Bath Blocks: The 10 Best Bar Soaps for Men

Sep 16, 2015

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Manhood comes with a few requirements: You must have a favorite EDC knife; you must know how to drive a stick shift; you must have broken a bar stool across someone’s head, and you must have a chunk of bar soap for general washing purposes. Even if you are a dedicated body scrub and face wash user, you still need a backup bar to keep your boys club membership intact. On top of that, bar soaps for men are better for the environment and ultimately lead to less bacteria living on your body.

All the cute little scrubs in the world come in plastic bottles that have to be disposed of somehow. Even if you recycle, there’s still waste involved while bar soaps typically come covered with a simple wrapper. Using a slime scrub means using a loofah or poof, which are bacterial orgies, and that transfers to your supple flesh. Add in the decreased cost, more facile use, and the old school appeal of a bar soap and you’re miles ahead of the game. Like using a straight razor, bar soap would make your father and your grandpappy proud so don’t let them down and get one of the 10 best bar soaps for men.

Dove Men Care Extra Fresh

Dove Men + Care Extra Fresh

Pro: Strong lather
Con: Doesn’t last long

Standard Issue: Since most of our soaps for men aren’t going to be found at your local grocery store, we included this as your best choice when you must get clean in a hurry. With a low price and ubiquitous nature, this has a fresh scent along with plenty of cleaning and moisturizing properties for regular use. It has all the moisturizing properties that made Dove a household name with a bend toward dealing with the thicker skin and deeper cleansing needs of a man’s rugged body. Plus, it smells pretty.

Purchase: $5

Duke Cannon Big American Brick

Duke Cannon Big American Brick

Pro: Light, clean scent
Con: Leaves a slight film

Big Time: Inspired by the cleansing bricks used by GIs during the Korean war, this is about as much manliness as you can pack into a bar of soap. It has steel cut grains to prevent drops, is big enough to last for ages, is made right in the United States, and Duke Cannon donates part of their proceeds to veterans. Plus, you can put it in a sock to throw a blanket party for that lazy private. Ooo-Rah!

Purchase: $7

Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar

Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar

Pro: Removes bacteria on the skin
Con: Too gentle for some

Face Time: Cetaphil makes their bones with their non-comedogenic face washes specifically made for oily skin. Not technically a soap at all, this is still a gentle cleanser that will work with sensitive skin that can’t cope with harsh chemicals. Washes away clean with no soapy residue or irritable ingredients. Especially effective for oily skin or guys who work in dirty environments that will gum up your poor little pores.

Purchase: $9

L Occitane Shea Butter Extra Gentle

L’Occitane Shea Butter Extra Gentle

Pro: Fights both winter and summer dryness
Con: Fragrance fades very quickly

Walk Softly: All right, the pink wrapper and equally pink soap don’t scream “manly” but if you want a clean milk bar soap that uses a vegetable base with moisturizing oils from shea butter, then look no further. Dry skin disappears and chapped hands are a thing of the past with this gentle formula. Just make sure you’re secure in your masculinity before you pull this out in the gym.

Purchase: $12

Portland General Store Hunting Camp

Portland General Store Hunting Camp

Pro: Unbeatable exfoliating properties
Con: Very rough

Dead Cells: There’s exfoliating and then there’s what this does. Milled with the cold processing method this comes with pumice and sandalwood exfoliating powder for stripping away dead skin. It is intended for the hands and feet of men on the hunt, not use all over unless you want your body to feel like it has been raked over the coals of cleanliness.

Purchase: $13

Mistral Mens

Mistral Men’s

Pro: Won’t irritate sensitive skin
Con: Slips out of hand easily

Nature Lover: This is about as green and natural a bar soap as you can find that manages to avoid synthetic ingredients and yet works effectively. It’s a complete vegetable soap with mistral shea butter that has been infused with green ginseng and white coffee for a healthier, more invigorating sensation that helps make your skin feel both clean and more alive after you use it.

Purchase: $13

Jack Black Turbo Body Bar

Jack Black Turbo Body Bar

Pro: Long-lasting scent
Con: Expensive

Go Deep: Everything about this soap is meant to give you a deep clean and highly refreshed feeling, like a bucket of ice water on a scorching summer’s day. Lava rock handles the exfoliation portion of the program while shea butter and murumuru do the moisturizing. It even includes a little ginkgo biloba and blue lotus for a natural wake-up call. The smell lingers long after you’ve dried off, which either makes you alluring or causes you to smell like a greenhouse.

Purchase: $15

Baxter of California Exfoliating Body Bar

Baxter of California Exfoliating Body Bar

Pro: Refreshing texture and smell
Con: Rough texture

Smooth Operator: Baxter makes some of our favorite deodorants and lip balms, and while they usually specialize in gentility, they’ve gone the dense exfoliating route here. Withcrushed olive seed and jojoba meal combined with pumice,the Body Bar is exceptional for cleaning off those rough patches every day and giving your skin a baby smooth feel. Might also be able to take chrome off a bumper.

Purchase: $16

Unionmade CNG BAR SOAP

Unionmade CNG BAR SOAP

Pro: Enhances natural moisture balance
Con: Can be hard to hold

Scent of a Man: Unionmade and Baxter of California teamed up once before to make their KML soap back in 2011. This is the sequel and for our money, it was worth the wait. At three-quarters of a pound, this is a significant hunk of cleaning material that doesn’t skimp in any area. Gray as an aircraft carrier and laden with a woodsy scent that is backed by amber, citrus, mandarin lime, black pepper, and violet, your musk will never disappoint, even up close.

Purchase: $20

Dr. Bronners Magic Pure-Castile Soap

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Pure-Castile Soap

Pro: Completely cruelty free
Con: Will not give a heady lather

Certified Organic: Among our best soaps are a few 100% vegetable choices, but even they usually dance around the line of being truly natural and organic. If the vegan life is the life for you, Dr. Bronner is your go-to guy for getting clean. Starting off with coconut oil, then going into olive, hemp, and jojoba oils, this finishes off with a eucalyptus cherry on top for a clean that is refreshing and as gentle on your skin as it is on Mother Earth.

Purchase: $20

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