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The Best Copper EDC Essentials For Patinaed Carry

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Though it’s admittedly a bit antiquated from a modern metallurgy perspective — being a fairly soft metal, even at its hardest — copper has nonetheless become a surprisingly popular material in the everyday carry space. Used by man as far back as the ancient Sumerians, copper now boasts a distinctive old-timey quality to it that has the ability to inject some old-school flavor and aesthetics into any EDC loadout. In a bid to shine a light on some of our favorite copper kit currently available, we’ve generated this guide to the best copper everyday carry essentials that money can buy. 

The Best Copper EDC Breakdown

Copper Carrying

What Makes Copper Special Or Ideal For EDC?

As briefly touched on above, copper doesn’t really provide any objective advantage or benefit when it comes to using the material for EDC applications — aside from its ability to conduct electricity, which isn’t really relevant here, nor is the fact that copper is largely non-magnetic. Compared to contemporary alloys like titanium, aluminum, or stainless steel, copper isn’t particularly strong, hard, or lightweight. In fact it’s quite the opposite. What makes copper special — and an increasingly popular construction for everyday carry items — is its decidedly antique-looking appearance. Because of this, copper has the ability to add some retro flare to any array of EDC items — even more so after oxidizing or developing a unique patina over time.  So, while it’s purely subjective, it’s copper’s unique and unmistakably old-school feel that’s made it one of the go-to materials in the modern EDC arena.

Quality Cu-racteristics

What Factors Should I Consider When Buying Copper EDC Gear?

Though copper will obviously be heavily utilized for the construction of every item on this list, there are still additional factors that are worth taking into account when shopping for copper EDC gear — the most important of which we’ll be touching on directly below. 

Size: No matter its construction, size and weight should always be factored into the equation when looking at EDC gear. As a result, this is undoubtedly one area you’ll want to consider when shopping. 

Value: Just like with normal pieces of aluminum or titanium everyday carry gear, EDC items crafted from brass can pretty massively vary when it comes to overall value. Depending on your budget, you may want to pay special attention to the level of bang for your buck offered by each item that you’re considering.

Build Quality: There are a lot of different ways to manufacturer copper products. As a result, construction technique(s) and build quality are areas that should also be reviewed when shopping, as these areas will massively impact overall durability and longevity, plus will no doubt impact pricing. 

Versatility: With everyday carry gear aiming to offer utility and preparedness, versatility makes for another characteristic that’s always desired in EDC items — making this yet another important area to explore when shopping, as an items versatility can also increase its value. 

Secondary Materials: While copper may represent the primary construction of most of the items on this list, there are still plenty of other materials being used to craft these EDC offerings. For this reason, you’ll also want to check on the rest of the material selection used to manufacturer any item that you’re considering adding to your everyday carry arsenal. 

Prometheus Lights Kappa Quick Release Keychain

Prometheus Lights Kappa Quick Release Keychain
Photo: Prometheus Lights
Why It Made The Cut
  • A compact yet ultra-secure quick-release keychain with a QR mechanism that uses a proprietary canted coil spring. 

Best QR Keychain: Also offered in Lexan, titanium, Derlin, brass, and 6061 aluminum with electroless nickel constructions, the Prometheus Lights Kappa Quick Release has long been one of our favorite QR keychains — as well as one of our favorite pieces of EDC gear, period. Crafted from C145 copper, this version of this QR keychain utilizes a sloping snag-free design and a simple-push-pull mechanism that uses a proprietary canted coil spring design that requires 10lbs of force to separate. 

Closure: Keyring
Mechanism: Canted Coil Spring
Construction(s): Copper

CRKT Pilar Copper Knife

CRKT Pilar Knife
Photo: Blade HQ
Why It Made The Cut
  • A copper-scaled version of CRKT’s popular value-laden frame-locking everyday carry knife. 

