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The Best Flasks To EDC Right Now

Photo: Stanley Master Flask

The 18th century was a period of rapid technological development, and as such gave way to a slew of then-ground-breaking inventions like the atmospheric steam engine and diving bell. While the majority of new patents from that era have failed to stand the test of time, there are a few 1700s creations that are still widely utilized today such as the mercury thermometer and the self-contained fire extinguisher, though one 18th-century invention that remains nearly as popular today as it did upon its introduction over three centuries ago is the modern hip flask.

Now having the benefit of more than 300 years since these stealthy liquid containers first rose to popularity, flasks are now produced in an enormous array of types and styles, typically varying in materials, size, and volume. Unfortunately, the vast majority of flasks that comprise the market are of the budget-friendly variety, often found at truck stops and smoke shops. If you know where to look, however, there is a small handful of more premium offerings utilizing higher-end constructions and employing more style-conscious designs — and it’s this top-shelf selection that we’ll be exploring today in this handpicked guide to the best flasks.

The Best Flasks For Everyday Carry

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What Factors To Consider When Buying A Flask

The purpose and function of every flask is more or less the same, however, these discreet vessels can and do vary in a myriad of ways. Below, we’ll touch on four of the most important elements to think about when shopping around for a new flask.

Flask Type: Though the lion’s share of flasks on the market are designed to be carried in a hip or coat pocket, there are in fact other, less-common varieties such as the boot flask, or collapsible vessels that can be discreetly tucked in any pocket or garment. It seldom hurts to go with the tried-and-true — which in this case would be the classic hip flask — but it’s still worth exploring the available possibilities before ultimately making your purchase.

Volume: Flasks come in a host of different sizes and dimensions — with 6oz and 8oz being the two most common by a pretty significant margin. Most drinkers will find that a 6oz vessel is sufficient for most uses, however for longer engagements like weddings or camping trips, a larger-sized flask will often come in handy. It’s also important not to confuse a flask’s weight with its internal liquid volume when reviewing specs.

Construction: Gone are the days where the vast majority of flasks were crafted from stainless steel and today’s market boasts items made from an enormous array of constructions. In addition to primary constructions — which can be composed of everything from steel and titanium to plastics to polymers — many flasks employ supplementary constructions in an effort to fortify or accessorize a flask through the use of leather or silicone. Quite a few companies also produce flasks with special finishes or coatings over the main construction.

Style: Considering that the modern hip flask has existed for several hundred years now, it’s frankly unsurprising that more than a few individuals and outfits have taken it upon themselves to produce idiosyncratic or stylized interpretations of the traditional liquor container, whether that be through employing unique shapes or treating to flasks to vibrant paints of patinaed finishes. Before buying a flask, it’s well worth exploring a decent selection of offerings, as there’s a decent chance one of these more fashion-forward flasks might catch your eye.

Flask2Go Foldable Flask

Photo: Amazon
  • Ultra-discreet
  • BPA-free plastic body features leakproof, twist-off cap
  • Completely devoid of any metal parts
  • Not made for long-term daily use

Best Collapsible Flask: Almost certainly the most stealthy and discreet flask available to date, the aptly-named Flask2Go is a collapsible and foldable flask that’s made from BPA-free plastic and is entirely devoid of any metal parts. Offered in a dozen different color and pattern options, the Flask2Go can hold roughly five shots of your favorite alcohol and features a leakproof, twist-off cap.

Construction: BPA-Free Plastic
Liquid Volume: 8oz

GSI Outdoors Boulder 6 Flask

Photo: Amazon
  • Made from shatter-resistant copolyester resin
  • Primary construction fortified via a grippy silicone bump-style frame
  • Also sold in larger 10oz versions
  • Connected cap design
  • Textured bump-style frame collects dust & dirt easily

Best Affordable EDC Flask: An ultra-rugged, camp-friendly flask with a 6oz volume, GSI Outdoors Boulder 6 Flask is made from a shatter-resistant copolyester resin that’s fortified via a grippy silicone bump-style frame encompassing the corners and edges of the flask. Weighing just 0.2lbs, this see-through flask also features a connected screw-down, wide-mouth top. GSI also makes a larger 10oz version of this same rugged flask.

