The 50 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day tends to get all the hot press and deals on flowers and jewelry, but your patriarch contributed to your being on this earth. He taught you to throw a ball, he fixed your first car when you tried to blow it up, he put out the fire you started in the garage, and he’s always been there. It couldn’t hurt to spend a few of your hard-earned dollars on one of the 50 best father’s day gifts that money can buy. It’s a small token of your love; and compared to the money he’s spent on you, it’s the least you can do.

Your dad might not gush and coo, but he appreciates a thoughtful gift as much as anyone, especially if it makes his endless tasks and projects easier, or gives him a means to while away his golden years a little happier…and perhaps a lot drunker.

Under $50

You’re no skinflint, but you aren’t made of money either. Thanks to your father, you know the value of a dollar and aren’t going to throw cash away on frivolities. Among the best father’s day gifts for under $50 you’ll find glass pour over coffee makers, outstanding work gloves, shaving kits, and organizational tools for home and workshop alike. Throw in a few peculiar socks, a go-anywhere cocktail shaker, a gin mixing kit, a dash of bourbon with a whiskey ice maker, and you’re sure to make any father proud.

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Mechanix Original Gloves

The ideal tactile and tactical mechanic glove for the man who loves turning a wrench but wants to keep his hands soft and smooth for more delicate tasks. There are nine different colors, and eleven sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

Purchase: $19

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Field Notes Workshop Companion Set

Whether working in the shop, under the car, or even in a laboratory or garden, it is necessary to jot down ideas. This set of tough notebooks allow dad to do just that without hunting for paper.

Purchase: $20

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

KeySmart Compact Key Holder

You might not be able to give your father the keys to the kingdom, but you can help him organize the lock-poppers he does have in a simple, Swiss Army Knife design courtesy of Key Smart. Hold anywhere from 2 to 20 keys depending on model.

Purchase: $20

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Homemade Gin Kit

A bottle of vodka and this kit will allow anyone to make a bottle of bathtub gin hooch that bursts with flavor and adds spice to any evening tipple. All Dad will need is the vodka, and 36 hours of patience – perfection takes time you know.

Purchase: $20-50

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Never again be without all the makings of an Old Fashioned again. Even at cruising altitude this gives you the bitters, muddler, and cane sugar necessary in a package that passes TSA inspection easily.

Purchase: $24

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Whiskey Wedge

Nobody likes watered down whiskey. Give your father the ability father to fight watered down whiskey with these ice sculpting wedges. They create a slow melting cube that cools down a cocktail for hours of sipping pleasure.

Purchase: $20

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Google Chromecast

Let your dad stream whatever he likes from his tablet, laptop, or smartphone right onto his home television using the simple Chromecast dongle. Works with all apps and media.

Purchase: $35

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Chemex Coffeemaker

For the caffeinated father this is an all glass pour-over coffeemaker that is as lovely as it is functional. It gives any bean blend a mellow, smooth flavor for early mornings or long nights.

Purchase: $39

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Dremel Versa Flame Butane Torch

Like Prometheus you can give the gift of fire with this variable temperature butane torch. From brazing to soldering, this does everything a pyromaniac could want complete with hands-free operation.

Purchase: $45

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Baxter of California Skin 1.2.3 Kit

Aging is tough on a man’s fleshy rind. This Father’s Day, give the gift of eternally youthful skin with this moisturizer, toner, and face wash combo, designed specifically for men’s skin from the California-based crew at Baxter.

Purchase: $48

Collage - Fathers Day Gifts Under 50

1. Harry’s Winston Set Shave Kit ($25) | 2. Stanley One-Handed Thermos ($27) | 3. Happy Socks Patterned Gift Box ($45) | 4. Craftsman Locking Pegboard ($50) | 5. Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon ($50)


The way to getting the best Father’s Day gift is to splurge a little, but not just throw money away. At the $50-$100 price point, you’re a precise budgeteer. You spend enough to impress, but show that you can spend smart. After all, your sire raised you to be pragmatic. Select a beautiful multi-tool, a digital grill thermometer, or a stalwart tool box if your father is working through his retirement. If not, get him a hammock, a beer / water growler, or some boat shoes. Maybe just a way to find his briefcase and mock his advancing years.

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

SOG PowerAssist Multi-Tool

Crafted with 420 stainless steel, the PowerAssist offers up all the pocketable accessories any man needs. An ergonomic design makes it easy on older or arthritic hands, and it folds away in a nylon sheath for easy portability.

Purchase: $56

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Goal Zero Power Hub and Lantern

So much more than your average adjustable camping lantern, this thing doubles as a power hub for recharging tablets or smartphones even as it lights up the night for up to 48 hours on a single charge.

Purchase: $58

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Normann Copenhagen Whiskey Glasses

Gorgeously designed to be functional showpieces, these whiskey glasses are made to fit the hand and elevate ice cubes for a splendid sipping experience at home or the country club.

Purchase: $60

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Logitech Harmony 650 Remote Control

If your father is a media fiend, put him in total control of all his gear with this adept universal remote. It replaces up to 8 remotes, is rife with programmable functions, and is elegant as it is powerful.

