25 Best Minimalist Wallets For Men

Apr 9, 2018

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The days of the classic bulky leather billfold have come and gone. It’s not that sturdy generational folding cash and card carriers are out of style, per se, so much as it is that they are incredibly inconvenient. And more than that, there are some actual physical downsides to carrying around a big wallet. For one, they create an awkward bulge in your pants. For two, if you carry it in your back pocket, it’s both a signal flare for potential thieves and can seriously screw up your back. That’s why we suggest picking up one of the myriad minimalist wallet options on the market.

Minimalist wallets design and functionality are twofold. They are meant to cut down your everyday carry bulk to just the essentials. But they also need to offer the same capacity you need to haul around your cash, credit and frequent buyer cards, and whatever else you may normally keep in them. And since everyone’s needs are different, there are now hundreds of options out there. So, how do you tell the difference between a quality product and a snake-oil piece of trash? Well, you don’t have to because we’ve put together a list of the 25 best minimalist wallets out there right now. So ditch that old back-breaker and pick up one of these.

Flowfold Minimalist Wallet

If this minimalist wallet’s construction materials look a bit odd to you, that’s because they aren’t typically used to make wallets. In fact, they were taken from retired racing sails. And the carbon fiber from those sails make this wallet both incredibly lightweight (it floats), stronger than steel, and as thin as a single credit card. Designed by surfers from Maine, this USA made wallet has a single pocket that can hold 8-10 credit cards and is built to last a lifetime.

Purchase: $10

Trayvax Summit Minimalist Wallet

Made in the USA from a 3D progressive stamped steel frame and mil-spec nylon webbing, this skeletal carrier from the team at Trayvax was designed to hold up to 8 cards at a time. It’s also fitted with a buckle to ensure that your cards stay tight and safe and the metal frame will keep them from warping or bending. As simple as it is functional, this minimalist wallet gives you everything you need out of your everyday carry and nothing you don’t.

Purchase: $20

JBird Co. Taco Card Wallet

With a stylish visage – thanks to being made from full grain vegetable tanned leather, metal hardware, and an elastic band – this is simultaneously one of the most minimalist wallets ever and still as handsome as it gets. The simple folding shape is made secure whether you have one or half a dozen cards thanks to the riveted band and the wax finish adds some water resistance. All in all, this American made pocket taco is perfect for cash, plastic, or business cards.

Purchase: $20

Recycled Firefighter Money Clip Wallet

As their name might suggest, this brand’s wallets are actually made from decommissioned fire hose polyester. And that makes them both unique and incredibly tough. They’re also sewn together with T-90 nylon thread that has a breaking strength of 15 pounds – so even if you push this wallet to the limit, it’ll stay strong. And while they are perfectly capable of carrying up to 8 cards, they also have a cloth money clip for any cash you might have on you.

Purchase: $29

Crazy Horse Craft Wool Felt Wallet

Handmade from all-natural materials in Lithuania, this single-pocket cash and card carrier bears all the hallmarks of quality craftsmanship. And the “Crazy Horse” type leather pairs beautifully with the 100% Lithuanian felt that goes into its construction. Finished off with a single snap-button metal fastener, this heirloom-quality minimalist wallet is sure to last for decades or more.

Purchase: $35

Whipping Post Mojave Picker’s Wallet

Complete with three credit card slots, a cash pouch, and a driver’s license slot, this wallet is a completely solid option. But the fact that it also has a built-in guitar pick pocket makes it a superb stand-out for anyone who likes to rock out on their favorite guitar. Not only will this handsome minimalist carrier keep all your wallet contents safe and organized, but it will ensure that you never have to dig through your pockets for a stray pick again.

Purchase: $35

HuMn Mini Minimalist Wallet

Built with nothing but the purest functionality in mind, this is simultaneously one of the slimmest and toughest minimalist wallets out there. Constructed simply from two aircraft-grade aluminum plates and strapped together with an elastic band, this cash and card carrier can securely hold all your cards and is excellent for travel. It also features RFID blocking technology, the band doubles as a cash strap, and it comes in a myriad of colors – so you can pick one up that mirrors your style perfectly.

