The 15 Best White Sneakers For Men

Photo: Adidas Originals Super Court Premiere

Footwear is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a guys wardrobe, acting as a literal foundation for each additional garment to build off of. If you’re looking to craft a complete outfit, the shoe is the perfect place to start; but not every variant, color, and style can work in unison. Sometimes, it takes a little bit of effort to piece together the ultimate getup — something that’s made a bit easier thanks to our favorite white footwear.

The all-white shoe is a staple of style, and for good reason; it’s pairable with almost everything, provides a clean foundation for other clothing items to show their potential, and offers an indescribable err of class that’s hard for other shoe colors to replicate. If you’re a fashion-minded shoe aficionado who’s looking to step his game up when it comes to stylish shoes, you need to have at least one pair of all-white sneakers in your arsenal. Below, we’ll outline a handful of our favorites, and give you some insight regarding their time-tested lineage.

Adidas Stan Smith

Adidas’ Stan Smith shoe is about as iconic as it gets. It’s been a part of the company’s established lineup for over 40 years, making it one of the oldest silhouettes in production today, and proving its worth as one of the sneaker industry’s most influential variants. While modern-day Stan Smith’s don’t replicate the originals, detail for detail, their minimalist styling, classic colors, and subtle branding harken back to the retro sports shoe that helped to form Adidas’ future offerings. As a precursor to the iconic three-stripe design, this all-white example boasts a specialized Trefoil cutout, premium leather upper, and nostalgic lineage.

Purchase: $50

Vans Authentic

Vans’ Authentic sneaker has been around for longer than we can remember, and over time, it’s become as much of a cultural symbol as it is a piece of fashionable, affordable footwear. The Authentic has become synonymous with skate and surf culture due to Vans’ long-running lineage in both sports, and while they’ve implemented up-to-date fabrics, support, and reinforcement into a number of their modern silhouettes, the overall formula remains the same. A low-cut top, durable canvas, and tasteful metal eyelets round out the classic shoe, giving it a look that’s served to transcend the sneaker world’s evolutionary mindset.

Purchase: $50

Superga Cotu Classic

Superga’s Cotu Classic shoe borrows some of its styling from alternative brands, but that doesn’t make the shoe any less lauded. This classic kick features a durable canvas exterior, subtle branding, an unlined canvas interior, and a stylish, low-cut silhouette that doesn’t skimp when it comes to tasteful wear. While Superga might not be a household name for many western buyers, the brand has acquired quite the following internationally, making these cleanly-tailored shoes a favorite the world over.

Purchase: $65

New Balance 997H

New Balance broke the mold when it created the original 997, and these days, the shoe has acted as a surrogate for a handful of alternative variants, offshoots, and styles. The brand’s 997H is one such example, boasting a next-generation silhouette that’s been pared down to compete with modern offerings. It features a soft foam midsole for exceptional cushioning throughout the day, an iconic design that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go, and a variety of colorways that are sure to appease even the most stubborn sneakerhead. Since you’re looking at this list to satiate your thirst for white sneakers, however, you can rest assured; the all-white 997H is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing variants around, giving it the legs it needs to stand among the industry’s finest variants.

Purchase: $70

Reebok Club C 85

Reebok’s Club C 85 is an iconic replica of one of the brand’s most iconic shoes, implementing a handful of modern textiles, an improved support system, and refined design choices to make it stand out from the crowd. It features a molded sock liner, durable rubber outsole, and a cushioned midsole to ensure a day’s worth of comfortable wear. On its exterior, supple leather construction pairs with Reebok’s timeless window box logo to create a unique look that’s oddly simplistic, but undeniably great.

Purchase: $70

Tretorn Nylite Plus

Tretorn’s Nylite Plus is the brand’s signature silhouette, and thanks to its often-duplicated-but-never-imitated styling, it’s held onto a reputation of immense popularity. As you might expect, this retro shoe harkens back to the sneakers of old, thanks to an old-school persona that’s been accented with updated textiles. To set the shoe apart, the brand has administered a flexible upper alongside the Nylite Plus’ environmentally friendly ecoOrtholite sock liner, gifting it both a well-crafted construction and comfortable composition. A non-marking rubber outsole and canvas upper round out the stylish offering, making it a quintessential piece for any guy who’s looking to clean up his image for the night.

Purchase: $70

Nike Cortez

Nike’s Cortez silhouette is another timeless classic that’s right at home on any sneaker list, and this one is no different. The white-on-white iteration of the company’s stylish icon is surely a sight to behold, thanks to its comfortable construction, adaptable styling, and iconic looks, making it a surefire pairing with any fashionable outfit. Whether you’re looking to sport these sneakers alongside a pair of cuffed pants or rock them at a formal outing with your finest tailored suit, you’ll look the part of a gentleman.

