The 50 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Jun 6, 2016

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Too often Father’s Day seems like an afterthought; receiving much less press and consumer draw than Mother’s Day. And honestly, as guys, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Ladies first right? I mean it’s this chivalrous attitude that got us here in the first place. As a son myself, I always mull over what gifts I could buy my father for his one day reprieve from the ongoing duties that come with such a title. But knowing him, and I think we all can agree, he’d just as much appreciate sharing a beer with his son…or spending some time on the golf course.

At any rate, a little gift can go a long way in thanking him for all that he’s done for you over the years. From introducing you to sports, to teaching you how to change your oil, to bailing you out of the drunk tank before your mother found out, he’s had your back since day one. So if you find yourself wondering what to get the old man this year, no need to worry. Of course, we’re going to hook you up with our picks for the 50 best Father’s Day gift ideas. And even though he might not get all emotional like his better half, the gesture will certainly go a long way in showing him your appreciation for being a dad, and maybe make up for some of those gray hairs you gave him over the years.

Under $50

You’re no slouch, but know a trip to Dollar General for a gag gift just won’t cut it. These are the gifts that mean something, personalized based on their style and taste. Maybe that 25-year vintage single malt is a bit out of your price range but that doesn’t mean a set of whisky rocks won’t catch his eye. Or if he’s not the drinking type perhaps some needed camping equipment? A new tent might not be in order, but a new lantern would be more than welcome. You’d be surprised what $50 can get you, and these picks are sure to please.

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Stanley Classic Lunch Box

I can’t think of anyone doesn’t appreciate the Stanley brand and that classic hammertone green. This lunchbox, in particular, can pack a hearty lunch for its small stature, is made from durable 6mm SPCD steel, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Purchase: $45

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

W&P Bartender’s Knife

Every man worth his salt has his own bar. And each bar needs a quality bar knife if they’re to get crafty with cocktails. This bartender’s knife is carefully made from hardwood, brass, high-quality steel, and comes with a multi-purpose blade to boot.

Purchase: $40

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

SWIZA Swiss Pocket Knife

Don’t be fooled by the name, this watchmaker can make a serious knife. And their redesign of the legendary Swiss Army Knife went off without a hitch this go around. Each knife comes with 11 functions in total, making it an essential everyday companion.

Purchase: $38

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Bay Rum Hair & Body Wash

Time to chuck away the Irish Spring. Get your day the shower wash he deserves. Based off a century-old recipe, the Bay Rum scent features blends of bay oil, citrus, and spices for a warm and exotic scent, also doubling as a belated Mother’s Day gift.

Purchase: $15

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Teraforma Whiskey Stones

We all know ice can really damage a good whisky, but sometimes the thought of sipping a warm bourbon in the summer isn’t appetizing either. Whisky stones eliminate this issue by cooling down the drink instead of watering it down. Win win.

Purchase: $18

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Barebones Canyon Lantern

Every campsite needs a bit of light at night. The Barebones Lantern not only provides the light, but it does so in style. Each metal lantern is powered by lithium batteries, hosts USB ports for small devices, and the lens extends for ambient lighting.

Purchase: $40

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Just Mobile Desktop Stand for Headphones

So maybe those $200 headphones are out of your budget, or he already has a pair. Regardless, the Just Mobile HeadStand, engineered from aluminum, is the perfect place for your old man to hang his high-design headphones.

Purchase: $47

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Fiskars IsoCore Finishing Hammer

A man needs his tools. Especially your father. So when he’s summoned to hang some pictures inside but knows he’ll never hear the end of it if he damages the surrounding wall in the process, he’ll be glad you hooked him up with this hammer.

Purchase: $30

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Mazama Wares Large Mug

He already knows he’s the world’s greatest Dad, so time to do away with that cheap coffee mug and upgrade him to this handsome alternative for his caffeine-infused weekend mornings while reading and scoffing at the day’s newspaper.

Purchase: $42

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Imperial Classic Pomade

Even if your pops is a Dapper Dan man he’ll still appreciate this strong-hold, water-based pomade that’s semi-sheen and rinses clean and easily. He’s obviously excited he still has his hair, so why not get him a product that will allow him some style?

