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The 8 Best Small Toolboxes For The Handyman

Photo: Best Made Co. 15" Toolbox

Just as every sword needs a sheath, tools need toolboxes in which to store them when they’re not in use. And, like sheaths, toolboxes are sometimes more than just a place to store your tools. For the handyman who cares about his instruments and how they’re kept and transported, the toolbox is almost as important as its contents.

While there are a lot of chests, benches, and crates that can get the job done well, some DIYers and handymen find themselves sometimes needing to make repairs away from the garage or workshop. In those cases, a smaller device in which to transport one’s tools is an absolute necessity. Sure, you could just toss the tools you need haphazardly into a bag, but you’d be risking disorganization and potentially disrespecting some of your most valued/valuable personal belongings. But we think it better to haul them around in one of the eight best small toolboxes for the handyman.

Homak Steel Toolbox

Not everybody needs an excessive amount of features out of their toolbox. For some, a simple box with a secure lid is plenty to get the job done. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for simplicity, so long as you opt for the budget-friendly Homak Steel Toolbox. There’s little to this one other than a solid steel construction, a flip-top lid with a single latch, and a removable internal tray. But, that’s plenty for the minimalist handyman who just needs to haul a handful of tools from place to place.

Purchase: $29

Trusco ST-350-B Toolbox

Done up in a striking blue colorway and with an interesting tiled pattern pressed into the steel that makes up its construction, Trusco’s ST-350-B Toolbox is most definitely one of the most eye-catching on our list. But it’s also one of the most organization-friendly, as the cantilevered split lid opens up to reveal a large main compartment, as well as a pair of secondary, smaller, mounted trays. Better still, those trays come with their own dividers to keep everything in said trays separate — giving handymen the ability to store nails, screws, bits, and whatever other miscellaneous parts or hand tools you might need on the job.

Purchase: $52

Metalplus Single Layer Toolbox

If you’re a strong believer that sometimes simple is better, then the Metalplus Single Layer Toolbox is probably the on-the-go handyman storage for you. It’s built from sturdy epoxy-coated metal, features a central opening for full and easy access, and has a large, simple handle for easy hauling. Measuring up at 18″ long, 8.5″ wide, and 4.5″ deep, this Italian-made toolbox is a perfect pared-down minimalist tool hauler without any excessive flash.

Purchase: $60

USAG Cantilever Toolbox

Proof positive that a standard-shaped toolbox doesn’t have to adhere to standard functionality, this handsome rectangular steel storage container features a cantilevered construction that opens in the center to reveal a trio of storage spaces. The large central space is perfect for your larger tools, like hammers or camp hatchets, while the two smaller attached trays fit drivers, wrenches, and more. This particular toolbox also benefits from a small padlock hole so you can lock up your tools if you want to ensure their safety and security.

Purchase: $75

Rampage Products Jerry Can Toolbox

Most small toolboxes were built with on-the-go handymen in mind, but few were truly made to actually ride along in your vehicle. But, as anyone who has spent a lot of time on- or off-the-road can tell you, sometimes your ride requires a little maintenance. And that can be especially difficult to manage if you’re away from civilization. Thankfully, there’s the Rampage Jerry Can Toolbox. Made to fit in the same space as a gas can — like those mounted on many classic 4x4s — this heavy-duty steel container is actually a multi-compartment storage unit perfect for wrenches, pliers, and whatever else you might need to keep your favorite overlander running.

Purchase: $80

Best Made 15″ Toolbox

We’re firm believers that there is beauty in simplicity, which is proven ten times over in Best Made’s 15″ Toolbox. Crafted in the United States from 22-gauge steel, every primary piece was made by hand and lovingly constructed and hand spot-welded into this minimalist tool hauler. It’s also powder-coated for extra durability, has a simple single latch closure, and is available in your choice of three handsome colors. Whether you’re a fisherman looking for a new tackle box, a DIY enthusiast who needs a place to stash your hand tools, or you just need a small storage box to stash in your off-road 4×4, this is the one for you.

Purchase: $88

Kennedy Manufacturing 1022B Toolbox

What’s really exceptional about the Kennedy Manufacturing 1022B Toolbox you see before you is that it boasts an accessible opening that allows for a greater amount of internal access, as well as more organizational options. Rather than a standard flip-top lid, this tool hauler opens like a doctor’s bag — splitting at the center — and unfolds to reveal a large main compartment alongside a quartet of tiered organizer trays, so you can keep everything from your drivers to screws in perfect order. This cantilevered toolbox is also made in the USA from ultra-durable powder-coated steel.

Purchase: $198

Snap-On KRA25D Toolbox

Snap-On is a legendary tool manufacturing brand that’s the number one go-to for a huge number of industry professionals. So it makes a lot of sense that they’d pare their expertise down the line and into their tool-hauling offerings, as well. And that can be seen in abundance within their KRA25D toolbox. Gorgeous in its simplicity, but with an all-metal construction that could survive a bomb blast, this USA-made hauler has 180 square-inches of storage space and comes with a removable tote tray for even more organization and versatility. For the handyman on the go, you simply can’t do better than this small toolbox.

Purchase: $314

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