Purchase: $39

Ezra Arthur Cash Fold

As proof positive that sometimes less is more, this full grain leather cash fold is an incredibly handsome and functional pocket accessory. It’s more flexible than a money clip – so it won’t bend out of shape if you overload it – and it has absolutely no extraneous liners or glue – so it weighs just 0.7 ounces. With the capacity to hold up to 30 bills, this 100% Chromexcel Horween leather American-made minimalist wallet is top notch.

Purchase: $40

Machine Era Titanium Slim Wallet

An exercise in creating the slimmest, lightest, and strongest wallet on the market, this USA made cash and card carrier is an across-the-board success. The aerospace grade titanium construction is both corrosion resistant and features RFID blocking technology. And the thumb slot – which is used to slide out single cards – doubles as a bottle opener. It’s also machined and manufactured here in the United States, weighs just 0.6 ounces, and can hold up to 7 cards.

Purchase: $488

Trove Minimalist Wallet

Handmade in England from a combination of Italian full-grain bonded leather and elastic, this wallet is super slim, durable, and modern. And one of its coolest features is the fact that it’s fully reversible, so you can adjust the styling of the wallet to match your EDC gear – like your favorite pocket knife – on any given day. It also has a triple pocket design that can fit up to ten cards but works just as well with only one.

Purchase: $43

TGT Deluxe Minimalist Wallet

While it looks a bit unassuming at first glance, the TGT Deluxe is actually somewhat of a revolutionary product in the world of minimalist wallets. And that’s because of its integrated premium Italian leather and elastic construction. Though it is certainly small – it can easily fit into the front pocket of your favorite pants without creating any odd-looking bulge – it’s also incredibly capacious and can fit all your cards and cash. The piece even has a smaller pocket that can fit something like a key inside for safe keeping. It’s probably also important to note that they’re made right here in the USA.

Purchase: $46

Daycraft Moneywrap Slim Wallet

Combining a simple cash fold design with an elastic band, this ingenious genuine leather wallet lacks any extraneous seams, stitching, rivets, or otherwise and gives you only the basics. That minimalist construction also means that it weighs just an ounce, is easily expandable for more carry options, and comes with 3 durable replacement elastic straps. It also comes with the brand’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Purchase: $49

Hitch And Timber EDC Card Caddy

Too few and far between are the wallets that do more than just carry your money and credit cards. This one speaks to us on another level, because – on top of having a slot that can fit up to 6 cards – it also offers a home for a small pen and folding blade (like the Swiss Army Knife pictured). As huge everyday carry enthusiasts, we love seeing that kind of simple innovation. And it’s made all the better by the fact that this minimalist wallet is built in the USA from Horween Chromexcel leather.

Purchase: $54

Madera Poquito Minimalist Wallet

Just because a wallet is minimalist, that doesn’t mean it can’t feature a unique construction. Take, for example, this one made from actual walnut, oak, or cherry wood. This gorgeous hand-polished wallet has enough room for up to 8 cards, features a hidden compartment for coins or small items, and has a handy band to keep everything safe and secure. And that’s all in a package that will still fit in your pocket better than a classic bifold.

Purchase: $55

DPTR Clamshell Minimalist Wallet

When DPTR decided to build a minimalist wallet, the Chicago-based brand turned to another Windy City institution to ensure that they were going to be building it from the best material possible: Horween Leather Company. Using their high-quality American-sourced leather, they built this simple-yet-sturdy shockingly capable cash and card carrier. Featuring a pigskin lined interior and a braided elastic band, this wallet is as simple as it is beautiful.

Purchase: $60

Pioneer 10XD Ripstop Molecule Wallet

The Molecule Wallet from Pioneer Carry is a prime example of how age old products are being reimagined with modern tech. While the gorgeous diagonal window pane fabric is certainly a head turner, it’s in the construction where this thing really excels. Each wallet is built from 10XD ripstop, a material that is 10 times stronger than steel – a material that has been crowned the strongest fabric in the world. So not only does this thing look stellar, but it’s built to last. Outfitted with 3 slots that can fit up to 6 cards and some cash, this is the futuristic minimalist wallet you’ve been dreaming of.

