Autumn Artisan: 15 Best Fall Jackets For Men

Dec 13, 2018

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Fall is a magical time of year — the colors of the leaves turn to a stunning spectrum of yellow and orange, the breeze you used to worship in the summer gets a bit more chilly, and the appeal of staying indoors becomes a lot more, well, appealing. As good as that sounds, it’s unrealistic to think that you’ll want to spend the majority of one of the best seasons of the year indoors, so we’ve compiled a list of the best fall jackets for men — complete with a discretionary handful of fresh faces, and even a few old favorites.

From bombers to chore coats, jean jackets to hooded anoraks, and everything in between, here’s our guide to the best fall jackets that are sure to keep you cozy, comfortable, and stylish to boot. Throw on some thermal socks, grab a cup of warm coffee, and take note. After all, there’s an entire world out there just waiting for you to get out and explore — make sure you’re adequately prepared by taking the first step in the process, finding the coat of your autumn-laden dreams.

Everlane Modern Harrington Jacket

Everlane’s modern take on the fall jacket is a perfectly minimalist Harrington that blends timeless style with an affordable price point. It utilizes a lightweight 5oz cotton and water-resistant finish for a splendid, clean look.

Purchase: $55+

Uniqlo BlockTech Parka

The BlockTech Parka brings you the ultimate in sleek, purposeful design with a light 100% polyester finish, casual and utilitarian design elements, and dry touch material that’ll keep you moisture-free in the most rugged environments.

Purchase: $60

Levi’s Trucker Jacket

The iconic Levi’s Trucker Jacket is the perfect middle ground between fashionable outerwear and timeless pedigree. Plus, stonewashed 100% cotton denim is always a tasteful style choice that pairs well with a variety of gear.

Purchase: $90

J. Crew Waterproof Jacket

The Waterproof Jacket from J. Crew has a simple name and a perfectly minimalist slim fit silhouette with cotton/nylon construction and camo print lining; it’s the ideal companion for quick jaunts outdoors or a casual night on the town.

Purchase: $148

Pilgrim Surf Supply Boyce Cordura Twill Hooded Shirt

The Boyce Cordura Hooded Twill Shirt is an effortless take on two different tried and true style choices, a long sleeve lightweight collared durable Cordura chino and a comfy hooded cotton sweatshirt — it’s amazing what happens when two great designs come together.

Purchase: $195

Outerknown Evolution Puffer

The Evolution Reversible Puffer is a lightweight offering that’s inspired and fostered by the Pacific Northwest, featuring 100% recycled Econyl Nylon and an organic cotton that’s sure to keep you active and outdoors no matter the weather.

Purchase: $245

Buck Mason Quilted League Jacket

The Quilted League has a solid lineage, drawing inspiration from British hunting jackets and barn coats — but the newly acquired water repellant design and corduroy collar exude the jacket’s true air of rugged elegance, bringing the jacket into fashionable modernity with a durable cotton/nylon construction.

Purchase: $245

Club Monaco Loukas Funnel Neck Coat

The Loukas Funnel Neck is the perfect middle ground between an iconic trench coat and a timeless peacoat, offering lightweight warmth courtesy of a luxurious wool blend alongside a stylish, classic silhouette that’s sure to please.

Purchase: $299

Taylor Stitch Rover Jacket

The Rover Jacket might be a little heavy for the fall, but it makes up for its semi-bulky build with truly exceptional design principles. It features custom Halley Stevenson waxed Moon Wool that’s combined with 10oz British cotton Moleskin to provide the ultimate in warmth and waterproof fabrics.

Purchase: $348

Filson Mackinaw Cruiser Jacket

The Mackinaw Wool Cruiser is a densely woven garment that’ll stand up to the elements, providing warmth and comfort even when it’s wet. It features 100% virgin wool with naturally water repellent fabric, which makes it both breathable and comfortable to wear. It’s also made right here in the USA, which is always a good look.

Purchase: $395

Todd Snyder x Champion Camo Bomber

Todd Snyder is back again with a timeless Camo Bomber. In collaboration with Champion, the bomber blurs the line between handsome utilitarian outerwear and heritage versatility. It’s made from a tasteful Italian Fabric in tonal camouflage — catering to traditional wear as well as modern streetwear.

Purchase: $398

Mr. Porter AMI Wool Bomber Jacket

AMI’s Wool Bomber straddles the line between minimalist leisure and purposeful fashion, utilizing a black ribbed trim, two-way zip fastening, and Navy wool with a cotton blend lining for that timeless Bomber look.

Purchase: $520

Schott Perfecto Slim-Fit Leather Biker Jacket

This is Marlon Brando’s Biker Jacket from The Wild Ones — need we say more? Associated with rebellion and anachronistic behavior — this silhouette was banned in U.S. schools in the mid-’50s — the 100% cow leather jacket is a mainstay among heartthrobs and solidifies its place as one of the most iconic American fashion pieces.

Purchase: $880

Paul Smith Loro Piana Mac Jacket

The Loro Piana Mac is a dressy men’s coat that utilizes a detachable liner and a Storm System waterproof and wind-resistant finish on its 100% woven wool. Paul Smith’s take on the fall jacket is a testament to well-designed menswear.

Purchase: $1,150

Rag & Bone Suede Trucker Jacket

The Suede Trucker is a graduation piece for those trendy men who feel that the jean trucker is a little too pedestrian. It’s both dressy and casual, with a tan suede finish and snap-fastenings made from the highest quality materials.

Purchase: $1,195

The Perfect Fall Sneaker: P.F. Flyer's Grounder Hi

As far as complementary gear is concerned, these P.F. Flyer’s Grounder Hi sneakers are the perfect pairing for any and all of the fall jackets on our list. They’re an all-weather sneaker boot with a timeless design that was first produced for the United States Military in the 1940s and maintains a resounding presence today as one of the most stylish shoes around. Pick up a set for the proven utility, keep ’em around for the stylish, comfortable fit.

Purchase: $90

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