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Scoured: The Best Gear On Amazon

While we have a long road ahead of us, the world is finally starting to slowly reopen in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic crisis. And while we still urge folks to keep their distance, wear masks whenever appropriate, and be kind to one another, we’re also itching to get back out into the world alongside everyone else. One of the biggest benefits of the current re-opening plan is that National Parks and State Parks are slowly starting to let people back in. That means its very nearly time for us to get back out into the woods and go on hiking and camping trips.

Of course, that’s better managed with up-to-date gear, which is what we have for you today. We’ve gone to the trouble of searching all four corners of online retail giant Amazon for a collection of outdoor gear suited perfectly to this late spring weather. For June of 2020, this is the best gear you can get on Amazon.

Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

Whether you need to learn how to craft a sling to catch small game or navigate back to civilization from the darkest wilderness, Bushcraft 101 is an indispensable tome of information that, in the hands of a cautious reader, could save your life. But you don’t have to take our word for it, as Dave Canterbury’s work is so good, it made it onto the New York Times Bestseller list for sports and travel.

Purchase: $12

UCO Stormproof Match Kit

Especially after the sun dips over the horizon, the ability to start a fire might be a necessary survival skill out in the woods. Of course, you don’t need to be a bushcraft expert if you’re smart enough to haul along UCO’s Stormproof Match Kit — which is waterproof, comes with a set of waterproof matches and striking pads, and can hold up to 40 matches at a time.

Purchase: $13

SOG Folding Saw

Whether you need to clear some space to pitch a tent, gather kindling, or just get rid of some pesky branches in your backyard, SOG’s Folding Saw is up to the task. Boasting a tempered carbon steel blade at 17.25″ in length, a soft and grippy TPR handle, and the ability to fold down to half its size for transport and storage, this is a handy outdoor tool if there ever was one.

Purchase: $19

Stanley Classic Flask

Unless you’re in a dire survival situation, there will come a time out in the wilderness when the hard work is over and its time to relax. And its a lot easier to kick back and get cozy if you’ve got a Stanley Classic Flask filled to the brim with your favorite camping whiskey. It’s rustproof, durable as all hell, has an integrated screw-top lid that you won’t accidentally drop and lose, and it’s leakproof.

Purchase: $20

CRKT Freyr Axe

Designed by Elmer Roush and inspired by actual Viking hardware, the CRKT Freyr is a classic style camping hatchet made with modern sensibilities and materials. That includes a Tennessee Hickory wood handle, hot forged 1055 carbon steel, and an optional sheath. You don’t have to be of Norse descent to make the most of this hatchet, but it might make you feel like you are.

Purchase: $55

Tops TPUK-01 Tanimboca Puukko Knife

Another classic Scandinavian design with a modern twist, the Tops TPUK-01 Tanimboca Puukko knife is a reliable outdoor-focused survival fixed blade with a 1095 steel and canvas Micarta construction. Its shape makes for a useful all-around tool without any extraneous design flaws. It also comes with a handy leather sheath for easy belt wear. Not to mention, this particular version was made in the USA.

Purchase: $95

Arc’teryx Starke Pant

You can always trust the Arc’teryx name to deliver great-looking and superbly-performing outdoor gear. And their Starke Pants you see here are definitely no exception. They’re ultralight, minimalist, and stylish while also offering superb weatherproofing, durability, and comfort.

Purchase: $109

Fjallraven Duffel No. 4

Especially when it comes to weekend jaunts, you’re going to need a handy bag in which to stash all your gear. And you could do a whole lot worse than the Fjallraven Duffel No. 4. Built from sturdy G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco fabric and equipped with leather carry straps that can be hauled over the shoulder of like a briefcase, this 40L bag is perfect for short getaways, be that in the city or countryside or anywhere in-between.

Purchase: $150

Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger Boot

Boasting beautiful classic styling with modern touches, the Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger Boots are the kind of footwear that could last a lifetime or more. They boast 100% high-grain leather uppers, triple stitching, a Vibram outsole, and more. But what we might love about them the most is the fact that they’re made in the USA.

Purchase: $233+

Filson Mackinaw Jac Shirt

Spring weather can be tricky sometimes. It might be sunny and warm at one moment and then chilly the next. That’s why we suggest bringing something along on your treks like the Filson Mackinaw shirt jacket. It’s built from 26oz wool that’s warm without being too heavy, has simple snap-buttons for easy on and off, and it looks spectacular.

Purchase: $299+