its more-than-century-long existence, the company’s product range has grown to include hundreds of different items, from steaks and roasts to burgers and hotdogs, to seafood and starters, and even a bevy of desserts. And, while most are aware of Omaha Steak’s well-advertised holiday specials, far fewer are privy to the outfit’s Private Reserve collection that includes top-quality cuts like dry-aged steaks, bone-in ribeye cowboy steaks, and wagyu filet mignons.

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Peter Luger

Whenever discussing the very best steakhouses in America, it’s inevitable that the name “Peter Luger” will come up, and for good reason. Since 1887, this New York restaurant (which now has multiple locations) has been setting the standard in the dry-aged steak game, though now this company’s world-class cuts are available outside of its no-frills dine-in locations through mail order in one of five “Steak Packs”. And while it’s famous for its dry-aged steaks, you’d be doing yourself a serious disservice to place an order that didn’t include Peter Luger’s extra-thick cut bacon.

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Porter Road

Porter Road is a top-rated service that offers a unique mix of high-quality, no-frills staples, supplemented by a few specialty items, such as its dry-aged ground beef. All of Porter Road’s meat is pasture-raised, sourced from Tennessee or Kentucky, and is completely free of antibiotics and hormones. More recently, this company also started offering curated butcher’s subscription boxes where the user can select their shipment frequency and customize their box via various add-ons.

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Rastelli’s is more than just another high-end butcher shop, with the Italian-owned outfit being considered something of a local institution in its New Jersey hometown. The online equivalent to a local neighborhood Italian deli, Rastelli’s sells a handful of key protein staples, choosing to focus on the quality of its products rather than the quantity of its catalog. Originally founded in 1976, Rastelli’s has since opened a new facility in Swedesboro, New Jersey, greatly increasing its overall production output capacity and enabling the family-owned operation to ship its wares all over the world.

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Snake River Farms

Those with an eye for details may recognize the Snake River Farms logo displayed inside the menu of various high-end restaurants around the country. And while it does carry medium-tier staples, SRF is best known for its more exclusive cuts, namely its American-raised, Japanese-style beef. SRF also has Kurobuta ham, prime rib, and brisket, as well as bulk-sized “Provision Packs” for stocking up. The company also offers recipes and tips on how to cook a restaurant-quality steak.

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The Ultimate Guide to Beef Cuts

Now that you know where to get them, you may want to brush up on the finer points of what exactly it is that makes a great steak before placing your order, and our easy-to-digest guide to beef cuts is a stellar starting point.