The 12 Best Crew Socks for Men to Wear Every Day in 2022

Photo: American Trench The Kennedy Luxury Athletic Sock | Huckberry

Of all the accessories you can buy to add to your daily outfit, there is genuinely not one more integral than some fresh socks. Whether you simply prefer to order a set of cheap basics or opt for the most luxurious option available is your business — at the end of the day, only so many people are paying attention to what socks you’re wearing. However, with your comfort in mind, not to mention keeping cool and dry, you should bask in the fact that there are an endless number of clothiers geared toward crafting the best possible pair of everyday crew socks.

Considering it’s always nice to keep things casual when the weather warms up, we say you should leave those stuffy argyle socks for the suits and toss them aside for the day because we took it upon ourselves to find ideal pairs of crew socks fit for practically any occasion. And since you can’t stay barefoot all day long — well, at least not if you plan to leave the house — we decided to wheel out a dozen of the best everyday men’s crew socks you can buy right now.

Uniqlo Low-Gauge Socks

Did you expect anyone else to kick this list off? UNIQLO’s eclectic collection of quality essentials comes in flocks, and the same applies to its socks. The wide-ribbed Low-Gauge option comes available in a quartet of subtle colors, deeming them a perfect accent to any outfit without sticking out like a sore thumb. Plus, they offer deodorizing features to ensure freshness even through the most strenuous days at work.

Purchase: $5

J.Crew Athletic Crew Socks

Getting a workout in doesn’t have to exclude you from staying stylish, and J.Crew knows that. With the upscale shopping mall staple’s Athletic Crew Socks, you can keep things plain, simple, and, above all else, sporty. Plus, these are made with a sustainable blend of cotton and nylon, ensuring that the socks are still eco-friendly regardless of the fact that they’re coming from such a large company.

Purchase: $18

Worn Ultra Soft Sunday Sock

These anti-microbial socks are crafted from WORN’s signature modal merino, resulting in unrivaled silk-like softness and a bolstered lifespan compared to your average pair of cotton socks. Made to keep your feet dry and cozy, this is a casual choice built to take on any scenario, as the brand itself claims that they’re perfect for anything from watching movies at home to running a 10K marathon.

Purchase: $19

American Trench Kennedy Luxury Athletic Sock

Labeling any pair of socks as “presidential” seems a bit far-fetched, but it is a sufficient way to describe this classic style. American Trench’s JFK-inspired pair is crafted from fine Supima cotton and rounded out with a cushioned sole, as well as a reinforced heel and toe area. Made right in the heart of Pennsylvania, no brand on the list exudes Americana as much as these.

Purchase: $20

Smartwool Classic Crew Merino Wool Sock

As far as comfort is concerned, it’s hard to top the ever-sustainable Smartwool. With its merino wool composition, these moisture-wicking socks are impressively lightweight and come available in a handful of colors that are sure to adhere to anyone’s wardrobe. Plus, thanks to their touch of elastane, they offer just the right amount of flexibility you need to throw them on with ease.

Purchase: $22+

Flint and Tinder Marled Socks

You can never go wrong with anything from Huckberry’s premier house brand, and these ultra-cozy socks are no exception. Flint and Tinder’s marled knit socks are made from a blend of plush and sturdy fibers to ensure that these retain their shape without sacrificing comfort. While these may be more appropriate for the wintertime, it’s never too early to stock up, especially when they come available in a variety of color choices.

Purchase: $22

Nike Everyday Plus Cushioned Training Crew

Whether you’ve seen these at the gym, at someone’s home, or out and about neighboring someone’s pair of Air Maxes, the point is that you have most definitely come across these ubiquitous Nike socks, and for good reason. The Swoosh’s standard-fitting Everyday Plus socks are as great for performance as they are for keeping things simple. Everyone could use a touch of sportsmanship, and what better brand to reel it in with than Nike?

Purchase: $22

Filson Midweight Traditional Crew Socks

Filson’s catalog is beyond trustworthy from head to toe, which brings us here. These stretchy, yet sturdy, Merino-composed socks are made even more comfortable thanks to an added touch of nylon and spandex, making them flexible and moisture-wicking. The Washington-bred brand aims to keep it simple here, offering no colors aside from gray and black.

Purchase: $28

Arvin Goods Old Skool Crew Sock

Sewn with style in mind, these socks from Arvin Goods were made by YUI.CO, a family-owned Japanese factory that has been making socks for over a century, so it’s safe to say you’re in good shape when buying these. Thanks to their Terry Loop Padded Footbed composition, you’ll be able to keep cozy even when the winds pick up, all the while feeling as though you’re walking on clouds.

Purchase: $28

Stance Joven Crew Socks

When it comes to socks, there are arguably no brands that can outdo Stance — seriously, ask any stylish person out on Venice Boulevard in L.A. what type of socks they have on, and they’re all more than likely bound to say Stance. However, the Utah-bred clothier’s roots are far from SoCal, as the brand has ventured out to the likes of even becoming the official sock of the NBA. If that co-sign doesn’t do it for you, then take our word for it. The label’s 3-pack of Joven socks are the perfect combination of sturdy and cozy, resulting in premier shape retention and a plush walk no matter where you find yourself throughout the day.

Purchase: $30

Bombas Vintage Stripe Calf Sock

As you learned earlier, there is “old skool,” and there’s vintage, and Bombas hits the nail on the latter’s head with this one. These retro-inspired calf-high socks are the perfect choice if you’re looking to veer from the modern-day mainstream, as these boldly-designed stripes serve as both a contemporary fashion statement and an homage to 1960s and ‘70s style. Plus, with their unique Honeycomb Support System and cushioned footbed, you may be more comfortable wearing these than you would be barefoot.

Purchase: $38

Lady White Co. Organic Cotton Socks

Rounding out this dozen is a sustainable choice from the forever-chic L.A.-based boutique, Lady White Co. The brand’s socks are finished off with a smooth rib-knit texture woven from a luxurious stretch organic cotton, ensuring nothing short of the most comfortable choice around. If you’re aiming for the most luxurious offering, there’s no better way to go than high fashion, and these minimalist socks have vogue written all over them.

Purchase: $65

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