Scoured: The Best Gear On Huckberry

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This time last year, we were still right at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic — with little information regarding how long we’d be in lockdown and the number of infected people skyrocketing. Flash forward to today and, while we’re not out of the woods, it’s looking like many of us will be vaccinated in time to enjoy the warmer weather of spring 2021. However, a year of lockup likely means many of us need to gear up for the coming months.

That’s where this month’s guide to the best gear on Huckberry comes into play. For those who have been missing those warm-weather days out on the coasts and/or the shores of your favorite body of water, this collection of gear should get you ready to head back out to those windswept beaches. Get ready to bathe in the sun and cool spring breezes with this classic blacked-out loadout.

Aged & Infused Blue Sunday Alcohol Infusion Kit

Classic cocktails, when properly made, are pretty great. But they can be better with a little extra zazz, courtesy of the Aged & Infused Blue Sunday kit you see here. Simply pour your liquor of choice inside the container and wait. Over time, the flavors and aromas of lavender, lemon, and berry will be imparted upon your alcohol, adding just a bit more to the overall experience and allowing for a new spin on old drinks.

Purchase: $25

Upstate Stock Eco-Cotton Watchcap

While spring is finally here, there is still a bit of a chill in the air. You can stave that off by donning the Upstate Stock Eco-Cotton Watchcap, which is constructed from a cozy blend of repurposed, recycled cotton that’ll keep you warm without suffocating your cranium with too much stuffy heat — as is common with acrylic caps. If that’s not enough, it was also knit and finished in Brooklyn.

Purchase: $29

Flint and Tinder Surplus Collection Tee

Combining military styling and toughness with classic style basics, Flint and Tinder has crafted an especially desirable selection of apparel in the Surplus Collection. One such garment is this Cordura t-shirt — which is cozy enough to wear to sleep at night, but built tough enough to survive all your rigorous adventures.

Purchase: $38

Vans Classic Slip-On 98 DX Anaheim Factory

No sneaker says Southern California quite like a Vans Slip-On. However, this iconic piece of skate- and beach-inspired wear is all the better, as this version is a special edition made to pay homage to Vans’ very first factory in Anaheim. It is subtle and understated — not taking away from the silhouette itself — but boasts subtle throwback details (like higher glossed foxing tape) that harken back to the original version.

Purchase: $75

Grayers Sport Micro Pique Shorts

For warm-weather bottoms, nothing beats a good pair of shorts. And these ones are especially warm-weather-ready, as they’re ultralight and breezy — to the point that you might forget you’re wearing them at all. But worry not, the spandex-cotton blend can also stand up to plenty of activity and punishment. Chances are, if you pick these shorts up, they will quickly become your go-to pair.

Purchase: $78

Wexley Stem Daypack

Whether you’re traveling across the country or just hoofing it across town, you can’t go wrong with the Wexley Stem Daypack as your gear-hauler of choice. The minimalist styling looks great for any occasion, circumstance, or even outfit. And its 17L capacity, durable 1000D Cordura exterior, laptop pocket that fits computers up to 15 inches, and more will leave you wondering how you made it this long without one.

Purchase: $129

Relwen Windsurf Hoodie

If you’re looking for the perfect beach-ready pullover sweatshirt, we’ve got great news for you: the Relwen Windsurf Hoodie may very well be exactly what you’re seeking. It features double layering with a jersey face and a waffle-knit lining, a chest pocket for any small items you want to keep close (like a smartphone), and it has bartack reinforcements to ensure it’ll stand up to all your wanderings and wonderings.

Purchase: $178

Light Phone II

If you’re going to be getting outside this spring, you may want to leave your smartphone at home — as it is likely only going to distract you. Or you could swap it for something a bit more focused, like the Light Phone II. This device will let you make calls, send texts, listen to music, and even hail a ride. But it doesn’t support time-wasting apps like social media and mindless games.

Purchase: $300

Garret Leight Hampton X 10th Anniversary Collection Sunglasses

You might find yourself wanting to watch the sunset, but we’d suggest against that. In fact, we’d say — on top of pointing your eyes elsewhere — you should don a pair of shades like these from Garret Leight. They look great with just about any outfit and they boast features like full UV protection, an anti-reflective coating, and both scratch and smudge resistance.

Purchase: $395

Mararthon MSAR Automatic Watch

Commonly referred to as the TSAR (Tritium Search and Rescue), Marathon’s MSAR is an everyday-worthy dive watch powered by a reliable Swiss automatic movement, loaded with Tritium illumination for all-conditions viewing, and its stainless steel case is good for depths of up to 300m — meaning you could literally take this on a dive down to the ocean floor to check out the reefs if you felt so inclined.

Purchase: $900

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