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The Muscle Car Batmobile From ‘The Batman’ Is Now A 1.3K-Piece LEGO Kit

The Batmobile is easily one of the most iconic movie cars that pop culture has to offer, and with countless renditions, it’s hard to imagine anyone not having their personal favorite. Well, next year’s oft-delayed Batman film has Bruce Wayne’s alter ego driving around in what might as well be called the BatMuscle, with its Charger-like exterior, designed by none other than revered digital artist Ash Thorp. While everyone is still waiting to see how Robert Pattinson pulls off being Batman, LEGO has released a model of Thorp’s design for the film utilizing its motorized TECHNIC mechanics in anticipation of its not-so-soon release.

This polarizing, new muscle car take on the Batmobile may be off-putting for DC purists, with a far more sporty look primarily being up the Dark Knight’s alley; but, hey, it’s about time Batman’s glitzy manners took a bit of a detour. Made up of an evenly humble 1,360 pieces, the model comes with a pair of light-up bricks, one red and one yellow, with the latter attaching to the front grill and the former adding some shine to its toy engine on the rear end. Its functions don’t just stop there, as this bad boy has got moving pistons, a spinning flame, opening doors, and front steering, not just making it an interesting look for Batman fans, but any LEGO fanatics, as well.

With exactly six different versions of the Batmobile now available for sale on the LEGO website, there’s surely a lot to choose from. Nevertheless, this is their latest, envisioned by a meticulous designer, and it even lights up. Take it for a spin for $100.

Purchase: $100