Best Copper EDC Knife: Penned by Danish knife designer Jesper Voxnaes, the CRKT Pilar has been a staple in Colombia River Knife and Tool’s catalog since being in 2017, with this fan-favorite folder offering incredible bang for your buck and making for an all-around stellar EDC option. Spanning 5.90” overall, this gen-one Pilar variant features a stainless steel frame with a copper handle scale on its show side and a frame-lock on the other. Mated to the handle is a 8Cr13MoV sheepsfoot blade that offers true workhorse capabilities thanks to its 2.40” and super beefy 0.15” thickness — with this latter spec typically being reserved for markedly more expensive knives. If you already own a regular version of the Pilar, brands like Flytanium also sell copper handle scale upgrades a la cart. 

Blade Steel: 8Cr13MoV
Blade Length: 2.40”
Overall Length: 5.90”
Handle Material: Stainless Steel
Lock: Framelock

Mini Griffin Pocket Tool

Mini Griffin Pocket Tool
Photo: Griffin
Why It Made The Cut
  • A super pocketable eight-in-one pocket tool with a single-piece machined brass construction. 

Best Copper Pry Bar: The Mini Griffin Pocket Tool is a small but mighty multi-tool that’s been machined from a solid piece of copper into a shape that features a suite of integrated tools and functions. Equipped with eight tools in total, this item comes loaded with a bottle opener, pocket clip, flathead driver, scoring tool, a pry bar tool, a 1/4” bit driver and wrench, a 5/16” and 11/32” hex wrench. In addition to also being produced in regular and XL sizes, this pocket tool is offered in a wide variety of different machined constructions as well, ranging from titanium to brass to steel. 

Material: Copper
Length: 2.0”
Weight: 0.56oz

RovyVon Aurora A9 Pro G4 Copper Keychain Flashlight

RovyVon Aurora A9 Pro G4 Copper
Photo: RovyVon
Why It Made The Cut
  • A small but super potent keychain light with a copper housing and up to 650 lumens on tap. 

Best Copper Flashlight: Measuring less than 2.50” in length and 0.65” in diameter, RovyVon Aurora A9 Pro G4 Copper Keychain Flashlight is an updated fourth-generation version of an already outstanding everyday carry keychain torch. Despite its tiny size, the Aurora A9 Pro G4 Copper is not only loaded with features — with this light boasting a lockout mode, multiple power modes, a memory mode, and a strobe function — but it’s also incredibly potent thanks to a high-output LED emitter offering a 360’ throw and a maximum output of 650 lumens. Fitted with a detachable magnetic pocket clip, this copper flashlight can also be upgraded via a pair of optional blue or green-glowing tritium vial inserts for an extra $40. 

Length: 2.38”
Body Material: Copper
Max Lumen Output: 650

County Comm Copper X Peanut Lighter

County Comm Copper X Peanut Lighter
Photo: County Comm
Why It Made The Cut
  • A waterproof copper lighter w/ a removable insert that allows the housing to act as a waterproof stash container. 

Best Copper Lighter: Peanut lighters are classic survival accessories that have been around since the World Wars. Having this on hand gives you light and fire that’s reliable with a look that’s timeless. Weighing in at only 3oz, this particular peanut lighter features a machined copper body that sports a screw-down top, a removable lighter insert that offers up to 15 minutes of continuous burn time one a single refill. With its lighter insert removed, this EDC lighter’s waterproof copper housing and screw-down cap can also double as a pill or stash vial. This item will slowly form a unique patina over time with regular use, though can also be kept looking new and fresh using lemon juice. 

KeyBar Copper Key Organizer

KeyBar Copper Key Organizer
Photo: KeyBar
Why It Made The Cut
  • A super rugged and robust yet incredibly simple EDC key organizer with storage for up to 28 keys.

Best Copper Key Organizer: Also offered in aluminum, brass, titanium, or G-10 constructions the KeyBar Copper Key Organizer is a straight-forward and incredibly robust everyday carry key organizers that can accommodate a dozen standard house keys — or up to 28 standard house keys when using its expandable extension. While it may not be particularly innovative, the overall simplicity of this everyday carry key organizer coupled with its rugged build quality and thick alloy construction practically guarantee decades of everyday use. There are also numerous tool inserts that can be added to the KeyBar including everything from drop point blades to flathead bit drivers.  

