Garmin’s Instinct Tactical Edition Watch Was Built For HALO Jumps

In a world where the inclusion of a tactical watch into a company’s lineup is something of a necessity, it’s become all-the-more clear that the utilitarian principle behind the purposeful silhouette has become overtly commoditized. While the industry’s understanding of a true tactical watch has become somewhat diluted, Garmin has stayed true to its roots with the Instinct line — a series of models built for the adept operator.

The company’s covert, impact-resistant Instinct line was released last fall; so, in an attempt to bring the model even further into the realm of purposeful use, Garmin has upgraded the watch with the Tactical Edition (AKA Instinct TE). Here, you’ll find specialized additions like the Jumpmaster mode, which can be used in tandem with HAHO, HALO and BASE skydiving, a Military Grid Reference System, and a backlight mode that pairs perfectly with NVDs (Night Vision Devices). It even features one of the industry’s first stealth modes, which disables all of the watch’s wireless modules and stops the record, and transmission, of GPS coordinates. Aside from the wristwear’s tactical functionality, it also features an impact-resistant composite polymer construction, monochrome display, 100-meter waterproofing, and reinforced glass that meets the precedents set forth by MIL-STD-810. The Garmin Instinct Tactical Edition watch is available now via the company’s website for $350.

Purchase: $350