Purchase: $65

Ezra Arthur No. 2 Wallet

Ezra Arthur is a brand that prides themselves heavily on crafting high-quality American made products out of locally sourced materials. They’re also fond of creating as little waste as possible. In this case, that means this Horween Chomexcel leather minimalist wallet is made with no liners, rubber, or glue. Just 100% leather and hand stitching. And, although it is small enough to slip in your front pocket, it can still carry up to 8 cards inside of it.

Purchase: $65

Dango D01 Dapper Wallet

If you’re looking for something that is bold, unique, and still incredibly functional, go no further. This American machined and manufactured minimalist wallet from Dango is the one for you. Made from high-quality leather, lightweight aluminum, and featuring mil-spec stainless steel bolts, this cash and card carrier is as handsome as it is rugged. The easy access card pocket has enough room for all your credit cards and identification and the included thick rubber strap also doubles as a money clip for your cash.

Purchase: $69

Capsule The Minimalist Wallet

Crafted from vegetable tanned cowhide leather from one of the oldest tanneries in Tuscany, Italy, this beautiful wallet will last for years and acquire a distinct patina along the way – serving both as a handy companion and a reminder of all your journeys. This handmade accessory, which features a quick-access slot for a single card and a second larger pouch for all the rest, also has a proprietary cash strap for any money you might be carrying around (or anything that’s a bit too big for the card pouches).

Purchase: $75

Madera Union Minimalist Wallet

Though it seems like it would be difficult to incorporate wood into functional everyday carry gear, Madera manages it with style and flair. Their Union minimalist wallet – which is made of walnut, oak, or cherry wood – is a prime example. Slim enough to fit in your front pocket, but with enough space for up to 6 cards, this would be a superb EDC item without its gorgeous and clever construction. Best of all, it offers RFID blocking technology – so you can stash your credit cards in this carrier without fear of skimmers.

Purchase: $75

Bellroy Slim Sleeve

This brand, out of Australia, is one of our favorites for a very specific reason: they produce precious few everyday carry products so that they can make all of them extremely well. For example, their Slim Sleeve – which is actually a bifold wallet – can fit up to 12 cards, has 2 quick-access slots and a cash pouch,  and is made from premium leather yet still fits comfortably in your front pocket. How can something so capacious be so small, you ask? Well, Bellroy painstakingly designs their products to offer the maximum in efficiency with a minimum of waste. Honestly, these wallets are near perfect.

Purchase: $80

Form Function Form Architect’s Wallet

Boasting a construction of saddle-stitched Chromexcel Horween leather and an up to 10 card capacity, this handsome offering has something that not many other wallets have. Namely, a slot for your EDC pen and space for a small notebook. That means, alongside all of your normal wallet contents, you can keep your writing/drawing accessories secure and handy. So, if the mood ever strikes, you’ll never be without the ability to scrawl down your ideas. By the way, it also comes with a Fisher Space Pen Bullet and two Moleskine notepads.

Purchase: $88

The Ridge Carbon Fiber Wallet

For the modern man that absolutely refuses to sacrifice style in the name of functionality, there’s the Ridge Wallet. Brilliantly designed to be slim, strong, and handsome, this wallet is built from incredibly durable carbon fiber. It also has an up to 12 card capacity, offers RFID blocking, and comes with an attached steel spring money clip. Best of all, each one of these minimalist wallets comes with replacement hardware and a T5 Torx driver to ensure you can perform maintenance whenever necessary.

Purchase: $115

Grovemade Brass Minimalist Wallet

Embodying both minimalist ideals and the pinnacle of class, this offering from Grovemade is stunning, sturdy, and useful. It is built from a unique combination of brass, domestically sourced vegetable tanned leather, and steel. It can also carry roughly five cards and a couple of bills – yet is still small enough to fit in just about any sized pocket, whether than be at the front of your pants, inside your coat, or otherwise. It also has a helpful thumbhole cutout to assist you with extracting its contents.

Purchase: $139

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