Max Key Capacity: 28
Primary Material: Copper

Big Idea Design Slim Bolt Action Pen

Big Idea Design Slim Bolt Action Pen
Photo: Big Idea Design
Why It Made The Cut
  • A copper bolt-action EDC pen with an internally adjustable mechanism & the ability to accept over 100 refill types.

Best Copper EDC Pen: Benefitting from ultra tight tolerances and a meticulous machining and manufacturing process, the Big Idea Design Slim Bolt Action Pen is a fidget-friendly EDC writing tool that features a copper body with an internally adjustable mechanism, a reversible deep-carry pocket clip, and the ability to accept more than 100 different refill types without requiring any tools, hacks, or modifications of any kind. In addition to offering this pen with an optional Damascus pocket clip upgrade, Big Idea Design also includes a free Damascus bolt upgrade with every pen (alongside the regular alloy bolt that’s also included). Like all of their pens, this bolt-action item is also backed by Big Idea Design’s lifetime warranty.

Construction: Copper
Length: 5.30”

Jamie Feinstein Hammered Copper Swiss Army Knife

Jamie Feinstein Hammered Copper Swiss Army Knife
Photo: Jamie Feinstein Jewelry Design
Why It Made The Cut
  • An upgraded hand-worked copper-scaled Victorinox Classic SD made in America by an artisan jeweler. 

Best Copper Multi-Tool: Headquartered out of Nebraska, Jamie Feinstein Design typically trades in high-end hand-worked jewelry, though the Omaha-based artisan has recently applied his expertise to the creation of a super high-end custom Swiss Army knife. Based on a Victorinox Classic SD — which is already normally one of our favorite SAKs for EDC — the Jamie Feinstein Hammered Copper Swiss Army Knife sees the regular multi-tool’s Cellidor scales jettisoned in favor of a new set of handmade hammered copper scales derived from 99% recycled content. Jamie Feinstein also makes a version of this SAK with smooth copper scales, as well. 

No. of Tools: 7
Handle Material: Hammered Copper
Length (Closed): 2.28″

Jason Bromwell Model One Flask

Jason Bromwell Model One Flask
Photo: Jason Bromwell
Why It Made The Cut
  • A solid copper flask made entirely by hand today just as it was upon its debut in 1819. 

Best Copper Flask: Backed by a lifetime warranty, the Jason Bromwell Model One Flask is a modern day reissue of a solid copper flask that first hit the market in 1819 and has gone pretty much entirely unchanged ever since. This old-school-looking 9oz vessel takes inspiration from traditional whiskey stills used to make whiskey, leading to its pure copper construction. The top of this EDC-friendly flask has also been capped off with a historically-accurate American Birch stopper. What’s more, the exterior of the flask benefits from Jacob Bromwell’s SuperPolish finish which is made to stand up to immense heat and hard use while a molten, lead-free tin has been applied to the interior using a proprietary application method. And, just like it was in 1819, this flask is still made entirely by hand, from start to finish. 

Construction: Copper
Closure: American Birch Stopper
Volume: 9oz

Baltic Aquascaphe Bronze Brown Watch

Baltic Aquascaphe Bronze Brown Watch
Photo: Baltic Watches
Why It Made The Cut
  • A retro-inspired automatic dive watch with a 39mm case made from patina-ready CuAl8 copper. 

Best Copper EDC Watch: Made by beloved Parisian micro brand Baltic, the Aquascaphe Bronze Brown Watch is an unmistakably vintage-inspired dive watch that still retains a variety of thoroughly modern characteristics and visual elements including  a sapphire crystal, a sapphire bezel insert, a quick-release bracelet, Super-Luminova C1 lume, and 200 meters of water resistance. Kept ticking via an automatic Miyota 9039 movement with a 39-hour power reserve, this watch is crafted around a 39mm case made from bronze CuAl8 — a combination of 92% copper and 8% aluminum and chosen for its ability to slowly form a unique patina over time with regular use. This Baltic watch also offers pretty stellar bang for your buck. 

Case Size: 39mm
Water Resistance: 200m
Movement: Automatic

The Best Carbon Fiber Everyday Carry Essentials

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