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Capitalize On Your Truck’s Unused Storage Space With These Hidden Slide-Out Taillight Drawers

Black Sheep Innovations Truck Rear Light Drawers 0 Hero
Photos: Black Sheep Innovations

Based in Zürich, Black Sheep Innovations is a Swiss off-road outfit that sells a wide rang of aftermarket accessories and add-ons as well as a handful of its own unique components — the latest of which to break cover is a set of slide-out storage shelves that hide behind a truck’s taillights. 

Black Sheep Innovations Truck Rear Light Drawers 1
Photo: Black Sheep Innovations

Capitolizing on previously unused storage space inside unused body space in the pickup bed, Blacksheep Innovation’s Rear Light Drawers run the entire length of the flatbed, though are partially limited in size due to the truck’s protruding rear wheel wells. It’s also worth pointing out that the left drawer is slightly shorter due to the placement of the trucks’ fuel filler neck. Mounted via a vibration-free, pivoting bracket, the entire kit also retains and utilizes the stock taillights, and doesn’t see those items modified in any way.

Black Sheep Innovations Truck Rear Light Drawers 2
Photo: Black Sheep Innovations

Made from a combination of stainless steel and aluminum, the sliding drawer set has also been fortified via a black powder-coated finish. Fully lockable via an included set of keys, the drawer set is sold with everything needed to complete the conversion, including the necessary cables, energy chains, and linear pull-outs. The size of the slide-out storage areas also make the drawers perfect for housing longer, narrow items and pieces of gear such as rifles, axes, fishing poles, and camping tents. When installed correctly, the kit also doesn’t change or compromise the flatbed’s strength or structural integrity. 

Black Sheep Innovations Truck Rear Light Drawers 3
Photo: Black Sheep Innovations

Thus far only offered in versions for the Volkswagen Amarok and Toyota Hilux, the Black Sheep Innovations Rear Light Drawers are available now with pricing set at ₣3,392 (~ $3,600) per pair.