Purchase: $68

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

ENO DoubleNest Hammock

A luxurious camping hammock for one (or two if you’re bringing someone along), this is ideal for a guy who likes to sleep out under the stars in durable yet luxurious comfort.

Purchase: $70

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Will Leather Canvas Travel Kit

A wax coated dopp kit is a necessity for the jetsetting father. Able to resist stains and water, it will keep him quaffed whether camping out or living on room service.

Purchase: $70

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

iDevices iGrill2 Bluetooth Thermometer

When a grillmaster demands that his meat be perfect he uses this wireless thermometer with multiple temperature ability, programmable alarms, and an easy-read display for a succulent steak every time.

Purchase: $92

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Best Made Front Loading Toolbox

Your father will never again need to hunt for a hammer with this front-loading toolbox. Pure stainless steel, it turns organization into an art form and makes any job easier.

Purchase: $94

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Sennheiser Momentum On Ear Headphones

Dad doesn’t need his old Hi-Fi system, just this pair of lovely on-ear headphones complete with in-line remote and sound isolation wrapped in a plush, comfortable package.

Purchase: $95

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas


Never let a senior moment strike your father again by giving him Tile. These programmable wafers allow him to find any commonly misplaced item, from keys to his favorite pair of pearly dentures. Available individually, or in a 12-pack.

Purchase: $20-180

Collage - Fathers Day Gifts 50-100

1. Miir Insulated Growler Water Bottle ($52) | 2. Sperry Cyclone Leather Boat Shoe ($75-98) | 3. Nike Major Moment Polo Shirt ($85) | 4. Coleman Steel Cooler ($86) | 5. Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet ($90)


Your father is a man of refined taste, so you want to spend a little more to get him the gift he won’t give himself. Indulge and pamper him with a one of the best chef’s knives, or a camping knife he can cherish. Perhaps a set of stylish new work boots or a multi-function wheelbarrow will ease his Herculean labors. Then again, he’s always wanted an Italian leather satchel, or an eye-catching gym bag that bespeaks of success. No, your pops takes life shaken, not stirred and demands the 50th anniversary Bond movie boxed set.

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Wüsthof Classic Cook’s Knife

Wüsthof is an unbeatable name in the culinary world. If your dad is a cook, this high-carbon stainless steel knife simply belongs in his kitchen. It’s dishwasher safe, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Purchase: $114

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Braun CoolTec Shaving System

Unless your father suffers from Alopecia, he’s going to need a shave. This electric razor from Braun works on the most sensitive of skin for a refreshing trim every time.

Purchase: $132

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

WORX Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow

An ergonomic wheelbarrow, cart, and dolly all in one convertible bundle, the WORX makes gardening, hauling, and lugging easier to do and less straining.

Purchase: $159

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Fallkniven F9 Lockback Knife

This is a selfish Father’s Day gift. Yes, it is an outstanding folding pocket knife for your dad, but it’s also solid enough to become an heirloom for you.

Purchase: $160

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Great American Flask

Traditional handmade copper, this is the ideal way for your father to take the edge off the next time your mother drags him to the ballet or the opera.

Purchase: $200

Collage - Fathers Day Gifts 100-200

1. Frank & Oak Laptop Case ($115) | 2. Bond 50: The Complete 23 Film Collection ($132) | 3. Ledbury Short Run Shirts ($144-155) | 4. Red Wing Classic Shoes ($179) | 5. DSPTCH Gym / Work Bag ($184)

Over $200

You have learned that love can only translate into money spent, and you’ll never be shamed by your siblings. You shall enter your father’s good graces and secure your place in his will the old fashioned way: By buying him an incredible watch or an action camera. Perhaps he needs an extension cord storage system, an electric lawnmower, or a stunningly simple fly fishing rod. Whatever it is, this is the price point for big spenders who shop to impress, showing dear old dad exactly how much he means in dollars and cents.

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Makita Cordless Driver-Drill Kit

Replace your father’s old cordless drill with this powerful mobile model from Makita. Long battery life, easy recharging, a built-in LED, and all the penetrating power he could possibly want.

Purchase: $200

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Bosch GLM Laser Distance and Angle Measurer

Forget about measuring twice and cutting once. With this precision tool, your old man will get distances and angles right the first time.

Purchase: $271

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Patagonia Simple Fly Fishing Kit

This is everything a man needs to become an expert angler. With a 10′ 6″ tenkara rod, flies, and a full user’s manual, it lets amateurs and beginners start casting in no time.

Purchase: $300

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

GoPro Hero+ LCD

Age hasn’t slowed your dad down one bit. He now needs to record all of his conquests on the best new action camera that money can buy to attain YouTube stardom.

Purchase: $300

The 50 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Suunto Core Adventure Watch

This is the ultimate wrist gadget for the outdoorsman. It’s an altimeter, barometer, compass, depth and pressure monitor, and, oh yeah, it tells time too.

Purchase: $137-694

Collage - Fathers Day Gifts 200 And Up

1. Nike TW’15 Golf Shoe ($200) | 2. Seiko Solar Dive Watch ($269) | 3. Portable RoboReel Power Cord System ($280) | 4. Filson Journeyman Jacket ($295) | 5. 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower ($499)

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