Construction: Silicone-Reinforced Copolyester Resin
Liquid Volume: 6oz

Ragproper Black Silicone + Glass Flask

Photo: Amazon
  • Made from a ade from a non-reactive, break-resistant crystal glass
  • Features level window display
  • Sold with 2 cork seal-equipped lids
  • Also offered in leather-wrapped versions
  • Prone to breaking if dropped when full

Best Glass EDC Flask: A thoroughly modern take on a flask from Ragproper, this flask is made from a non-reactive, break-resistant crystal glass that’s wrapped entirely in a silicone cover, save for a small window portion on either side of the flask. In addition to being sold with a vented silicone funnel, this item also includes a metal lid and a plastic lid — both of which are equipped with natural cork seals.

Construction: Silicone-Covered Crystal Glass
Liquid Volume: 3.4oz

Stanley Master Flask

Photo: REI
  • Equipped with wide mouth
  • Rugged, outdoor-ready construction
  • Made by iconic American brand
  • Rustproof & dishwasher-safe
  • Not everyone appreciates the wide mouth opening

Best Camp/Outdoor Flask: Since 1913 Stanley has been producing quality outdoor gear and accessories, and the American brand’s Master Flask is no exception, putting Stanley’s rugged, signature spin on the age-old offering. Produced with black or green bases, this dishwasher-safe flask is 100% rustproof and is paired with a machined and knurled cap. It is worth noting that this flask does boast a wider mouth than normal — a trait some drinkers prefer, but some don’t.

Construction: Stainless Steel
Liquid Volume: 8oz

Vargo Titanium Funnel Flask

Photo: Amazon
  • Flask & lid crafted from top-shelf titanium
  • 8oz silicone reservoir covered in titanium body
  • Utilizes patented design
  • Knurled cap
  • Fairly heavy for a titanium flask at 3.7oz

Best Titanium EDC Flask: Another immensely popular modern flask, this 8oz item from Vargo is made in the brand’s signature top-shelf titanium construction — both the flask itself and the lid — and houses a food-safe and bio-compostable silicone reservoir, as well as an integrated silicone funnel. Boasting a patented design, this Vargo flask’s titanium construction also allows it to tip the scales at just 3.7oz (when empty)

Construction: Titanium
Liquid Volume: 8oz

Misc Goods Co. Ceramic Flask

Photo: Misc Goods Co.
  • Made in America
  • Boasts ceramic construction w/ 1/4” walls
  • Complemented via foil-stamping, brass hardware, & leather accent straps
  • Vintage-inspired design
  • Oversized 11oz size makes it harder to conceal

Best Vintage-Inspired EDC Flask: Inspired by flasks from over a century ago, this oversized 11oz flask is made-in-the-USA from an array of top-shelf materials, including being foil-stamped and boasting genuine brass hardware and leather accent straps. Measuring 4.5″ by 6.5”, this flask manages to be incredibly strong despite its ceramic construction, thanks to the use of ultra-thick 1/4” walls throughout.

Construction: Ceramic
Liquid Volume: 11oz

Snow Peak Titanium Flask

Photo: Amazon
  • Made from grade 5 titanium
  • Tips the scales at just 2.7oz
  • Great craftsmanship & finish
  • Sold with included suede carrying case & plastic funnel
  • Expensive price

Best Premium EDC Flask: Thanks to the use of top-shelf grade-5 titanium, this flask is able to accommodate half-a-dozen shots of your drink of choice, while weighing in at only 2.7oz. Shipped in special packaging that includes a suede carrying case and a plastic funnel, this product boasts Snow Peak’s typical top-notch fit and finish and quality control. Between the Japanese outdoor brand’s quality and the titanium construction, this item does cost a bit more, though once you get it in your hands the MSRP starts to feel pretty justified.

Construction: Titanium
Liquid Volume: 5.8oz

Bexar Goods Vermonter Flask

Photo: Bexar Goods
  • Made by hand in Texas & Vermont
  • Features hand-soldered solid copper construction
  • Flask comes wrapped in hand-sewn leather
  • Boasts genuine heirloom quality
  • Very expensive price

Best Heirloom-Grade EDC Flask: In typical Bexar fashion, the brand’s Vermonter flask represents an extremely high-end interpretation of a traditional vessel, born out of a collaborative effort with Jacob Bromwell. Made by hand in Texas and Vermont, this flask sports a hand-soldered solid copper construction wrapped in rich vegetable-tanned leather that’s then hand-sewn using poly thread. The result is a genuine heirloom-quality offering that’s rife for being passed down to future generations.

Construction: Copper & Leather
Liquid Volume: 9oz

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