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The 25 Best Men’s Gifts Under $25

Let’s face it, not all of us have what it takes to buy someone an extravagant gift — and in the cases that we would buy something undeniably novel, it probably wouldn’t be for the same person we’d consider spending a mere $25 on. If you aren’t picking up what we’re putting down, we’ll cut to the chase: some people, like mutual friends you see often or distant cousins you only see during the holidays, don’t need much more than a $25 gift if that. So, prove to your acquaintances, relatives, or virtually any loved one that it’s the thought that counts with help from our guide to the best gifts under $25.

Photo: Pro Knot

pro-knot tying knit

Knot-tying is universal, and this sturdy pair of static line cords are sure to hold up as your friend practices 23 essential knots

Photo: Theory 11

Theory 11 the beatles playing cards

If poker night has been feeling slow lately, hand a pack or two of these over to the usual host. Whether they are fond of the Fab Four or not, it’s hard to overlook this Sgt. Peppers-inspired deck.

Photo: Field Notes

field notes national parks series

Field Notes’ collection of notebooks and journals is virtually endless, but its National Parks series is a timeless testament to America’s grandest venues. Plus, they come in a pack of 3, so the writing doesn’t have to end.

Photo: MoMA Design Store

Frank Lloyd wright Jacquard Tea Towels

These jacquard-knit towels inspired by the great Frank Lloyd Wright are a perfect gift for the architecture aficionado, and they might even like it enough to use it as a poster.

Photo: Humanrace

Humanrace white clay body bar

Celebrity-owned brands aren’t usually easy to trust, but Pharrell’s grooming line is one of the self-care space’s most notable. This soap bar leaves skin smooth and smelling undeniably clean, a pair of gifts anyone can appreciate.

Photo: Masterclass

Masterclass membership gift card

Give a Masterclass gift card for a gift of celebrity wisdom and guidance from experts in their fields, of which a handful appear in the photo alone.

Photo: Verve Culture

Verve culture hand juicer

From juicing lemons for dressings to cranking out homemade orange juice the old-fashioned way, this stylish hand juicer looks sleek and functions well in any kitchen.

Photo: Baxter of California

Baxter of California clay pomade

Hand this sulfate-and-paraben-free hair wax over to your friend whose always fixing their hair in the morning. The scalp-friendly pomade features fennel oil and ethically sourced beeswax to promote healthy hair and a high hold.

Photo: Opinel

Opinel No.8 pocket knife

Pocket knives don’t always have to be expensive to get the job done, and Opinel has been proving that for over a century, with its affordable No. 8 Pocket Knife serving as a prime example of its craftsmanship.

Photo: Dandelion

Dandelion Hot CHOCOLATE mIX

Swiss Miss? No thanks. This small-batch, single-origin hot cocoa mix is sure to make some of the most flavorful mugs your giftee has ever had.

Photo: Jason Markk


Keeping shoes clean is hard enough as it is, but unpredictable weather doesn’t lend a hand at all. As a result, it’s only right you do by buying some of Jason Markk’s beloved solution for your closest sneakerhead.

Photo: Anker

Anker nano charger

Everyone knows USB-C is the way of the future, but gift this rapid-fire wall outlet from Anker to your friend or family member who’s yet to grasp that. It will juice up their devices up to three times as fast.

Photo: Carhartt

Carhartt Cuffed Beanie

Keep some heads warm this winter with help from the world’s most ubiquitous beanie, courtesy of what has seemingly become the fashion world’s favorite workwear brand.

Photo: GSI

GSI OUtdoors boulder flask

This shatter-resistant, silicone-encased flask is built to take on bumps, bruises, hikes, cruises, and, most of all, your giftee’s drink of choice.

Photo: Pappy & Company

Pappy and company bourbon barrel-aged cocktail mixer

Aged in retired Pappy bourbon barrels for the perfect seasonal flavor, this cocktail blend perfect, price-conscious present for the mixologist in your life.

Photo: Fisher

fisher space pen

This durable pen is well known for good reason, as it seamlessly operates in temperatures as low as -30°F. It also works in space, in case your giftee plans on taking a trip there soon.

Photo: OneLogFire

Original onelogfire

We’ve seen tons of portable campfires, but this all-in-one wooden block is sure to save you some scratch while serving as a great place to roast chestnuts.

Photo: Zippo


Throw out those gimmicky, shake-to-work hand warmers and pick up one that can work properly. Zippo makes great lighters, but this it won’t come in as clutch as this long-lasting hand-warmer when the temperature dips.

Photo: Topo Designs


No one’s holiday getaway is prepared without a handy toiletry bag. Luckily, this offering from Topo Designs slips directly into any backpack or carry-on for easy travel.

Photo: Draft Top


Whether cracking open beers or sodas, this nifty can opener opens the entire can top, is built to last, and is ready for parties, traveling, or simply sitting on the couch.

Photo: Uncommon Goods


Help your friends predict the weather ahead of time with this unique piece of home decor that ices up when rain is expected to start falling.

Photo: Todd Snyder

todd snyder rotoro ribbed socks

Socks aren’t as boring a gift as television shows insist they are, and this cozy ribbed pair from Todd Snyder is something anyone can warm up to.

Photo: Aesop


Anything you buy from Aesop is bound to smell great, be it body balm or shampoo, so it’s no surprise the same applies to its clove bud-infused mouthwash.

Photo: Stanley

sTANLEY classic beer stein

Cold weather shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying a cold beer, and this iconic stainless steel-crafted stein from Stanley is sure to keep it crisp with every sip.

Photo: Tile


What better way to keep track of all these gifts you have to buy than with a Tile Mate tracking device? The iOS-and-Android-compatible gadget operates seamlessly with any smartphone, so it’s practically foolproof.

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