The 14 Best Men’s Deodorants for Daily Use in 2022

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Sweatiness isn’t limited to summertime, and smelling good is something you must do year-round. Put these two factors together, and you’ll reach one conclusion: deodorant is essential, and a good one at that. While countless brands will try to convince you that their stick is the best using their brand of schtick, we’ve narrowed down the actual best men’s deodorant options to use.

What To Keep In Mind

Health First

Before diving into our guide, you might want to acknowledge the difference between traditional and natural deodorant. The gap between these variations usually comes down to the use of ingredients, namely aluminum and chemically-concocted fragrances.

While most traditional options and antiperspirants utilize aluminum-based ingredients to good advantage, the controversy behind the average brand’s formula clouds pharmacy shelves. Although aluminum elements tend to block your pores from releasing sweat and thwart bacteria from causing unwanted odor, it can potentially lead to clogged pores, which isn’t the best thing for your skin.

To learn more about FDA-approved elements in grooming products, we advise you to look at what they have to say about cosmetic safety, specifically regarding the use of parabens and exposure to phthalates. Additionally, the American Cancer Society and NCI have analyzed possible harm stemming from talcum powder (a common ingredient in some traditional options) and the link between antiperspirants and cancer.

All in all, we are not here to tell you what the healthier option is, as there’s not enough concrete evidence to sway us one way or the other. However, we did compile an array of the best deodorants all across the board, including spray options.

Best Traditional Deodorants

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Harry’s Anti-Perspirant and Sweat Control

When it comes to grooming products, Harry’s is one of the best affordable manufacturers to consider. The brand’s paraben-free antiperspirant provides up to 48-hour odor and sweat protection and contains jojoba oil to keep your underarms from drying. Additionally, it only contains 16% aluminum salt — over 10% less than what you’ll find in most drug store options.

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Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport

Speaking of drug store options, Old Spice is one of the most common names in this space, but its 85-year-old history separates the P&G subsidiary from the Axes of the world. The brand’s High Endurance collection is ready to tackle long days in a heated office or strenuous workout sessions, offering 24-hour odor protection and a crisp scent that actually lasts.

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Kiehl’s Body Fuel antiperspirant & deodorant

From skin care products to top-rated sunscreen, Kiehl’s is a grooming brand that’s hard to overlook. Its men-specific Body Fuel Antiperspirant & Deodorant paves the way for 48-hour protection and key ingredients like caffeine, vitamin C, and zinc. While it is not alcohol-free, these additional elements (barring zinc) combine to deliver a fresh scent and quick-drying underarm protection.

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Jack Black Pit Boss Antiperspirant & Deodorant

Jack Black’s vegan option provides full-on wetness protection that won’t harm delicate skin. The dermatologist-tested Pit Boss Antiperspirant is free of sulfates, parabens, or colorants, deeming it one of the healthier traditional deodorants on the market. Moreover, it features aloe leaf juice and vitamin E for maximum hydration and damage protection.

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Aesop Herbal Deodorant Roll-On

While this alcohol-free option from Aesop contains Zinc, it has other premium ingredients like wasabi extract and tons of essential oils that complement each other too well to ignore. On top of that, it is remarkably smooth and smells addictively fresh, the latter of which is commonplace for most Aesop products.

Best NATURAL Deodorants

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Bravo Sierra Natural Deodorant

Bravo Sierra’s affordable choice is far from entry-level, as its unique, stainless formula provides all-day sweat protection. It is also made with probiotics to thwart any odor-causing bacteria before it has a chance to make itself noticeable. Speaking of masking odors, the aluminum-free option is available in a variety of scents.

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Native Sensitive Deodorant

Native’s Sensitive Deodorant is free of everything you may fret about finding in your grooming products, including aluminum, phthalates, and talc. The brand’s formula is enhanced with coconut oil and shea butter to keep the skin smooth and refreshed without disrupting it. Luckily, there are several refreshing scents to choose.

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Malin+Goetz’s products are typically beneficial for all body parts, and the same applies to its ultra-effective deodorant. The minimalist brand’s offering is formulated with eucalyptus extract and citronellyl, a pair of natural ingredients that conjoin to regulate odor. Additionally, it’s hard to go wrong with the scent of eucalyptus, but there are other choices, too.

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Jack Henry Deodorant

It’s hard not to mention Jack Henry in this category accounting for its plant-based formulas, sustainable packaging, and cruelty-free guarantee. The brand’s sweat-and-odor-absorber’s primary trio of ingredients are coconut oil, beeswax, and arrowroot powder, each of which is organic and provides proper hydration and a smooth feel.

Photo: Fulton & Roark


Fulton & Roark’s boundless collection of woodsy fragrances is arguably unmatched, but its Clearwater scent is one of our personal favorites. With robust notes of Madagascan geranium, fresh water, and oak moss, you’ll never want to stop applying this aluminum-free deodorant — luckily, the brand offers refills so you won’t have to.


Photo: Duradry

duradry body spray

Duradry’s motive as a brand partially serves as its suffix — keeping you dry. While the brand offers a unique 3-Step System that combines to provide sweat relief, this simple, aluminum-free spray is for people who simply need to neutralize odor. Most importantly, it doesn’t leave that sticky, oily residue you’ll encounter with similar products.

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Dove Men+Care Dry Spray Deodorant

As a result of Dove’s formula being 25% moisturizer, the refreshing spray deodorant soothes the skin while doing away with sweat for as long as two days. As opposed to most commercial grooming brands, Dove remains one of the more trustworthy ones.

Photo: Aesop


Considering Aesop typically sets the standard for grooming products, we figured it only makes sense to ring the brand in for another choice. Like the Herbal Deodorant Roll-On, this lightweight spray contains zinc, it also features a blend of essential oils, including lavender, tea tree, and coriander seed, resulting in an earthy aroma that keeps you smelling fresh.



That’s right — the timeless fragrance in the form of deodorant. BLEU DE CHANEL’s citrusy notes have served as an annual favorite for fragrance lovers everywhere, and this bottle allows its advocates to apply it under their arms, too. It’s worth noting that the deodorant spray’s primary ingredient is alcohol, similar to the traditional EDP.

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