Purchase: $16

Collages Fathers Day Gifts Under 50 2016

1. Goal Zero Power Pack ($50) | 2. Fisher Original Space Pen ($37) | 3. Fulton & Roark Hatteras Cologne ($42) | 4. Summer of Beer and Whiskey ($11) | 5. Harry’s Father’s Day Shave Set ($40)


If you’re able to spend a bit more on this go-around, there are plenty of options that provide both form and functionality for the old man. From a good-looking wallet to a nice polo shirt, to shoes that don’t to break the bank in your efforts to provide dad with a quality gift this Father’s day. And let’s face it, considering everything he purchased for you over the years, and the advice he lent you in times of need, what’s a cool $100 between father and son?

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Bellroy Leather Note Sleeve Wallet

If Dad’s going to continue funding the fun as the years wear on, he’s going to need a quality wallet to house the means of doing so. This Bellroy wallet fits cash and up to 11 cards in a slim profile along with other user-friendly features.

Purchase: $90

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Leatherman Wave Multitool

If the SWIZA knife above won’t cut it then it’s time to upgrade to this mean multitool. It includes 17 tools total in a highly-modular design that’s packable and dependable, making it the ultimate companion for any DIY project around the house.

Purchase: $82

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Grill Daddy Grand

Grill cleanliness is next to tastiness. And since Dad is probably the only one who manages the grill, the Grill Daddy Grand cleaner will keep his favorite outdoor device clean all summer long and ready for those impromptu afternoon barbecues with the friends.

Purchase: $50

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Joshuvela Wax Arm Duck Dopp Kit

Any traveling man needs a quality dopp kit for his toiletries. So if you’ve found that your Dad’s been sporting the same raggedy dopp since you were a kid, why not do him a favor and upgrade him to this handsome, minimalist version he’s sure to love.

Purchase: $70

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Normann Copenhagen Whisky Glasses

A study isn’t complete without a set of hand-blown crystal clear whisky glasses from master glass blowers in Turkey. Their design also allows for proper aeration from a pre-sip swirl in their 1960s Nordic-inspired design.

Purchase: $50

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Klhip Ultimate Clipper

Fix up. Look sharp. Keep your fingernails clipped. Sound familiar? Now it’s time for you to return the favor and get your pops a new and improved nail clipper that’s clean cut, features improved functionality, and comes in a leather case for easy storage.

Purchase: $75

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Ministry Of Supply Apollo Polo

Great for a casual Saturday afternoon the Apollo Polo allows you to stay comfortable both indoors and outdoors thanks to its temperature-regulating blend that characterizes the similar Apollo dress shirt. They also come in a variety of colors that will surely suit any old guy preference.

Purchase: $65

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Iron & Resin Bobber Glove

No midlife motorcycle purchase is complete without the proper bobber glove. Iron & Resin has Dad covered this year with their 100% Premium Grain Buffalo Leather Hide bobber gloves, made in the USA and features superior abrasion resistance, retaining their fresh look and feel for years to come.

Purchase: $65

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Onia Calder 7.5” Swim Trunks

It’s summer. This is an easy buy. Onia specializes in summer outerwear and these swim trunks are no different. The Calders feature a superfine mesh lining, two deep reinforced double-lined side pockets, and a rear pocket with hidden snap.

Purchase: $75

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Sebago Docksides Boat Shoe

Dad deserves a pair of well-crafted boat shoes for his weekend lounge. It’s been a long week and it’s time to let him relax in style. The Docksides are made from imported leather, feature a rubber sole and molded EVA foam insole for extra comfort.

Purchase: $95

Collages Fathers Day Gifts 50-100 2016

1. Wander and Rumble Beer Growler ($60) | 2. Alite Designs Monarch Camp Chair ($62) | 3. Weekday Warriors Slacks ($98) | 4. Glerups Slippers ($94) | 5. Macallan 12 Year Sherry Wood Whisky ($76)


Okay so maybe you’re a bit older now, worked a little longer, and have some more money to spend on this year’s Father’s Day. Good on ya! And honestly here’s an opportunity to get your Dad some high-quality gear he otherwise wouldn’t think of purchasing for himself. From the an authentic American bourbon flask to a handsome waxed canvas flight bag, it’s time your dad stepped up his gear game. Believe in him. And with your help, it won’t look he’s trying too hard either, like all the other times he tried to fit in with your friends.