Purchase: $75

Reebok Classic Trainer

Reebok’s Classic Trainer doesn’t boast its title without any basis; it was released all the way back in 1983 and continues to sport one of the most aesthetically-pleasing styles today. These shoes are primed to remain a staple in every guy’s wardrobe for years to come, thanks to their minimalist garment leather uppers, die-cut EVA midsoles, and lightweight cushioning, offering wearers a healthy middle ground between stylish attribution and comfortability. On the shoe’s interior, you’ll find a form-fitting molded PU sock liner, bringing an additional layer of durability and comfort to the Classic.

Purchase: $75

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70 needs no introduction. As one of the brand’s most transcendental shoes, this hi-top wonder has been updated countless times since its release all the way back in the 1970s and continues to refine the tasteful silhouette for modern wear. The sneaker’s newest iteration is chock full of interesting upgrades, including additional cushioning, improved canvas, and premium materials that bring it into another echelon when it comes to fashionable function. On the interior, you’ll find a supremely plush insole, which has been upgraded to offer enhanced arch support and stability, alongside the standardized implementation of an all-new 12-ounce canvas and wing tongue stitch.

Purchase: $85

Nike Air Force 1

Nike’s Air Force 1 is a legendary shoe that continues to grow in popularity, thanks to its iconic lineage. Over the tenure of the sneaker, the silhouette hasn’t changed all that much — it still features a leather, synthetic, or textile upper, depending on which style you buy, encapsulated Air cushioning, and a non-marking rubber outsole to ensure adequate grip from the court to the blacktop. At the shoe’s collar, you’ll find reinforced padding to promote a snug, comfortable fit, making the Air Force 1 a genre-bending variant that bridges the gap between bulky athletic sneakers, and their street-styled counterparts.

Purchase: $90

Adidas Originals Super Court Premiere

Adidas Originals’ Super Court Premier is an all-white example that bridges the gap between the tennis court and the street, offering wearers a timeless style that transcends the boundaries of streetwear and athletic shoes. They feature a wavy multilayer construction, accented by a series of intricate leathers, a large, all-encompassing midsole, and a comfortable textile liner that promotes their use as an all-encompassing, everyday shoe. On the tongue, you’ll find a subtle sizing chart that gives the Super Court an interesting aesthetic; and one that’s rarely matched by other sneakers in the genre.

Purchase: $120

Adidas Ultra Boost 19

Adidas’ Ultra Boost 19 is a contemporary sneaker that embodies the company’s commitment to performance footwear. While they might not be as legendary as some examples on this list, they’re primed to become one of the brand’s most lauded variants, thanks to an innovative Primeknit 360 upper, dual-density Boost cushioning, and unique torsion spring that helps to support the wearer’s foot throughout the entirety of their stride, from footfall and landing, to push-off and forward acceleration. If you’re looking for a pair of contemporary sneakers that lend themselves to a more progressive mindset, the Adidas Ultra Boost 19 might be the perfect pair for you.

Purchase: $180

Greats Royale

Greats’ Royale sneaker is the company’s best-selling silhouette, and after one glance at the shoe, it’s immediately apparent as to why. These attractive peripherals are devoid of any overbearing branding, allowing their simplistic construction, tasteful layering, and premium materials to shine through. They’re crafted from the finest Italian leather, and built from the sole up by a handful of the world’s most renowned craftsmen. That being said, they’re as durable as they come, and offer years of comfortable wear, no matter the circumstance.

Purchase: $180

Koio Capri Triple White

Koio’s Capri Triple White sneaker is a low-top variant that can be used alongside everything, from a tailored suit, all the way to the most casual getup. They boast a full-grain calf leather construction and are world-renowned for their smooth, buttery feel. Margom outsoles, which are known primarily for their lightweight, durable demeanor, adorn the exterior of the shoe, offering wearers a plush, comfortable foundation that’s sure to appease even the pickiest sneaker connoisseur.

Purchase: $248

Common Projects Achilles Low

Common Projects’ Achilles Low rounds out our list, and subjectively, we’ve saved the best for last. The Achilles Low is one of the most renowned contemporary sneakers in the industry, and for good reason; its minimalist construction, clean lines, and simplistic design has enamored sneaker lovers around the world, helping to make Common Projects something of a fabled namesake. They feature a supremely white silhouette, leather lining, and insole, complimented by unique coding that demarcates the color, code, and size of your specific example. A tonal rubber sole unit acts as the perfect foundation for the Achilles, offering wearers comfortable support, gratuitous padding, and an unmistakable poise that sets the bar for the genre’s other offerings.

Purchase: $415

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