19 Best Flasks For Everyday Carry

Aug 2, 2019

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There has always been something slightly nefarious about flasks. Whether used by a kid sneaking a little liquid courage into their school dance, or as a legal adult trying to dodge overpriced drinks at a concert, they’ve always been used as tools that helped drinkers bend the rules discretely. Flasks aren’t limited to scofflaws and underage drinkers, however. Far from it, they’re perfect for bringing your favorite spirit along with you on the trail, or while traveling for either business or pleasure.

Whether a small and casual piece designed for everyday carry or something a little more sizable and special that you can pass on as an heirloom, there is a flask out there for you. We’ve assembled a list of what we think are the 18 best flasks out on the market right now for you to scroll through and decide for yourself.

Top shelf Flasks

Top Shelf Flask

For the person who is looking for a solid container in a variety of different colors, this 8 ounce stainless steel flask with an attached screw down is the right way to go. The durable powder coated steel finish helps protect the flask from scratches you’d get from throwing it in your bag or back pocket while also giving it a quality feel for a low price.

Purchase: $8

Nalgene Flask

Nalgene Flask

We’ll be honest – we didn’t quite expect Nalgene to produce something like a hip flask given that so many of their products seem more catered to outdoorsy and active folks. But hey, outdoorsy and active folks like their drinks too. This durable plastic flask with accompanying shot-cap insulates up to 12 ounces of liquid goodness.

Purchase: $10

Mini keychain flask

Franmara Mini Keychain Flask

Sometimes all you need is just a little bit to tie you over. This mini keychain flask is built exactly for those times with a mirrored stainless steel body that can hold just about a shots worth of booze.

Purchase: $13

Gameboy Flask

Game Boy Hipflask

From the outset, Gameboys were designed to be easily carried in backpacks and pockets. From a user experience perspective then, flasks are pretty similar. So it would only make sense to combine the two for one awesome 8-ounce hooch container.

Purchase: $16+

Stanley Flask

Stanley Classic Flask

You can’t get more classic than a Stanley flask. The 8 ounce container is a perfect fit in your garage alongside your woodworking tools or out on the trails. It’s a no frills flask that will last a lifetime.

Purchase: $17

Shot Flask

Stone Cask Shot Flask

Swig is a pretty common adverb associated with booze more generally. Swig a beer, swig a whiskey, swig some rum out of your flask. Not everyone is keen on swigging though. This slim flask from Stone Cask comes with its own shot glass that periscopes open making it much easier to measure out your pour.

Purchase: $20

Drunk Hunt Flask

Ink Whiksey NES Drinking Flask

Yeah, that’s right, we included two retro Nintendo drinking flasks in our list. Whether you are a genuine fan of the old school Duck Hunt (labeled Drunk Hunt here) game from NES, or just get your kicks by drinking out of things you traditionally can’t, then this flask is for you.

Purchase: $20

portside flask

Cork Pops Porside Flask

One of the genuinely frustrating things about carrying a flask is you can really only guess at how much liquor you have in there. For some folks, that isn’t a big deal, but if you want to make sure you’re all loaded up and ready to go for whatever occasion you’re headed out to, it can really help to have a clear idea. This 4 ounce flask from Cork Pops features a window that allows users to look through and gives the flask a nautical vibe.

Purchase: $22

Evergrn Flask

evrgRn Last Call Flask

Whether you are looking for a little hydration on the trail or maybe something to help you wind down the day after miles of hiking, this stainless steel 8 ounce flask from REI’s hip Evrgrn brand has got you covered. With all the necessities of a flask put into an understated but unique package that includes a branded screw cap attached to a durable rubber leash, you won’t be let down.

Purchase: $25

Odeme Flask

Odeme Flask

If you are looking for something that’ll stand out without being loud or aggressive, this flask from Odeme is the way to go. The curved design on this powder coated stainless steel flask makes it more ideal for carrying in a bag then in your pocket, and gives you a 3 ounce capacity for toting your favorite spirit..

Purchase: $32

J. Crew Flask

J.Crew Leather Flask

Of course J.Crew makes flasks – and of course they look great. The stalwart men’s fashion company has turned out their own 8 ounce stainless steel flasks complete with a leather binding. Each one is stamped with a cheeky ‘This way up’ directional cue (as if you needed any reminding). All things said, this flask is a great choice for discrete drinking.

Purchase: $40

liquid body flask

Liquid Body Flask

If you are really dedicated to having something totally unique when it comes to owning a flask – this is not a bad way to go. Areaware’s 6 ounce stainless steel container looks as if it was a foil packet, but is in fact totally rigid. Each on is designed by the Brooklyn-based team at the Principals.

Purchase: $45

steadfast and strong

Steadfast & Strong Pewter Flask

Handmade in Sheffield, England, this 6 ounce pewter hip flask is undeniably classy. Leakproof and built to last, this piece from Steadfast & Strong retains the classic kidney shape and ditches the cap collar for a more straightforward and simple design. Keep one on you for more formal occasions or just reserve for your fancier spirits.

Purchase: $60

Salty Old Bastard Flask

If it’s character you’re looking for, then look no further than Sneerwell’s flasks. The husband and wife team in Denver takes each stainless steel flask through a controlled patina process, and finishes it off with a unique hand-etched design – making no two flasks alike. And seeing that they are all hand made in small batches, they can be a bit difficult to get your hands on.

Purchase: $65

Vargo Titanium Flask

Vargo Titanium Flask

Durability or ease of carry is not something you’ll have to worry about with this flask. A super lightweight and strong titanium container built to withstand wear and tear out on the trail, it won’t let you down no matter where you take it. The integrated silicone funnel makes it easy to refill, or can work as a funnel to pour your booze back int he bottle if you didn’t end up drinking it all in one go.

Purchase: $75

Filson Flask

Filson Flask

Much like J.Crew, the fact that Filson makes their own flask is as unsurprising as it is cool. Constructed from stainless steel, molded into a kidney shape, and covered in bridled leather complete with the brand’s logo embossed in the front, this 6 ouncer is both stylish and sophisticated.

Purchase: $78

Best Made Flask

Best Made 10 oz. Flask

It is hard to describe this 10 ounce flask from Best Made as anything other than just really damn cool. The embossed brand logo along with the command to ‘stay sharp’ on the pewter body is so simple yet at the same time so unlike what you tend to find on flasks. It is unique without being kitschy or too smart for its own good. Aesthetics aside, this flask is simply well built. Made in England out of pewter and paired with an American made waxed cotton case – it is a hell of a pick for any guy looking for a solid container to tote their favorite drink around in.

Purchase: $118

Snow Peak Flask

Snow Peak Titanium Curved Flask

A 6 ounce titanium flask crafted in Japan, Snow Peak’s offering is designed to fit easily in your winter jacket, keeping you extra warm on those long chilly nights. Not only is it extremely light and strong, but this flask won’t give your precious booze a metallic taste to it.

Purchase: $150

Great American Flask

Jacob Bromwell Great American Flask

Who said that flasks have to be made out of just stainless steel, titanium, plastic, or pewter? This piece from legendary designer and manufacturer Jacob Bromwell is hand made entirely from copper and given an American Birch wood stopper. Soldered, not welded, this 9 ounce flask is perfect for use while you are out golfing, camping, or out on the town. Using the same design Bromwell came up with back in 1819, this will prove to be timeless, making it a great heirloom piece to pass on to your own kids.

Purchase: $200

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