15 Best Overlanding Instagram Accounts

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Trust us, we get it. As alluring as overlanding can be at times, the barrier to entry for the lifestyle is quite high, to say the least. There’s the gear, the ride, the necessary income to support such a lifestyle — or an on-the-go occupation at the very least — not to mention the constant wear, tear and needed repair to your overland vehicle along the way. Needless to say, while the weekend 4×4 expedition may be a fun escape from reality, the overland lifestyle is an entirely different animal indeed.

That’s not to say, however, it’s unattainable. For with a lot of due diligence and planning, a cross-continental trek could certainly work itself out for you and whoever wants to drop the day-to-day banalities of life for a little eccentric exploration. Sounds alluring, doesn’t it? Well, that’s just the beginning. Because thanks to social media omnipresence in our lives these days, we’re offered a glorified lens into the overland lifestyle. What follows is a curated list of such — simply put, the best overlanding Instagram accounts out there — because we could all use a little motivation/escapism in our lives. Not to mention that little extra “push” to get out there and get your hands dirty. Happy scrolling.

Daniel Marcello

As an independent Land Rover journal for North America, Alloy + Grit is one periodical worth any outdoorsman or gearhead’s time. And for Daniel Marcello, the perfect job as the mag’s creative director. Not only is this guy a killer photographer, but he’s perpetually surrounded by classic Land Rovers (both restored and original) to document for his personal collection. Any fan of classic builds will no doubt enjoy his eye for beauty.


Only a Road Trip Away

With a little sense of adventure, a keen eye for stunning landscapes and muted color tones, and a Land Rover Classic, George & the Crew are out and about across the pavement and roads less traveled to capture the grittier side of overland exploration. From the repairs to remote outposts to life in the shop in between trips, it’s clear good times are truly only a road trip away.


Brandon Haley

Photographer, explorer, nomad extraordinaire — Brandon Haley is one talented dude. Here we’re graced with lush scenic drives and vistas, foggy beaches, and misty mornings that certainly serve as an indicator of Haley’s love and affection for the Pacific Northwest. And hell, with photography like that, we can’t blame the man.


Shayd Johnson

Residing along Coast Salish region that marks the coastal plain from the Columbia River in Oregon north to the Bute Inlet in British Columbia, Shayd Johnson has some serious chops behind the lens. And don’t take our word for it, as this ambassador for Huckberry, Front Runner Outfitters, and Topo Designs has the pedigree to back up the picturesque photography only someone with a keen eye in and around Vancouver could attain.



The perfect follow for the Jeep devotee whose aftermarket modifications are just never enough in their eyes. Ovrlndx is a fine account to follow for both its motivational factor and wild overlanding/4×4 photography done right. Whether it be an expert course in Moab or under the stars in the Sequoia Forest, it’s all here for the scroll-stopping double tap.


Drew Martin

Part of the unofficial crew of dusty overlanders, Drew Martin gets it. And his feed is here to attest to the dedication this photographer has to the lifestyle — no matter how moody things may get at times. With scores of high contrast action shots of Toyota TRD 4Runners and Tacomas romping around in the mud, at the very least Martin’s photography will get you on the dealer lot to test drive one for yourself.


Overland Journal

If there’s one NY Times equivalent to the overlanding world it’s Overland Journal. Known as the “publication for worldwide vehicle-supported expedition and adventure travel,” (their words, not ours) Overland Journal is a Land Rover-friendly periodical that covers all the basics surrounding the lifestyle. As for their feed? Just see for yourself. We promise they won’t disappoint.


Sinuh Exaviaer

Not just an overland photographer but also a filmmaker, the feed of Sinuh Exaviaer is one that’s a diverse as it is intriguing. Picture classic photography of old D90s tearing across the Sahara desert peppered with killer film art. There’s even a bit of moto breaking things up as well for the two-wheeled devotee. Not your traditional overlanding account, but that’s why we’re so drawn to it.


Desk to Glory

We’ll be honest, the name of this account initially drew us in. For it’s the very mentality of ditching the desk for some life experiences we all hold so near and dear. Naturally, after a bit more research, it came to light that Richard’s feed is an homage to his journey from British Columbia to Ushuaia at the very tip of Argentina, all in a ’90 Toyota pickup. Now, he documents life on the road, with more modern models mind you, but the vibe is still plenty present.


Rock Creek Overland

Aggressive in nature, action-fueled in practice — that’s Rock Creek Overland in a nutshell. They’re an adventure and expedition-based media group constantly looking to push the boundaries of what’s attainable on four-wheels. And by the looks of the account, not much is left on the table to conquer.


Feldon Shelter

For starters, one of the key items to scoop up before hitting the backcountry is a rooftop tent. And if you’re Feldon Shelter, there’s no better playground than New Zealand. That’s right, based on this enchanting land Feldon Shelter builds, distributes, and tests their quality rooftop tents. Their Instagram account? Call it proof of market research, R&D field testing, or simply a fun time away from the office. All we know is we’ll have what they’re having.


Pacific Overlander

Not quite in the market for your personal overland vehicle? Not to worry. San Francisco-based Pacific Overlander will rent you one of their very own for a personal road trip across whatever backcountry route you’re interested in traversing. Just have a look at their Instagram feed for proof, the possibilities are endless thanks to their reliable vehicle lineup.


Markus Wollenberger

Gritty and warm. At least for us, those are the moods we’re encompassed by once landing upon the feed of Markus Wollenberger. He’s a photographer, filmmaker, and outdoor enthusiast. This is all made clear by his work, as well as his affinity for overland vehicles in their natural habitat. Turning lifestyle into art one flash at a time.


Expedition Overland

Not just a feed full of picturesque scenery and builds, but an actual documentation of a group of overlanders as they make their way around North and South America, Expedition Overland is a fantastic behind-the-scenes look at life on the road and what goes into such an off-the-grid lifestyle.



When price is no object, EarthRoamer is here to get you behind the wheel of one of their luxurious off-road expedition vehicles that are positioned to do just as the name suggests. And by the look of these things, they mean business. Not just in rugged off-road features but amenities to go along with it. Plus, you’re gifted with a beast that will take you anywhere. If not, you still have their Instagram account to live vicariously through.


A Watch To Handle It All: The Mudmaster GG1000-1A8

Just about as beastly as the overlanders themselves, the rugged G-SHOCK MUDMASTER GG1000-1A8 comes equipped with brawny Mud Resist technology, Twin Sensor capabilities for temperature updates and directional info, water-resistance up to 200 meters, and a super illuminator light for maximum readability come sundown. They’re sure to handle anything life in the unforgiving backcountry throws its way.

Purchase: $320