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Randolph Engineering Aviator

It’s really tough to look bad in aviators, especially when they come with a lifetime warranty. Since 1982, these aviators sunglasses were standard issue for the United States Military. So this June, give dad the Top Gun present he’s always wanted.

Purchase: $150+

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Jacob Bromwell Great American Flask

What’s more American than bourbon? Maybe drinking it while a bald eagle rests on your shoulder. Though the eagle part may be a bit out of reach, dad can certainly enjoy his bourbon out of this authentic and historically accurate bourbon flask.

Purchase: $200

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

WORX Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow

As a kid, I’m sure you remember helping out with chores around the house. And though you may not be around as much these days, the least you can do is get him some better outdoor equipment. This heavy-duty steel wheelbarrow is a great start.

Purchase: $139

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Frost River Flight Bag

If your dad is the no frills type gentleman who values pure function over form the Frost River Flight Bag has his name all over it. Composed of waxed canvas with premium leather and solid brass hardware, there’s plenty of room to pack up the essentials for the next trip.

Purchase: $180+

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Buck Mason Perfect Oxford

First worn by Polo players 200 years ago, Oxford button-ups are still in style as we speak today. Though they no longer feature the removable collars they once hosted, dad certainly won’t be opposed to rocking one of these in either a dressed up or casual setting.

Purchase: $108

Collages Fathers Day Gifts 100-200 2016

1. The County Knife By James Brand ($150) | 2. Milwaukee Drill Drive Kit ($180) | 3. Jaybird Freedom Wireless Earbuds ($200) | 4. Pillbox Bat Old Glory ($195) | 5. Game Golf Live ($199)

Over $200

Ok, so maybe you’re of the belief that money can buy happiness. Or maybe it’s family tradition to hook each other up with some of the latest and greatest equipment and gear in the market. Whatever the case, there’s certainly no shortage of options available out there. From a personalized wood-fired oven to a heavy-duty camping cooler, this is by far the widest spectrum of options available. We, however, tried to keep things practical so you won’t see any luxury vehicles or yachts in this section. Though, if you really wanted to solidify your position as the favorite son, you shouldn’t be entirely opposed to the idea.

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Uuni 2S Wood-Fired Oven

Here’s the oven your outdoor kitchen always wanted. Designed to take the cost, bulk and hassle out of using a traditional wood-fired oven, the Uuni does a fine job reaching temperatures up to 900°F enabling dad to flash cook almost anything, including pizza.

Purchase: $299

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Braven BRV-XXL Bluetooth Speaker

What’s a good barbecue without music? The Braven is the ultimate Bluetooth speaker made for the outdoors. It provides up to 14 hours of battery life, holds its own again water, dust, and dirt, and comes with a built-in microphone jack.

Purchase: $350

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Danner Mountain Light Timber Boot

The original Mt. Light was introduced back in 1979. This updated version still features a 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX liner and made in the USA so the old man knows he’s wearing a quality product that both fits and wears well.

Purchase: $360

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

KillSpencer Attaché Briefcase

Here’s yet another American-made product that’s sure to please a traveling businessman of any stature. As a perfectly modular option, the Attaché Briefcase is fully padded and fur lined designed to protect all his packable tech items.

Purchase: $375

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Yeti Hopper Cooler

Camping just isn’t the same without Yeti. This DryHide, ColdCell rubber foamed option boasts 6.5 gallons of store space, and designed to keep your precious libations cold no matter what. An ideal gift for any serious camping or hunting excursion.

Purchase: $300+

Collages Fathers Day Gifts 200 2016

1. Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol 40mm ($230) | 2. Nike Vapor Fly ($350) | 3. Patagonia Fly Fishing Rod ($200) | 4. Apolis Indigo Work Shirt ($328) | 5. Haiku Home Garage Light ($399)

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